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Great Skincare Products For Teens

Being a teenager can be a very exciting yet challenging age. Hormones affect behavior, looks and, of course, skin. Children’s oil glands remain inactive until they hit puberty and then all of a sudden — pow!

Dealing with skin issues can impact self-esteem, which is why it is important to start using skincare products to help clear any clogged pores that cause pimples and blackheads.

From cleansers to spot treatments, we have put together some great skincare products for teens.

Gentle Skin Cleanser by Kidskin

Kidskin provide products that are paraben-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free. Their line of products is safe for children and dermatologists and pediatricians recommend it.

This kids face wash is full of antioxidants and peptides that will clean the skin’s pores without stripping away the natural oils. It’s perfect for teenagers with sensitive skin who are acne-prone.

Acne Healing Dots + Microneedling Dark Spot Brightening Dots Duo by Peace Out

These acne healing dots are great to pimples and dark spots that are caused by acne, hyperpigmentation, and sun spots. The ingredients include salicylic acid, niacinamide, and licorice extracts, which creates a powerful blend that will help to even out the skin tone, get rid of bacteria that causes pimples, and brighten up dark spots.

This product is cruelty-free, gluten-free, and free of harmful ingredients.

Super Volcanic Clusters Pore Clearing Clay Mask by Innisfree

Every now and then you need a mask that exfoliates and clears the pores. This volcanic clay mask focuses on purifying the pores and removing dead skin cells. It also helps to minimize the appearance of dark pores.

Ultra Facial Cream by Kiehl’s Since 1851

Kiehl’s is famously known for their gentle and natural products that have helped them build loyal customers. This bestselling face moisturizer will help you have hydrated skin for up to 24 hours.

It’s important to moisturize to prevent skin from becoming too dry, as that will lead to excess oil production that clogs the pores. The Ultra Facial Cream includes ingredients such as glacial glycoprotein which helps to lock in moisture. This moisturizer is free of parabens and phthalates.

Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 by Paula’s Choice

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, it could cause hyperpigmentation to get darker and become more stubborn. This sun-protecting water-light formula will leave the skin hydrated and smooth, without making oily skin feel greasy.

It is full of antioxidants that will benefit the skin as well as protecting it from the harmful sunlight. It’s crucial for teenagers to use sunscreen that is water-based and won’t clog the pores or cause blackheads.

A Beginners Guide to the 3-Day Split

If you’re an athlete at school, you’ll want to make sure you work out regularly to improve your performance on the field. But if you’ve never tried working out at a gym before, what do you do? Using free weights is a great way to get started. With the right plan, anyone can work out with free weights easily and get the results they want. There is no better way to begin your workout journey than by utilizing the 3-day split. Here is a beginner’s guide to this program with a sample workout plan.

Day 1

Day 1 will involve targeting the chest, shoulders, and triceps. The way you become stronger is to begin strengthening in the upper muscles you use most. After warming up with some jumping jacks or other light aerobics, begin with triceps. Beginning with triceps will allow you to warm up this muscle area for when shoulders come into play. You may work out your triceps with the following workouts: tricep pull-downs, overhead-tricep extensions, and triceps kickbacks, to name a few. Let’s move onto shoulders now. When you work out your shoulders, you must always make sure to target the three parts of the shoulder. This includes the anterior head, middle, and postural head. Lastly, you need to hit your chest. Fortunately, there are a variety of chest workouts you can perform to increase strength. You can also do some alternatives to increase chest mass. However, many of these will require heavier weights, and thus you need to be confident in your ability to handle the extra intensity.

Day 2

Day 2 will consist of targeting the back, biceps, abs, and overall core. These groups are crucial to not only having a pain-free body but also to help you perform the other workouts on this list. Back workouts should target the different areas of your back, including the lats, rhomboid, and trapezius muscles. The same should be done for biceps as they also consist of different muscle groups. Lastly, ab or core workouts must be done in a manner in which you are able to not only maintain proper form but also have enough challenge to it. This will allow you to strengthen it, which then provides you with additional endurance for when you want to increase the weight on other workouts.

Day 3

Your last day of this cycle should consist of a leg workout. The best way to approach this day is to make sure that your form is good. You may begin by doing squats without any resistance or weights. This can help you determine your best stance as well as practice on your overall form. You may utilize workouts such as squats, deadlifts, and walking lunges, to name a few.

