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New Haven Youth and Family Services Fundraising Drive

If you had a challenging childhood, or know somebody who did, you know how difficult it can be if you don’t have somewhere to turn. New Haven Youth and Family Services, in the San Diego area, is one of those places youth can turn to–and they would like to get the word out about their services and a fundraising effort happening right now.

New Haven has served over 15,000 youth over its 52-year history. It owns homes for kids that need a place to live, has high result, innovative care programs and nationally recognized career tech, innovative residential care programs, and a charter high school in Chula Vista

Board member Shaun Alger from Volohaus says, “This program is amazing. I have been serving on the Board for 7 years, and can tell you first hand the life changing impact and positive inflection New Haven delivers. You can make a HUGE impact on New Haven Youth and Family Services and the young men they serve by making a donation, which will go towards a matching contribution by Farmer’s Insurance. Anything, even $10, helps!”

New Haven was again selected as one of only 10 charities vetted by Farmers Insurance Golf Tournament at Torrey Pines GC January 23, 2020 to receive matching donations. Farmers measures number of donors AND dollar amount of donations to accelerate the matching formula.

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Digital Detox: How to Reconnect with Good Clean Family Fun

Are you in need of a break from your cell phone and social media? How about screens in general, including Netflix? If so, check out this guide to learn how to find clean family entertainment taht doesn’t involve looking at a glowing screen, which is increasingly associated with depression and other problems.

Family activities are a great way to get off your phone and make some lasting memories. Whether you have a big family or a small family, there are many “old fashioned” activities that can bring you closer together. Its good to reconnect in a world where families are increasingly worlds away — even when living in the same house.

Build a Garden

What’s a better way to enjoy the great outdoors while also helping the environment? If you said building a garden, then you’re right! It doesn’t take a botanist to figure out just how much fun you can have by planting and seeing the fruits of your labor (literally!) come to life.

Planning and planting a garden is an activity everyone in your family can be a part of. It’s a great way to get your hands dirty, cobnnect with nature, and have some fun!

Start by taking a family field trip to a local gardening shop to stock up on what you need, like plants or seeds suitable for your area and some common tools. You will also need some soil and fertilizer, and possibly some stones, wood, or other material to order your garden.

Building a garden is an activity that lasts long after the seeds are planted. Put your vision into action and reap the benefits, inclduing delicious fruits, herbs, and veggies if that’s what you plant!

Play a Board Game

Family game night could be just what the doctor ordered when you are bored and looking to take a break from social media. From classic board games to RPGs, board games are often the answer to families’ boredom.

Playing board games brings people together. You’ll find that no matter what games you’re playing, laughter ensues. The more you laugh, the less stress you feel. So no matter what’s happening in your life, the minute you roll the dice of Yahtzee or Go Fish you’ll feel a wave of relief and ushered into a night of fun with the people you love most. Okay maybe not if you play Monopoly, but that’s besides the point!

One of the best reasons to incorporate board games into your next family night is because it helps increase brain function and activity. It improves decision-making, problem-solving and mental growth in children, and might reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s in adults.

Go Camping

You don’t have to be an experienced outdoor enthusiast to enjoy a nice camping trip. You don’t even have to leave your home to enjoy a night under the stars.

Some families love camping so much they invest money into a camper or high-quality equipment to ensure all their needs are met. But you don’t have to own a camper or even camp chairs to get the most out of camping. Many families take advantage of their own backyard to enjoy the great outdoors. Pull out your old tent and bring out the s’mores. Its a great way to test the waters in a very safe way, not to mention you won’t have to travel too far to use the restroom!

No matter how you choose to camp, there is no wrong way to spend time with your family. Whether you drive to a local campground or stay in your own backyard, a night out under the stars is one of the best memories a family can create together.

Go to a Ballgame

One of the best things about sports is you don’t have to be a big fan to enjoy a day at the ballpark. Whether you’re there to see your favorite player or just there for the food and atmosphere, a day spent listening to the crack of a bat is a day well spent.

One great reason to see a game is because it gives you the opportunity to learn experience a large community of people who are into the same ting. You feel connected with real people all rooting for the same team, especially when someone starts “the wave.”

Another big selling point is the food. Each ballpark has a signature type of food that’s unique to the area. In Miami and Seattle, you can find great seafood while you’ll find a big, juicy steak sandwich in Atlanta. Not to mention the Crackerjacks, which are a classic!

Above all, a day at the game creates memories that last a lifetime, Each time you find yourself at a ballpark, you’ll instantly be taken back to those special memories you shared with your family.

