Lotions, Potions, and Pills – Oh My! What Every Teen Should Know About Supplements

Lotions, Potions, and Pills – Oh My! What Every Teen Should Know About Supplements

Building a strong and healthy body takes time, good food, plenty of rest, and some patience. If patience isn’t your strong suit, supplementation may look like a good option to speed the process. While some supplements for teens can be healthy, you must choose with care and dose properly.


Daily Recommended Intake

To supplement properly, you need to study the recommended dosage. A little can go a long way and more isn’t necessarily better. In fact, there are some products that can be dangerous if you overdo it. For example, iron, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A can all be fatal in extremely high doses. A simple beginning choice is to use a probiotic to support digestion and potentially improve absorption of vitamins in the food you already eat.

How They’re Made

The cheapest supplements aren’t always the best. For example, you may want to lift weights and find a great deal on magnesium to support your joint health. Unfortunately, supplements that are cheaper are full of fillers, which causes inflammation, and cause you to be more sore than you would have been without the magnesium. Before you buy, source the ingredients. The manufacturing process may involve multiple companies or groups, or it might be handled by a turnkey company. If you don’t know where the factory is or if it’s subjected to quality inspections, buy from another company.

Additional Supplementation for Athletes

If you play a sport or just want to get stronger, focus on diet first. Filling up on garbage won’t give your body the fuel it needs to function, let alone build new muscle. Plan snacks ahead of time so you have a piece of fruit, some cheese, or a handful of nuts close by when you get hungry. Avoid loading up on too much sugar throughout the day. If you want to add a protein shake or another supplement, confirm the source to make sure you’re not ingesting contaminants that can either poison you or get you knocked out of your sport of choice. Be vigilant about what goes in your body for the best health you can build. Most importantly, stay hydrated as you work out and compete.

Garbage comes in many forms. From a bag of chips to a supplement loaded with fillers, you can limit your health by taking the wrong thing and eating unhealthy food. To stay strong, do your best to stick to a plate that contains protein, whole grains and plenty of vegetables and be sure the supplements you take will help you rather than harm you.

For more tips to help you live your healthiest life, read on here!

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