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5 Fast Facts about Hello Sister

Hello Sister is a group comprised of three sisters named Grace (lead singer, bass), Gabriella (guitar) and Scarlett Mason (drums) who live in Florida but have already made several journeys to the Los Angeles area to further their careers. They’ve got a very catchy pop-rock sound and are very comfortable on stage — see and listen for yourself by checking out their music video for “Middle Schooler” (scroll down).

Here’s five fast facts about Hello Sister!

They feel the best bit about performing is:

When our fans love our music!

One of them had a close encounter with a very famous star.

When I (Grace) was at my first concert Taylor Swift and I yelled “I love you Taylor” when the music was paused.. she looked up into the crowd and winked!

They almost lost one sister.

When we couldn’t find Scarlett in a Bestbuy store and they closed the store to look for her! We found her!

They visit THIS country every year.

We love sports, gardening and eat almost everything! Our parents are Canadian and we see our Canadian family every year ! 

There’s one food they REFUSE to eat!


Selfie time!

5 Fast Facts about Youtuber and influencer Xavier Gowie

Xavier Gowie is a 14 year old music/beauty personality based in Melbourne, Australia. He started singing at the age of 4 and never turned back. In late 2017 Xavier branched out into the world of beauty where he has explored his love and passion for makeup. As Xavier has gotten older he wants to start using he’s voice to fight against bullying and with that in mind has released Season 1 of his new series “That Kid” on his youtube channel “Xavier Gowie” which he hopes will spread the word to a wider audience and hopefully take impact on teens older and younger.

Her’s 5 fast facts about Xavier!

He’s an anti-bullying advocate….

My goals are definitely to grow a wider audience and just get my message out. Yeah I obviously would love for people to love my singing and beauty but my #1 priority is to get my anti bullying message out there and hopefully with that take a big impact on this generation. I have started my own merchandise line on for my new series “That Kid” available to watch on my youtube channel “Xavier Gowie” which 10% of all the proceeds go to the charity “Bully Zero”, so that’s just a small contribution I’m making and my goal is to sell 1000 items from the three piece collection.

…who is still dealing with bullying every day.

I’m 1000% still getting picked on, at this point it’s not just my year level anymore. Younger kids now come up to me and say my catch phrases like “Hey guys it’s Xavier” just to poke fun at what I do. My last day of school this year was December 2nd so episode 1 of my brand new series “That Kid” from my Youtube channel “Xavier Gowie” had come out one day prior. It was such a mixed day for me. There were people coming up to me genuinely saying they enjoyed it and will continue to watch, others didn’t like it which I knew was bound to happen. But then there were the people who kept trying to airplay it onto the big screen, fake crying trying to impersonate and insult me, and I will never forget one of my classmates saying “Who gave the video a thumbs down”, and over half of my class put there hand up. It hit me like a basketball to the face because the people who disliked it weren’t the general public, it was people who knew me. So in saying that yes I definitely do still get picked on but I definitely have people who love and support me so much such as my best friend Andy B who you see in multiple episodes of the series. 

He almost cried in front of a lot of people.

My most embarrassing moment in real life that I can think of was probably when I was onstage at one of my monthly open mics and I was singing “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish and I forgot the words to one part, so I LITERALLY said in front of the whole crowd “I think the music skipped”. So I ended up restarting and I posted the performance on my Youtube channel “Xavier Gowie” and if you screenshot my face at the start and zoom in you can see I look like I’m about to cry because I was so upset and embarrassed. So that was probably the most embarrassing moment I’ve had in real life.

His big sis was a HUGE inspiration.

One thing that people would be surprised to know about me is that when I was younger I wanted to be EXACTLY like my older sister Alyssa. The reason I wanted to start singing was because of her, she used to be the singer in the family so I wanted to be the same. Whenever she would start watching a TV series or a Youtube I would automatically start watching it and liking it because she did. You would never know now because we are so different! She doesn’t really sing anymore, she doesn’t really like makeup, she loves sports where as they are not as appealing to me and the list goes on. I mean we are pretty fortunate to have things in common but if we do now, its because I actually like it.

Hi-chews are his thang.

Ummm one unusual thing I carry around with me is Hi-Chews. So this is a pretty recent one but I just started buying Hi-Chews and they are honestly something I can’t live without. For anyone that doesn’t know what a Hi-Chew is it’s basically flavoured chewy candy. It’s so delicious and I like to keep a few packets in my bag just in case I need a burst of flavour! I have to thank my best friend Andy for my addiction.