Laugh together

It’s a comedian’s job to make people laugh and it’s your job, as a spectator, to give them that laughter. We’ve all heard that laughter is contagious and it’s been proven that laughter brings people together – so why not go to a comedy show with clean comedians?

One benefit of finding a great, family-friendly comedian is that they can be utilized for other events such as birthday parties or family get-togethers. You’ll never have to worry about the content that comes out of their mouths or what your little bro or sis might hear next if you choose clean comedians.

Say Yes to Family Activities!

Putting down your phone to reconnect with your loved ones is important. It doesn’t matter what family activities you choose to do, the memories are going to last a lifetime.

Make it your mission to set aside special time weekly or monthly to dedicate time specifically to your mom, dad, and siblings. You won’t regret the memories you make and the smiles, hugs, and laughs you receive in return.

One last tip: keep an eye out for fun free activities happening in your community throughout the year, such as We Like L.A.. This is a great way to stay on a budget while still creating space for fun!

Teens Wanna Know and Foto Nota Back to School Meet and Greet

On Saturday, August 3rd, social media influencers actors, and musicians came together with fans at Burbank Town Center for unique meet and greet opportunity.

Sponsored by TWK, Burbank Town Center, and social media photo kiosk company Fotonota USA, fans got autographs and pictures with their favorite stars and immediately received two free color prints from the Fotonota kiosk.

Refreshments and snacks, including food from Porto’s, was provided. And both celebrities and fans participated in giveaways to take home fantastic merchandise from Justice, Lanoosh, Yoobi, Petite n Pretty, Goodie Two Sleeves and more!

Meet and Greeters: who attended: Gavin Magnus, Ava Kolker, Lexy Kolker, Coco Quinn, Symonne Harrison, Sarah Dorothy Little, Gabriella Martinez, Brianni Walker, Gem Sisters, Corrine Joy, Bryson Robinson, Madelyn Miranda.

In addition to our official Meet and Greeters above, these other guests walked the red carpet include Rachelle Henry, Grayson Kilpatrick, Cloe Wilder, Jake Getman, Ashley Keefe, Lindsey Keefe, Marcie Robledo, Tiffany Dion, Presley Reese, Ethan Paisley, Amber Lourdes, Madi Filipowicz, Prymrr, Kayden Swan, Brandin Stennis, David Miranda, Brooklyn Robinson, Hashtag Zoe (Zoe Nazarian), Alyssa Reynoso, Journey Christine, Mariana MaLyn, Dorian Giordano, Joely Live, Brent Anthony, Norton Leufven, Kaitlyn Landeros, Alexa Tapia, Mila Nabours, Kendall Monroe, Pooja Kylasa, Abhishek Kylasa and more.

Music provided by DJ Evan Kozin.

3 Colorado Art Exhibits for the Artistic Teen

If you’re the artistic type, you already know that creating art is a terrific form of self-expression. Truly great art is more than just an outlet for creative expression, though—it can inspire us to become better versions of ourselves, to reach for the stars instead of staying safely locked within our comfort zones. Here are a few noteworthy Colorado destinations that are currently offering prime examples of this inspiration.

Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art

This museum serves up a perfect blend of classic and progressive techniques, with a bevy of cool exhibits showcasing a diverse lineup, from Georgia O’Keeffe to local tattoo artists. If you have certain preconceived notions of what art is or what it should be, MCA Denver is the perfect place to cast off those prejudices. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own artwork, there are plenty of different wells to draw from here. MCA Denver also offers intensive six-week workshops just for teens—ask Mom and Dad to keep that in mind when your next birthday rolls around.

Source: MCA Denver

Chapungu Sculpture Park

Loveland’s Chapungu Sculpture Park is home to 82 hand-carved stone sculptures that inspires the annual Sculpture in the Park show and sale, which is the largest outdoor juried exhibition in America. Founded in 1970 by Roy Guthrie, the exhibition was formerly known as African Art Promotions. Since its inception, it has amassed an impressive collection of Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture (also known as Shona Sculpture)—a collection that has to be seen in person to be appreciated. The open-air setting serves as the perfect backdrop to the majestic stone sculptures, as if they’ve emerged from the mantle of the earth itself. It’s a winning combination that will inspire you to bring a little bit of nature into your next project.