Starting a gym workout for the first time can be a daunting challenge. However, by utilizing and implementing the three day split you too can start to begin to see real results that not only will improve your overall figure but your inner health as well.

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What Teens Should Know About Scheduling Their Own Doctor’s Appointments

A primary care physician is someone that you should see regularly throughout your teenage years. This is a very important time in your life when you’re growing and developing. As your body changes, there may be some issues that you want to discuss with your doctor. If you have reached the age where you may start scheduling your own doctor’s appointments, there are some things you should know to make the process easier.

What You’ll Need

If you are scheduling an appointment with the same doctor that you have been seeing for several years, you don’t have to worry about providing copies of your medical records. Everything will already be on-site for you. If you’re attending someplace new, your medical records should be transferred ahead of your appointment. You should also have your health insurance card with you. If your insurance has a co-pay for your appointment, bring enough money to cover the fee.

Finding the Right One

There’s a lot that goes into the search for a medical professional that you can trust. It’s really important that you feel comfortable talking to your doctor. You should be able to tell him or her anything that you have going on in your life that could be affecting your health. If you need a new doctor, think about the different qualities that you’re looking for in a primary care physician. You can ask your friends and family who they recommend. It can also be useful to browse reviews for doctors or clinics on the internet.

You shouldn’t be afraid of finding a new doctor or switching to another one and should always do what’s best for you. After all, you’ll be in very close contact with your doctor and it’s always best if you can trust him or her. You may even want to consider travelling slightly further for a reputable doctor known for his exceptional service and try a few medical professionals before deciding on one to stick with. This applies to your general physician and even your dentist as well. The importance of dental care needs to be emphasized as there are certain procedures and treatments like those provided by this Cosmetic dentist in Worcester that require a lot of expertise for a smooth process; so be sure to find the right one for yourself.

Be Honest

It’s very important that you be honest about your health and well-being. If you’re experiencing something that you think could be concerning, you need to tell your doctor about what’s going on with you. If you feel uncomfortable talking to your doctor about what you’re experiencing, it might be time to find someone new. If you have any questions about your body or health, your doctor’s appointment is the perfect time to bring them up. Make sure that you get the explanation that you’re looking for.

Going to the doctor should be a pleasant experience. If you’re dealing with a good doctor, you should feel completely comfortable when you’re getting a checkup. As time goes on, your doctor will be able to provide you with exceptional care as he or she develops a health history with you. It’s a good idea to try and stick with one doctor once you feel comfortable.

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Benefits Of Organic Skin Care For Teens

Teenage years are where hormones are raging all over the place. Puberty, stress, and several other factors lead to a lot of teens experiencing a range of skin problems. Dryness, over-oiliness, and acne are just a few of these, which is why the average teen will also spend a fortune on skincare products.

Many teens are now realizing the benefits of organic skincare. That’s because such products have fewer chemicals and a more lasting effect. Read on to learn about just a few of these benefits:

Lowered Risk Of Irritation

Traditional beauty and skincare products are usually filled with all sorts of additives and synthetic chemicals. These might be useful for producing a positive effect on the skin in a short time. But they’ll wreak havoc in the long run. The risks, especially for a teen’s sensitive skin, include dryness, allergic reactions, inflammation, and reddening patches. You don’t want to swap one skin issue for another, so it makes sense to go for the gentle effect of organic products.

It’s also logical to go organic when it comes to eye and lip care. These are two especially delicate areas of the face. Therefore, using natural and pure ingredients is the way to go.

Better Fragrances

Even with the most high-end products, an artificial fragrance could be a dealbreaker. That’s why natural scents from organic ingredients will always win.

Smelling artificial fragrances all day long will also lead to headaches, hormonal imbalances, and many other negative side effects. We don’t even know what goes in those artificial scents as they’re usually trade secrets. Fragrance companies aren’t required to share these with their customers, so we’re in the dark here. On the other hand, organic products use just a few simple and pure ingredients for any one item.  

No Parabens Or Silicones

Additives such as parabens and silicones can make beauty products last for a long time. However, the negative effects of these additives is quite staggering and not worth it for risking your teenage skin. Parabens, for instance, can mimic hormones and affect our bodies in unknown ways. Since a teen’s body is still developing, it needs organic treatment to stay safe and healthy.

Silicones make your regular skin care products light and easy to apply. Unfortunately, they also clog up those pores, eventually leading to more breakouts. This is hardly what we want in our regular skincare regime.

