Why You Should Care More About What You Eat

Everybody realistically knows that eating healthy is good for you. But so much of the media just focuses on the appearance side of healthy eating. If you eat healthy, you’ll lose weight. You’ll have a nice physique. It can be easy to forget that your diet is a lot more than a weight loss technique. The food you eat can transform your health from the inside, and here’s why!

eating well

Diet Impacts Academic Performance

Some days it feels impossible to pay attention in school. Between homework, jobs, and waking up early, it’s exhausting just existing. Schoolwork can take a lot out of you, so it’s important you fuel yourself properly. Eating healthy gives you more energy, and helps you concentrate at school. Instead of frozen breakfast sandwiches or McDonalds for breakfast, try eating more protein, fruits, and veggies in the morning. A smoothie is a really great option. You can pre-portion and freeze the fruit ahead of time, and just throw it in a blender with protein powder in the morning. It’s just as quick as McDonalds, but will give you way more energy. Better food equals better grades. It’s a win-win!

Diet Affects Your Mental Health

Mental health issues affect more people now than ever. With all the stressors of your life, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious. However, eating healthy food can help this too. Eating a healthy diet can be a natural remedy for your depression. The bacteria in your gut produce roughly 95% of your body’s serotonin, so your mental health is really tied to what you eat. Eating foods that are high in vitamins and good for gut health can ultimately be transformative for your mental health. Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha are filled with probiotics that are great for your gut health.

You’ll Live Longer 

The food you eat is fuel for your body. What you consume is turned into energy your body uses to function properly. This means that if you eat good, healthy food, your body will run more smoothly than if you eat unhealthy food. Because of this, caring about what you eat leads to you living longer. Unhealthy foods like french fries or ice cream are great sometimes, but if you eat them too much the saturated fats can clog up your arteries and lead to serious heart problems. If you balance foods like that with fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole carbohydrates, your body will have what it needs to thrive. 

Eating healthy is rough, especially when your parents do most of the shopping. However, taking charge of your diet allows you to take charge of your health. If you eat healthy foods, your overall health will improve. Try asking your parents if you can cook one meal a week, or suggesting some healthy additions to the grocery list.

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