Source: Centerra

Denver Art Museum

Denver’s art mecca goes beyond the traditional boundaries of painting and sculpture, and includes exhibits to interest wannabe fashion designers, storytellers, and more. General admission is free on the first Saturday of every month, so you can take advantage of their offerings even if frequent museum visits aren’t in your family’s budget. Spend the afternoon browsing through the halls and learn how art can be used as an ingredient, rather than the whole recipe.

Source: Trip Advisor

Whether you view art as a hobby or a lifelong passion, you should expose yourself to as many varied styles as possible, so you’ll gain a good idea of the theories and concepts you’d most like to explore. And the best news of all? You’re never too young to start.

Keep reading: Teens Can Make Money & Wear Their Own Designs with Redbubble

Asher Angel & Maddie Poppe to perform at T.J. Martell Foundation LA Family Day

Asher Angel from Disney Channel’s Andi Mack & ABC’s American Idol Season 16 winner Maddie Poppe are set to perform at T.J. Martell Foundation Los Angeles Family Day to be held at The Grove for the third consecutive year on Saturday, October 6, 2018, from 12p.m. – 4p.m. PT.

In addition to Asher Angel and Maddie Poppe, other top music artists will also perform. Families will enjoy delicious food, a live auction, live musical performances, games, prizes and other activities while raising funds for cancer research. Tickets and sponsorship packages are available now and can be purchased at

asher angel tj martell

Every year, the T.J. Martell Foundation honors outstanding members of the music and medical communities who dedicate their time and efforts in support of cancer research. This year, the LA Family Day honorees include:

  • Dr. Alan Wayne, Director of the Children’s Center For Cancer & Blood Diseases, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
  • Erika Ender, composer, singer, actress, philanthropist and Latin GRAMMY 2018 Song of the Year winner for “Despacito”
  • Jack Sussman, Executive Vice President, Specials, Music and Live Events, CBS Entertainment
  • Steven Vincent, Vice President of Music & Soundtracks for The Disney Channel Worldwide

You can see highlights of LA Family Day event from the last time we were invited to cover it here:

Prior to Family Day, the foundation will host its Spirit of Excellence Awards Dinner on Tuesday, October 2 at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. The fundraising event will include an elegant dinner, silent and live auctions, and live musical performances. CITI® cardmembers have exclusive access to purchase tickets for LA Family Day and Spirit of Excellence Dinner. For complete details on presale and preferred tickets for CITI cardmembers, visit

For more information on the T.J. Martell Foundation, LA Family Day featuring Asher Angel & Maddie Poppe and the Spirit of Excellence Dinner visit

Stay connected with T.J. Martell Foundation at:


Hailee Steinfeld inspires students at Make Your Dreams Stick event

Hailee Steinfeld kicked off the back-to-school season this past Monday (are we really talking about back to school already?) with Post-it® Brand at the “Make Your Dreams Stick with Post-it® Brand and Hailee Steinfeld” event in New York City, to inspire students to dream big this school year and #makeitstick.

The event included a performance by Hailee and an interactive Q&A with Hailee and Post-it® Brand Global Business Director, Remi Kent. Check out some quotes from Hailee about her goals, facing setbacks, upcoming projects and what inspires her.

Hailee Steinfeld on achieving her goals

“I feel like if you can put [your goals] out into the universe and work tirelessly to achieve [them], then you can do anything ….. you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and I find that to be true” 

Hailee Steinfeld on inspiration

“I’ve been very, very lucky – I’ve had some incredible people around me my whole life that have inspired me and motivated me – if I can be that person for anyone else, then I consider that a huge honor” 

Hailee Steinfeld on her current goals

“It has been a goal of mine to get out on the road this year so that is coming to life, which is exciting. I also love doing both acting and singing – as long as I can remain doing both, happy and healthy, then that’s my goal”

Hailee Steinfeld on facing setbacks

“Whatever it is that you’re doing, if it makes you happy, then nothing should come in the way of that – of course you will face setbacks, but it is important to stay positive and keep going” 

Hailee Steinfeld on upcoming projects

“I am in the middle of a tour right now with Charlie Puth on the Voice Notes Tour, so that’s been very fun. We are just kinda getting started, so I will be doing that for the majority of my summer and then I have a film called Bumblee coming out around Christmas, which is a spinoff to Transformers”

Maluma Concert and VIP Meet and Greet Review and Set List – Los Angeles

The 23-year-old Colombian Reggaeton singer, songwriter and record producer Maluma added to his sold out concert dates with stop in Los Angeles California on March 26th. Nothing to be too surprised of — after all, he sold out every city on his first official US tour, a total of 14 cities!