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5 Fast Facts about actor Abraham Rodriguez

Abraham Rodriguez is a bilingual actor who has worked on various film, television, and commercial productions in both the English and Spanish markets. Abraham is currently starring in the Nickelodeon series Power Rangers Beast Morphers as Nate Silva, the Gold Power Ranger. Season 2 is to premiere in early 2020 on Nickelodeon. 

Here’s 5 fast facts about Abraham!

He’s got a big heart.

I got to go to a children’s hospital in New Zealand, while filming for Beast Morphers, and surprise children and their families. I was dressed as my character Nate and got to talk to the kids and their familes, take pictures with them, sign toys and photos. Seeing all the children and their families so happy and smiling was truly one of the greatest feelings. To be able to put a smile on someones face, especially when they’re going through a tough time, is one of the greatest things about working in the entertainment industry.

He’s got advice for anyone being bullied.

The biggest advice I would give is to never be afraid to ask for help. Never hold back from talking to someone about something that is concerning you or causing you harm in any way. Communication is so important. I would also say never stop being yourself and never stop doing what makes you happy, no matter what anyone has to say or think. It’s your life, live it how you want to. Don’t ever let anyone or anything stop you from being you. Keep shining and follow your dreams. Anything is possible. 

There is one blooper he probably doesn’t want anyone to see — EVER.

One of my most embarrassing moments was when I was filming a fight scene for Beast Morphers, I did a jump kick and ripped open the entire back of my pants in front of our entire crew. We all broke out in laughter as I ran to change into a new pair of pants. 

Green thumb? Check.

I love plants. I currently care for 16 plants. They’re like my children and I want 85379620 more. I follow a bunch of plant accounts on Instagram. I want my apartment to be like a jungle. 

He can’t live without the ‘Gram.

I’ve never uninstalled an app because of using it too much, but if I did, it would probably be Instagram because it’s the app I use the most. But I could never actually uninstall it because I love it too much!

5 Fast Facts about singer and actress Gabriella Martinez

Gabriella Martinez is an American Latina born in Nyack, New York. She has worked on various short and feature films, television and commercials.  Gabriella just landed a recurring role on Penny Dreadful City of Angels that will air on Showtime.  

Here’s 5 fast facts about Gabriella!

She is super stoked about her latest role.

There have been so many magical moments and I am so grateful for all the opportunities I receive. My first day on set for Penny Dreadful I was welcomed by the producer and he expressed how excited he was to have me on the show. It was definitely an emotional moment for me as he told me how amazing my audition was and that I deserved to be working on a fabulous show such as Penny Dreadful. Once he left my trailer I shed a few happy tears and was determined to put 110% of myself into my role.

Health is a priority.

Being a performer is something I have absolutely loved to do for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was three I have been dancing, singing, and acting and excited to do it every time. There is nothing that brings me more happiness than sharing music and making people laugh, but the only consistent part of performing is yourself. A big part of my job is my health so when I get sick I feel like I am trapped in jail! I have to constantly be careful and even in some of my contracts I cannot go to theme parks or trampoline parks while I’m working on a job. I consider myself an adrenaline junky and LOVE roller coasters but my love for performing surpasses my need to ride the Superman coaster at Six Flags.

She may or may not have done THIS embarrassing thing.

Ok, I have a lot of embarrassing moments every day if I am being honest. I usually try not to remember them so I don’t feel as awkward as I should but I’ll spill the beans for you. The other day I may or may not have walked in on someone in a fitting room. I thought it was my best friend! Needless, to say… it wasn’t, she was in the one next door.

Her voice isn’t her only instrument.

Something people would be surprised to know about me is that I am currently learning how to play the piano. I took a couple lessons when I was in fourth grade but never had a piano to practice on. I picked up the guitar when I was 13 and I love it but it made me want to learn more instruments, so now I have a collection of guitars, a ukulele from Hawaii, and hopefully a new keyboard this Christmas.

She appreciates the classics.

A song that I can listen to over and over is “I’ve Got a Crush on You” by Ella Fitzgerald. I love old classics and adore jazz music so I will play them at any time of the day.


Here is a selfie of me on my way to a fitting!

Why Natural Drugs Don’t Mean Safe

Drugs are one of the most hazardous ways to “relax” or break away from real life. This form of release changes your brain on a cellular level, and some of these changes are permanent. You won’t know which of these changes will turn out to be permanent, and even those changes that aren’t permanent can be very hard to overcome. Even naturally occurring drugs can alter your brain for the long-term in a very unhealthy way — and can even make you go completely insane while you think there is nothing wrong with you (but your friends and family can clearly see)!