A Lower Environmental Impact

We all have to do our part in saving the planet. Using organic skin plus beauty care is a great way to fulfill this responsibility. Organic products usually utilize eco-friendly packaging or recycled material for this purpose. What’s more, the ingredients inside won’t be putting the health of marine life at risk when you wash them down the drain.

If they’re organic, most skincare lines also ensure that their manufacturing process is environmentally responsible and sustainable. This reduces their carbon footprint. As teenagers are usually concerned and passionate about pollution and animal rights, it only makes sense for them to go organic in at least this department.

Lasting Effects

You might notice the effects coming in slower when using organic skincare products. This is understandable as there are no chemicals or harmful additives to speed up the clearing or soothing process. But once the intended effect does come in, you can bet that it will be much more lasting and permanent than the results of traditional, mainstream products.

The Takeaway

Organic skincare products are excellent choices in many ways. You can do away with those harsh chemicals in regular products and opt for a gentler, more natural way of fighting off those blemishes once and for all!

3 Signs of Depression Every Teen Should Be Aware Of

Being a teenager in today’s world isn’t easy. There is so much to keep up with when it comes to school, working a part-time job, dealing with your family, making friends, and maintaining other relationships. It’s important that teens have the right support at home in order to prevent things like depression. However, some teens are just more prone to developing depression during their younger years. There are some ways that you can identify depression in either yourself of your friends.

Lack of Appetite

Your average teen will eat a lot over the course of a day. After all, their bodies are growing and they’re developing more physically. Most teens are very active in sports and other activities, which will keep their appetite going strong. If you notice that your teen is eating less or has less interest in food, this could be a sign that they are feeling depressed. It’s important to keep an eye on eating habits. Losing weight or showing a lack of interest in food can also be signs of an eating disorder.

Change in Attitude

A lot of teenagers will have an attitude with their parents. This is just part of dealing with youth in the household. However, there are certain issues with attitude that can indicate there is a bigger problem going on. Teens often deal with depression, substance abuse, aggression, and suicidal behaviors. This can show in attitude by expressing a lot of angry outbursts, becoming violent against others or themselves, threatening abuse, crying with no known cause or other serious issues. These can indicate that it is important to seek help.

Social Withdrawal

If a teen is normally very active with school, sports and friends, you can spot depression if they start to withdraw from these things. If a child no longer wants to get up and do anything, they could be dealing with some scary emotions. You should also watch out for a change in interests, not caring about the effects of their actions, and reduced emotional expression or interaction.

If you notice that a teen may be dealing with depression, it’s a good idea to contact a mental health professional for assistance. You can touch base with a counselor or doctor to find out some of the best resources in your area. Let the teen know that you’re there for them. They may not feel like talking right now, but it’s important that they know they can come find you at any time for help.

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How to Make Your Own Health Appointments as a Teen

Becoming a teenager means taking on new challenges and responsibilities as you grow into adulthood. Some of these responsibilities can be fun, but many involve day-to-day activities such as organizing your own calendar and setting your own appointments. It is common for teens to act more independently, which includes scheduling important visits to the doctor and the dentist. Here are a few important things to remember about setting your own appointments and some tips for how to make the process smoother.

Know Your Information

According to CareCloud, medical providers are required by law to keep immaculate medical records. That means that when you schedule an appointment, you’ll likely be asked a series of questions so that the administrative staff can verify your identity and record your patient information in their database.

Every time you schedule a medical visit, there are a few things you’ll almost certainly be asked. The office personnel will request your full name and date of birth. They’ll then ask you the reason for your visit. If you are going to a medical provider for the first time, there is quite a bit of information you should have ready when you arrive. Be able to list all medications you take, surgeries you’ve had done, and any allergies you might have. Your parents or previous medical providers should have that information for you, so don’t hesitate to ask.

How Often?

To get the most health benefits from dentist visits, according to Murfreesboro Family Dentistry, it’s best to schedule a checkup every six months. As a friendly way to reach out and encourage regular visits, conscientious practices remind all their patients in advance when the six-month mark is approaching. Making sure you get a regular checkup every six months will keep your dental health intact and allow your dentist to identify any potential issues. This ensures that problems with your teeth or gums can be corrected before they become worse.