I was lucky to get to see Maluma perform this night, and even splurged for the VIP Meet and Greet package. If you are a Maluma fan, I bet you’d love to know how he is in concert. Well, I am about to tell you all about the experience, from meeting him to his entire show! Keep scrolling to read all the details.

maluma concierto

maluma concert3

Just before the concert he took time to meet and great some of his fans, including me. He took pictures with each person and even signed a poster for the lucky ones to take back home in a Maluma “goodie bag.”

My first complaint is about his security team. They were completely over the top. They did not let any of his fans take pictures with their own phones, but made them use only the photo service they had in the location. The pictures may be of a better quality, but in this day and age of instant gratification and fast turnaround this is not a good option for the tons of young followers that the singer has. The photos were promised to be available online to download at full resolution within three days. THREE DAYS! That’s a lifetime to a teenage girl. (in truth, they ended up going live in a day and a half, not too bad).

maluma concert2
maluma diana2

maluma concert vip

The second complaint is that you got to spend very little time with Maluma, it was like getting fast food — they rushed you through.

The third complaint is the extremely long wait to start the concert, which was a whole hour late.

Despite the minor meet and greet problems and the slow start, I must admit he rocked the show! His energy and charisma was contagious, and he knew how to work the crowd.  He asked several times jokingly about how many women in the crowd were single: “El 90% de las mujeres son solteras esta noche, no lo puedo creer.” (90% of the women are single tonight, I can’t believe it). To which all the women started screaming!

“Y yo, soltero tambien.” (and I’m single too). All this with a very mischievous grin, getting the audience riled up.

Here is his concert set list, in case you missed it. Let me tell you — the crowd was totally into Maluma and got him to do two encores. No complaints about that. 🙂

Here are some video highlights from that night!:


“Nadie sabe
lo que he pasado
He trabajado fuerte
mi lugar me lo he ganado
Todos dicen que por mi imagen
he pegado
No hay soberbia
Miren los resultados (BIS)
Existe el que te admira y el que no también, pero lo negativo lo dejo en el reten
Con mi conciencia limpia porque siempre hago el bien y con Dios de la mano yo sigo en este tren
Ponte en mis zapatos y no me critiques y si vas a hacerlo, quiero que me expliques
Soy con quien sueña tu novia, no puedes negarlo por mi te derrites
Siempre la paso bien, viviendo en un hotel
Millones de fanáticos, que más puedo merecer”



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CHANTAJE (Shakira pre-recorded vocals)

VENTE PA’ CA(Ricky Martin pre-recorded vocals)
He repeated La Curiosidad and then asked one of the guys working with him to find him a “mamacita” who he could serenade. He sang to her, and there even was a little kiss action, but somehow I don’t think she minded. But anyway, come on pretty boy, let’s be a little more careful out there with the kissing. Germs, ya know. 😉



“CHANTAJE” a second time

LA BICICLETA REMIX(Carlos Vives and Shakira pre-recorded vocals)
At what we thought was the end of the concert he thanked everyone for supporting him, as well as thanking God for everything. He and his band left the stage.

No one moved and he returned for an encore. He sang the following three songs acapella, including the Cosculluela rapping part:




At this time his band returned to the stage and backed Maluma for the next two songs:

GYAL YOU A PARTY ANIMAL(Charly Black pre-recorded vocals) 


He left once more, but a second encore was needed as NO ONE, seriously no one was leaving the arena.

After screaming “Pretty Boy Dirty Boy” by the audience as guided by one of the band members, Maluma came out and sang his last song of the night wearing a red robe with black prints and matching red pants that allowed us see his well-formed abs. Girls went wild screaming. His song of choice? One of the songs that has created a bit of controversy around the singer.


Over all the concert was on point.

maluma concert1

Maluma gave props and introduced all his band members and backup singers, and he kept the energy high always. The dancers did an amazing job and Maluma did show us both sides: his pretty boy and his dirty boy as well.

Highly recommend going to see him next time he’s in town.

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Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Fun at Hollywood and Highland

So Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards are happening this weekend, and to celebrate, Nick and Toyota partnered to set up some fun activities at Hollywood and Highland this week — so of course we went to check out the action and GET SLIMED! Scroll down for the video of our junior reporter Keira Pena getting just that, but first some pics.

First how cool is this Spongebob Sienna? Pretty cool, that’s how cool it is. You got to sit in it and get your picture taken.

SpongeBob Sienna

Here is an overview of the scene. You can see more stuff in our video below (keep scrolling).