Even if it’s legal where you live, marijuana simply isn’t safe for teens to consume. As a teen, you should view marijuana just as you would tobacco and alcohol: It’s off-limits if you’re underage. If you find a medical practitioner who knows your age and gives you a prescription for medical marijuana anyway, you need to be aware that they are breaking the law and so are you. Marijuana changes your perception and can make you lethargic or apathetic. While there are some indicators that marijuana can reduce depression and anxiety when carefully monitored by multiple medical professionals, long-term usage can change your life in destructive ways. According to Green Rush Daily, long-term cannabis users tend to make less money than those who don’t use it on a regular basis. If your long-term goals include financial success, weed is not a good habit to get into now. Finally, when you get caught, your stress level will likely go up because you are now in trouble with the law, may wind up with a record, and will likely be facing serious problems at home and school.


Peyote and the hallucinogenic derivative compound, mescaline, have been used in religious ceremonies by some native tribes in the United States. Users had to pass through multiple milestones to be granted the chance to use the drug, and usage of the drug was carefully administered by a caring adult. It’s important to note that these ceremonies were often led by a trusted elder in the tribe. This naturally occurring hallucinogen is extracted from cacti. It can also be produced synthetically. However, neither format is guaranteed to be a “once and done” high, as mescaline side effects can linger. According to Summit Malibu, despite its reputation as a mild hallucinogen, there are several dangers, including the possible long-term effect of hallucination flashbacks.

Getting Hooked on Being Altered

People who’ve studied the brain refer to addiction as a brain disease. For example, cigarette smokers can get medication to reduce their nicotine cravings. However, the brain’s desire to kick back and relax with a smoke can be stronger than any nicotine craving. If you find yourself craving any drug, ask yourself why. It’s probably not a physical craving but a psychological one. Your inability to show self-control may lead to poor choices or put you in contact with people who don’t care for your safety.

Not everything that’s found in a plant is healthy. Digitalis, taken from the foxglove plant, can regulate your heartbeat. It can also kill you if taken improperly. Drugs alter your brain patterns and can reduce inhibitions that can keep you safe. The better choice is to avoid them altogether.

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5 Fast Facts about actress Yasmeen Fletcher

Yasmeen Fletcher was born in Orange County, CA then moved to Las Vegas, NV at the age of 3. She lived there until December 2018 when she moved back to LA to pursue her acting career.

A singer since the age of 2 and an actress since the age of 13, she’s always had a love for the entertainment industry. Next year, she has two movies coming out: Let Us In (2020) and Upside Down Magic (2020)

Here’s 5 fast facts about Yasmeen!

Her overall goal is just to stay in the biz for as long as possible.

Obviously, there are a lot of things that I would love to accomplish in the industry such as win an Oscar, work with some of my idols, get a star on the Walk of Fame; things like that. But as far as my one ultimate showbiz goal goes, I’d say that it’s to be able to stay in this industry (as cheesy as that sounds). My absolute biggest goal is to do what I do as long as I love it.

She plays it cool around big celebs.

Believe it or not I have never been starstruck! I really don’t get starstruck because I think of almost all celebrities as just normal people. I have a few exceptions like Meryl Streep or Zendaya, but other than that I don’t think I can get starstruck.

A crowd of 4,000 saved her once.

About 2 or 3 years ago I got the opportunity to sing the national anthem for the Las Vegas 51’s and it was by far the biggest crowd I had ever sang for. (It was around 4,000 people.) I worked myself up so much that I forgot probably the most famous line of the song I’ve known my entire life. I completely blanked on “and the rockets red glare” and I sat there in the middle of the field, blank faced until the crowd picked up the next line for me. I was extremely embarrassed until I found out that everyone in the audience thought the mic cut out!! 

She started off with another language besides english.

I think most people would be surprised to know that english was not my first language! I actually spoke only Arabic until I was about 4.

Keep the helix pomatia off her plate please.

I will not eat snails. I refuuuseeeee to eat escargot. I know it’s a delicacy in some places but the thought of it makes my stomach turn.