Speaking of dental checkups, it is imperative that you choose a reputable dentist that can provide top notch treatment and services. After all, this will be someone who you will see regularly, or not, depending on what kind of procedures you are thinking of getting. Doing ample research and finding ones near you, like this dentist in Modesto will go a long way towards maintaining good dental health. An added bonus would be if your dentist has a flexible schedule to account for times when you need to re-schedule due to other, more urgent commitments

Privacy Laws

Always remember that whatever information you share with your healthcare providers is safe and protected by law. Except in extreme situations where your life is at risk, your doctor will not divulge anything you discuss unless you have given specific permission to do so. Don’t hide important information from them about your health and lifestyle.

Setting your own appointments as a teen is a great way to increase your responsibility and demonstrate your independence. It’s one more step toward complete self-reliance. Just make sure that you prepare yourself beforehand with the information listed above so that the process can go as smoothly as possible.

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Lotions, Potions, and Pills – Oh My! What Every Teen Should Know About Supplements

Building a strong and healthy body takes time, good food, plenty of rest, and some patience. If patience isn’t your strong suit, supplementation may look like a good option to speed the process. While some supplements for teens can be healthy, you must choose with care and dose properly.

Daily Recommended Intake

To supplement properly, you need to study the recommended dosage. A little can go a long way and more isn’t necessarily better. In fact, there are some products that can be dangerous if you overdo it. For example, iron, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A can all be fatal in extremely high doses. A simple beginning choice is to use a probiotic to support digestion and potentially improve absorption of vitamins in the food you already eat.

How They’re Made

The cheapest supplements aren’t always the best. For example, you may want to lift weights and find a great deal on magnesium to support your joint health. Unfortunately, supplements that are cheaper are full of fillers, which causes inflammation, and cause you to be more sore than you would have been without the magnesium. Before you buy, source the ingredients. The manufacturing process may involve multiple companies or groups, or it might be handled by a turnkey company. If you don’t know where the factory is or if it’s subjected to quality inspections, buy from another company.

Additional Supplementation for Athletes

If you play a sport or just want to get stronger, focus on diet first. Filling up on garbage won’t give your body the fuel it needs to function, let alone build new muscle. Plan snacks ahead of time so you have a piece of fruit, some cheese, or a handful of nuts close by when you get hungry. Avoid loading up on too much sugar throughout the day. If you want to add a protein shake or another supplement, confirm the source to make sure you’re not ingesting contaminants that can either poison you or get you knocked out of your sport of choice. Be vigilant about what goes in your body for the best health you can build. Most importantly, stay hydrated as you work out and compete.

Garbage comes in many forms. From a bag of chips to a supplement loaded with fillers, you can limit your health by taking the wrong thing and eating unhealthy food. To stay strong, do your best to stick to a plate that contains protein, whole grains and plenty of vegetables and be sure the supplements you take will help you rather than harm you.

For more tips to help you live your healthiest life, read on here!

Tips for Staying Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season really thrives around Thanksgiving and hangs around until spring. Part of the problem is that people who seldom see one another get together for the holidays and share more than cheer. To keep from getting sick and then spreading the illness among your family and friends, you need to protect yourself.

Take Preventive Action

Try to get your flu vaccine early in October so your immune system has time to build a solid defense. Sometimes flu vaccines are available in high schools, so check with your school nurse to see if they will be available in yours. If people around you are sick, become a loner for a while. Wash your hands regularly and use disinfecting cleaners around your home and school. In order to prevent the flu, it’s important to get a flu vaccine, stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Make sure to also keep your mouth covered when you cough and sneeze. Behave responsibly if we feel yourself coming down with any illness. Once you’ve had your vaccine, pay special attention to any odd symptoms such as a sore throat or drippy nose. If you notice a fever and headache, stay home from school.

Eat Foods Rich in Vitamins C and E

Maintaining good health for yourself when those around you are sick will be easier if you eat right. In addition to taking Vitamin C, make sure to eat foods that are high in this crucial disease-fighting nutrient, including oranges and tomatoes. Increasing your Vitamin E intake will also help, so be sure to enjoy peanut butter and avocados. Try to add fermented foods to your diet. Some of these are live-culture yogurt, sauerkraut, and any dish with a vinegar sauce or dressing. Live-culture foods are good for your gut when your immune system is working hard to protect you from viruses. Avoid inflammatory foods such as anything that contains white flour or processed sugar. Not only are these things good for keeping you well, but they will help make you healthier in general and could possibly even help your performance if you play school sports.

