3 Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Wall Look Amazing

3 Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Wall Look Amazing

As an underrated element in bedroom design, bedroom walls are blank canvases waiting for you to showcase a message. Walls are expansive, so choosing how you want to decorate them significantly impacts your room’s appearance and the mood it evokes every time you walk in it.

If your space needs some pizzazz, consider these three ideas to make your bedroom wall look amazing and give it the attention it deserves.

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are exciting and trendy! They allow you to showcase your best moments while beautifying blank spaces. You can hang photos of family members and friends on the wall and fill in gaps with accents and mementos to create a captivating space.

To keep things interesting, you can mix photos, artwork, and alternating frame orientations. If you plan to keep pictures up permanently, you should also consider what materials are best for photo prints to ensure your images last long.

Bedroom Mural

If you’re more of an art aficionado, you can get your brushes together and create an appealing mural. This idea can be as elaborate as you want, whether it be to recreate Van Gogh’s Starry Night or paint an original piece.

You may also turn to a peel-and-stick mural if you prefer to avoid the hassle. Peel-and-stick murals come together to create single images with a similar visual impact to painted ones.

Inspiration Shelf

Inspiration shelves are subtle because they don’t require many tools and materials to create. You’ll just need a sturdy surface, your favorite inspiring quotes, and smaller framed photos to create a space that speaks to and motivates you. Consider adding a faux plant for a fantastic finishing touch that adds visual interest.

It’s safe to say that your bedroom is your haven! This area is the most significant portion of your home for you to rest, recharge, and reflect on your day. So you should ensure that the aura within represents your personality!

By incorporating some of these ideas, you can make your bedroom wall look amazing and establish a space that is unapologetically you.

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