Toyota & Nickelodeon Activation View

They had fun stuff to do, like this animated GIF maker thingy.

Kiki at Nick

And here is Keira getting ready for some slimage. If you want to see her get slimed, watch the video below!


Here is the video!

Check out more Kids Choice Awards action at

ZuGoPet Soft Launch Party In Beverly Hills Brings Celebrities and Animal Lovers Together

Earlier this week, Teens Wanna Know’s junior reporter Keira Peña got the chance to mingle with some dedicated animal lovers and a celeb or two at the soft launch for ZuGoPet held at a private mansion in Beverly Hills.

What is ZuGoPet?

It is a dog car seat/pet bed/travel bag combo invented by Juls Bindi. It is designed to keep small dogs from becoming anxious while riding around in your car, which then easily converts into a stylish handbag.


Highlights of the product include:

  • Vegan-friendly material
  • Vented on 3 sides
  • 5 pockets to hold your stuff
  • Airport compliant
  • Available in three colors: Midnight Black, Lipstick Pink and Snow White
  • Matching harnesses and plush blankets are available

ZuGoPet’s slogan is “Buy a bag, save a life” because “any 501(c)(3) that sells a ZuGoPet bag will get 100% of the profits” and they will also give at least $1 from each ZuGoPet product sold through other channels to save the lives of shelter animals.

In order to raise funds for the first shipment, the company launched an campaign with lots of perks for contributors. You can check that out here:

And now…some highlights from the party!

Juls Bindi hosted the event. Here she is with Keira.


New York Times Bestselling Author Tamar Geller of “The Loved Dog” had some fun with a guest.


Dogs were brought for adoption by




Music was provided by KCRW’s DJ Valida


As well as by singers Maggie Szabo and Shalini Varghese


And even Oscar-winner Mel Gibson showed up to lend his support!

Keira Pena and Mel Gibson

It wasn’t just human celebrities who showed up. Making special appearances were Jiff the Pom and Beemo!

Beemo and Jiff the Pom

Keira and Beemo

Keira Pena and Jiff the Pom

Victor-H completed a painting while he was here.


And everybody had a great time!


Special thanks to Miss Behave Girls for providing Keira’s dress for the day. They have beautiful dresses specifically made to fit tweens and teens!


Remember: If you are thinking of getting a pet, go to a shelter first. Rescue dogs make GREAT pets (we have one ourselves at TWK headquarters) and these little lives depend on you to save them.




“Teen Nation Tour” Hits the Road with Anti-Bullying Message for Teens

A new tour is hitting middle schools, high schools and other venues starting this month, and it carries a strong message for teens: bullying is not cool.

The Teen Nation Tour (TNT) is a 90-minute  program which features up-and-coming recording artists from a variety of musical genres such as pop, country, and rock. In addition to performing, the young artists also share their own personal bullying stories and discuss options for preventing bullying — on a peer-to-peer level which is bound to be more effective than if the same message were delivered by adults.

teen nation tour

TNT’s first date was September 8th in Raleigh, NC and will continue through other cities in North Carolina, Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, and throughout cities and towns in Texas. The tour will also perform at some major events this year including a televised NASCAR Race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and at a benefit concert for The Stand Up and Speak Out organization.

Some of the performers in this year’s lineup include: former Disney Radio artist Celeste Kellogg, J.Ryan from the X-Factor, Zach Matari, Katie Belle Akin, Dylan Rey, Simply Rayne, Rylie Lynn, Colton Jacobson, Mason Mercer, Rebelmann, Kristina Lachaga, Gracie and Joey and many more.

For more information visit

Here are some EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes pics!

Zach Matari, Darla Beaux, Kristina Lachaga and Tru Fam Getting pumped up before going onstage
Zach Matari, Darla Beaux, Kristina Lachaga and Tru Fam Getting pumped up before going onstage.

A few of the Guys from Teen nation hanging in the hall waiting to go on stage in Raleigh, NC - Collin Kazola, TRU  FAM, Jryan
A few of the Guys from Teen Nation hanging in the hall waiting to go on stage in Raleigh, NC – Collin Kazola, TRU FAM, Jryan

Jryan and Kaylin roberson trying our new faces for their next school performance
Jryan and Kaylin Roberson trying our new faces for their next school performance.

The Kids go Wild every time Colin Kazola walks into the place
The Kids go wild every time Colin Kazola walks into the place.

Zach Matari loves his fans
Zach Matari loves his fans!