Keep a Clean House

Flu viruses can be transmitted through the air. They can also be left on surfaces by someone who just coughed or sneezed on their hand. To reduce your risk of this contact transmission, pay attention to doorknobs and light switches when helping your parents clean your house. It doesn’t take a lot of water or effort. A simple disinfecting wipe can be used to sanitize cupboard handles, hand railings, and phones. When you’re at school, you don’t really have the same control over your environment, but what you can do is bring a mini hand sanitizer with you to use whenever you touch public surfaces.

Cold and flu season always comes around, but you can protect your family and yourself from picking it up the illness this year by getting your flu shot, eating right, and keeping your house clean. To reduce the risk of transmission, disinfecting wipes can be used once a day on shared surfaces that get a lot of contact.

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3 Good Health Habits to Make While You’re Still Young

It’s never too early to think about the future. There are plenty of ways to be proactive about your health when you are young that will pay off when you are older. Here are some great health habits for you if you are hoping to preserve your health for years to come.

Go to the Dentist Regularly

Going to the dentist may not be on your list of favorite things to do, but it is extremely important to go frequently. Start scheduling regular cleanings every six months and continue those throughout life. It’s also important to floss and brush regularly between appointments. Having your dentist apply sealants protects your teeth from cavities, which can cause problems in the future if not taken care of when you’re young. Sealants are usually applied when your molars appear. It’s a simple process that offers major benefits down the road.

Protect Your Skin in the Sun

There is no such thing as a safe tan, so don’t spend your youth baking your skin in the sun. Establish skin-protection habits early so you won’t have to deal with problems in the future. Melanoma is a dangerous form of skin cancer that you don’t want to face if possible. Wear sunscreen anytime you are out in the sun, and don’t forget to reapply often. It’s also wise to wear protective clothing if you are going to be out for a long time. A hat that offers protection for your face can be both trendy and beneficial.

Don’t Smoke

You may think you look cool when smoking, but the damage cigarettes do to your body is anything but awesome. Besides aging you prematurely, smoking can lead to lung problems, heart disease and a shorter life. Vaping, another option that is supposed to have fewer side effects, has been in the news lately due to fatalities and illnesses for those who have tried it. Using a hookah pipe also presents the same health challenges as smoking cigarettes. It’s best to stay away from all of these products if you want to live a longer life where you are healthy. If you don’t ever get started, you can’t get addicted, and it’s easier to not start than it is to stop after your body starts craving nicotine. Smoking tobacco can cut down on your physical fitness abilities and lead to chronic illnesses that are difficult to treat.

When you’re trying to decide what to do today, think of “future you” for guidance. Establish good health habits early in life, and you will look back and thank yourself when you are old and well.

How to Stay Fit During the Winter

Staying fit seems to be so much easier in the spring and summer. Warm weather lures you outside to exercise, and local markets have tons of delicious produce available. In the winter, though, even the fittest people have trouble staying on track. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up healthy habits in the winter. You just have to adjust your routine. Here are a few tips to keep yourself at your best during the winter.

Female athlete exercising in park on winter day. Listening music and exercising

Indoor Exercise

If you have access to an indoor gym or home equipment like an elliptical machine, getting your exercise in during the cold season is easy. Even if you don’t, there are lots of ways to get in an inside workout. Whether you want a rigorous cardio session or some weight training, you can find just about any workout imaginable on YouTube or other video channels like Beachbody On Demand. Just make sure to check with a doctor or coach that whatever exercise you choose is right for you.

Try Something New

If you’ve already established a healthy fitness routine, that’s great! You don’t want to get into a rut, though, so while maintaining your program, why not do some research on an activity that’s not familiar to you but sounds interesting? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try yoga, or you’ve heard about some cool hiking trails in your area. Whatever strikes your fancy, look into it and—most importantly—have fun with it.

Diet Decisions

According to Xyngular, it’s estimated that over 90 percent of diets fail, and with winter comes the holidays. You want your food intake to be as healthy as possible, but at the same time, you don’t want to deprive yourself of goodies like your grandma’s butter cookies or your dad’s eggnog. Using a program or deciding beforehand what your indulgence will be is key to keeping things under control.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Stuffing your face at Thanksgiving and Christmas is hardly the end of the world, but don’t use it as an excuse to completely abandon your commitment to personal fitness, either. Just get right back to what you were doing. Consider keeping a fitness journal to make it easier to spot trends and patterns that might tempt you to go off plan. Remember that your fitness journey is just that—a journey. Keep active and mindful through the winter, and you’ll be ready for anything when spring arrives.

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