What Teens Need to Know About Safe Driving and Avoiding Car Accidents

It’s frequently true that teenage drivers get into more car accidents than older drivers. It’s not always their fault as we’ll discover in this article.

Also, newer drivers don’t always know what to do in the case of an accident. We also touch on this to provide some useful suggestions too.

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Why Teens Are More Likely to Have Car Accidents?

Just like with anything else in life, usually, you get better at something with practice. The more practice, the greater experience dealing with all kinds of situations. This prepares you in life as you get older and is sometimes referred to as ‘wisdom.’

Unfortunately, teenage drivers don’t have the benefit of this yet. Therefore, actions like tactical driving to avoid an accident isn’t necessarily in their skillset. Also, there can be a tendency to drive too fast, rush the lights, or take other unnecessary risks, all of which increase the likelihood of getting into a car accident.

Being under the influence is also a contributing factor. This affects drivers of all ages who choose to drive impaired, not just teenage ones.

Car Accidents are Increasing Despite Car Safety Improvements

You would think that improvements in vehicle safety such as driver and passenger airbags, anti-locking brakes, power steering, compact safety zones to prevent crushing, and other measures would all contribute to a reduction in car accidents. However, you’d be wrong!

For instance, not only is Georgia one of the deadliest in the country for car accidents, but the number of car accidents in just Atlanta alone has increased by over 30 percent in recent years. Ultimately, many accidents are created through either human error and/or bad judgment, which is something that safer car designs and technologies cannot overcome.

Staying more alert, driving slower, and not drinking & driving will certainly help to reduce the possibility of getting into a car accident. However, sometimes they just happen because they’re unavoidable.

What Happens After an Accident?

Getting into an accident is upsetting and disorientating. There’s usually a sense of disbelief and denial that it’s happened, and sometimes a momentary disconnection from reality. However, once you reconnect with what’s going on, it’s time to deal with the unfortunate consequences of it.

Around 30 percent of people involved in a car accident sustain physical injuries. Bear in mind that it’s often difficult to know how badly you’ve been hurt or whether those injuries will be short-term, lifelong, or something in-between.

Also, knowing what to do next when you’ve never had an accident before might be unclear too.

When Should You Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’re unsure what to do and how bad the situation is, contacting a reputable car accident lawyer in your state should be done ASAP. They’ve dealt with many such cases before and can talk you through what actions to take immediately and in what order.

It’s worth pointing out that documenting the scene of the accident through photos or videos can be useful to your lawyer later. Get medical attention even if you think your injury is minor because it may not be.

Hiring a lawyer at this stage is important because you want someone on your side. Their goal is to get the best compensation for you to cover any pain and suffering caused by the responsible party. Remember, there are other parties involved, and the insurers are not on your side in a car accident.

Car accidents are sometimes avoidable but when you’re in one, it’s important to respond the right way. By getting appropriate advice, it avoids making mistakes following an accident that puts you in a worse position.

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