Just drinkin’ Starbucks and having a good day with my cousin at the moment 🙂

5 Fast Facts about singer and actress Gianna Adams

Gianna Adams is a 19-tear-old singer-songwriter from Las Vegas who has created and performed her entire life.  After writing and recording her first song at the age of five, starring in her first feature film at the age of six, and bagging the lead role in a professional theatre production at the age of eleven, Gianna has gone on to finish school early and attend Berklee College of Music.  This year, GRAMMY Camp recognized Gianna and her songwriting ability as one of 10 songwriters around the country chosen to attend their summer program at USC.

She released her first EP & a Christmas release in 2018.  She released a new single in 2019 called Radio and recently 2 albums that she wrote for were under consideration for the 2020 Grammy Awards. Gianna’s unique voice, blended with hints of pop, R&B, and country, complements her self-written tunes.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Gianna!

She’s got big goals.

My ultimate showbiz goal is honestly to just be successful doing what I love to do every single day, but additionally to that I would definitely say being listed in the songwriters Hall of Fame, receiving a Grammy, and starring in an Oscar-winning feature film are most definitely on the list! 

She has never been starstruck.

I haven’t really met one of my biggest inspirations/ celebrities so I haven’t been star struck yet! 

She had a roller coaster meltdown once.

Oh gosh there’s so many I’m sure… I would have to say it would be when I went to Magic Mountain for my friend’s birthday and was so scared to go in the roller coasters that they had to force me onto one & I bawled my eyes out and made them hold my hands because I thought I was going to die. The good news is, I made it out alive & now I love roller coasters haha! 

Candy? She says “Yes please.”

Something that people might be surprised to know that I am a total sweet freak. I love sweets and chocolate so much, and have eaten cookie dough as a snack practically my whole life which may or may not be a good thing haha. 

But she weirdly won’t eat THIS one sweet thing

I absolutely refuse to eat bananas. I don’t know why, but they are one of my least favorite things ever! You’d have to pay me a lot of money to even consider eating a banana haha. 

Selfie time!

5 Fast Facts about country singer Savannah Rae

Savannah Rae is an up-and-coming country artist who has released singles and videos for “Look Ahead” and “I Hate You” as she works with top players in the music industry, including producers/engineers for Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton.

Savannah was recently chosen to be a official ambassador for the SOS Foundation and Tour, an anti-bullying musical tour and non-profit, and an ambassador for Miranda Lambert’s clothing line, Idyllwind.

Here’s 5 fast facst about Savannah!

She sang with Demi Lovato.

My most special moment in the entertainment industry has been singing back up for Demi Lovato. I’ve definitely had some personal triumphs and successes, but singing with her has to be at the top of my list. I’ve been a huge fan of her’s ever since I can remember. Camp Rock was THE movie and she was THE girl and I totally wanted to be just like her. I remember I went to Universal Studios with my family and did the back lot tour/ride. As we were going through it, I told my mom “I’m going to be back here one day, but actually working on a show”. It’s crazy how the universe works because not even a month later, I got a call to perform with Demi on the Voice. It’s the most vivid, blatant, full-circle moment I’ve ever seen. I had such a blast and now I truly believe you can speak things into existence!

She experienced horrific bullying in school.

I started getting bullied around 6th grade, with it progressively getting worse each school year. I would get slammed into lockers, yelled at in the hallways, and had my music played on the loudspeakers and projectors in class for everybody to make fun of. I would get prank called at all hours of the night and people even went as far as to create fake Instagram pages hating on me, my appearance, and my music. I had no real friends and had to result to the “only in movies” solution where I ate lunch in the bathroom or library everyday, or just skip lunch all together and go hungry. I was constantly harassed for years and it took such a toll on my mental health that even today, I am still dealing with the repercussions. 

I recently became an ambassador for the SOS Foundation and the Save A Life Fund. This organization has become so important to me because it spreads such a good message. I hope to be a guiding light for anybody going through something similar to what I went through because I have first hand experience, and know exactly how hard it can be to navigate. I want them to know that the storm does not last forever and anybody who is bullying another person, has a multitude of issues that has nothing at all to even do with them. I want the kids to know that they will be okay, don’t listen to a word they say, and you’ll come out stronger on the other side. If I can save one life, then it was all worth it.

Dear Dallas, she didn’t mean it.

I’m constantly embarrassing myself! There is not a day that goes by where I don’t embarrass myself in some form or fashion. The most recent memory that comes to mind however, is where I accidentally shouted out the wrong city on stage. I was in Dallas at the time, and was probably the most tired I’ve ever been in my life on tour. As I was walking out on stage, I shouted “What’s up Houston?!?!”….I quickly corrected myself and laughed it off but needless to say, I was SO embarrassed! 

