Tips and Tricks for Surviving Prom This Year

If there is one event in your high school career that has been hyped up more than any other, it’s prom. It’s a night of gorgeous dresses, loud music, and, well, stress. With such high expectations, it’s easy to lose your cool about the whole thing.

That’s why we’ve assembled our tips and tricks for surviving prom this year and maybe having a good time while you do it.

Tips and Tricks for Surviving Prom This Year

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

As high schoolers, most of us are experts at pulling things off at the last minute, whether it’s a history presentation or a book report. But if there’s one thing you can’t procrastinate on, it’s prom.

Unlike other dances, you can’t just buy your tickets at the door. And if you don’t have a ticket, you and your date will be out of luck when you get to the door. You also don’t want to wait on buying your prom gear, whether it’s your outfit or your corsage. Places sell out of prom gear, and you don’t want to be stuck with something that isn’t your size.

Actually Like Who You’re Going With

Obviously, it would be nice if we could all go with a boyfriend or girlfriend or longstanding crush, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes, the significant other breaks up with you right before the dance, and Matt from geometry class ends up going out with someone else.

But that doesn’t mean you have to ask someone you would rather not go with just because you feel obligated to have a date. If anything, that will make the night way more awkward than if you went alone. If you can’t find a date that you actually want to go with, don’t be afraid to go with some friends instead.

Get Your Outfit on Lock

Everyone wants to look good on their big night. As you’re looking at finding the perfect dress or tuxedo, keep these ideas in mind so that you look and feel your best:

  • For dresses, try on different cuts to give yourself a better idea of what you want
  • For suits, make sure at least one element matches your date, such as the vest or tie
  • Don’t be afraid to try on eclectic options, such as bold patterns and colors
  • Make sure you have a full range of motion in your outfit

Pro Tip: Suits and Size

This is probably your first time needing to get your own suit or tux for a formal occasion. Because of that, a lot of guys fall into the common suit-wearing mistake of getting the wrong size. Don’t be afraid to ask store associates for guidance on how to choose the right size when shopping.

Remember the Point

At the end of the day, prom is just a dance. One of the best ways to survive prom this year is to remind yourself that it’s not that big deal. Don’t worry about making it some big, earth-shattering event. When you go with the goal of having a good time, you’ll probably enjoy yourself way more.

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