She moves a lot.

I feel like I’m an open book! There’s actually not a whole lot people don’t know about me as I’m pretty open with my life. I think people would be surprised to learn that I’ve lived in about 14-ish states. I say “-ish” because it’s probably more, but that would take a lot of thought, parental guidance, and looking at a map to figure out. From New York, to Florida, California, to Colorado, there’s been a few!

She and her mom were both addicted to THIS:

Back in the day I was OBSESSED with Angry Birds and Candy Crush. My mom and I would always compete with each other to see who could beat more levels. It got to the point where we both had to step away from the phone and give ourselves a reality check. It was so easy to get sucked into those games and they’re so addicting! 

Me in the car typing this right now!

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5 Fast Facts with rocker Will Muse

Will Muse is a sixteen-year-old emerging artist who just released his third single, “Shape of Your Faith,” on November 8th. Its got kind of a soulful, retro vibe and the video compliments it perfectly (scroll down to watch!).

Muse signed to leading artist development company PCG Universal in summer 2017 after being discovered at the Opry Mills Unplugged series.  Shortly after signing, Muse released his first single, “I Can Change,” quickly reaching over 1.5 millions views on Facebook. His sophomore single, “Spend,” premiered on Radio Disney to rave reviews earlier this year.

In 2017, Muse partnered with the Make-A-Wish foundation and founded Music for Wishes. He has since assisted in raising over $85,000 to help fulfill  wishes of local children in his home state of Kentucky.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Will Muse!

He’s had some cool show biz experiences recently.

Lately I have travelled to Los Angeles and explored everything around. It has been amazing. Also I was able to stand in front at an awesome Aerosmith concert.

He’s got a dream collab goal.

My dream project would be a collaboration with Steven Tyler.

Every performer can relate to this next fact.

One of my most embarrassing moments would probably be forgetting my lyrics on stage.

He would have fit in nicely hanging out at the Sunset Strip in the 80s.

Something that people would be surprised to know about me is that from a very young age I have always been influenced by cool classic music such as Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, Elton John, and Prince.

GnR is a fav.

One song I have on repeat right now is “November Rain” by Guns N Roses.

Selfie time!

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5 Fast Facts about DJ Evan Kozin (Age 8)

Evan Kozin is one of the youngest DJs working the Young Hollywood circuit, at only 8 years old (he started at age 7). Coming from a musical family with mixed African-American, Guatemalan and European heritage, Evan has performed and DJ’d at major kids’ events across Southern California and beyond. A piano player and vinyl lover, Evan produces with Ableton Live, Launchpad Pro and Logic Pro with a focus in EDM music.

This 3rd grader has also appeared in commercials for Lexus and Samsung, a Wiz Khalifa/DVLM music video and appeared in Brat’s “Chicken Girls” Season 5. With his signature crop of red curls, Evan has also modeled in major brand campaigns for Adidas, Kids Foot Locker, Guitar Center, C&A, Uniqlo, Chili’s and more.

His idols are Martin Garrix, Avicii, Kygo and Michael Jackson and his dream is to headline Ultra.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Evan!

He’s got big plans.

My ultimate goal is to be a big DJ, artist and music producer. I just love doing all those things and I want to spread love and happiness through my music! One of my big dreams is to one day DJ at Amsterdam Dance Event and Ultra Miami, Singapore or Korea (or any Ultra period!). I also want to do something different by being a DJ that also sings and produces, as well as collaborate with all kinds of cool artists.

It’s very important to me to spread positive vibes and to help people as much as I can – whatever blessings God gives me I want to be sure to pass on to other people!

He loves DJing, except for THIS:

The hardest part about DJing is actually the preparation! I don’t think people realize how many hours it takes to prepare a DJ set (especially when you’re still learning like me). You have to find the songs, make sure they sound good and nothing’s wrong with the file or the recording, make sure it’s clean, make sure it fits with the vibe of the event and the crowd, make sure it sounds good with the other songs you have picked – it’s a whole thing! It takes a long, long time and I’m not so crazy about that part. Maybe I’ll grow into liking it, haha!

The best part about DJing is the actual show – it’s SO fun to play music for everyone and see the crowd enjoying it. It’s a big responsibility to be in charge of the party vibe and I take it really serious!

One day he felt extra breezy.

Oh my goodness. It’s gotta be when I tore my pants at school from I don’t even know what (probably soccer). Yes, I had a HUGE rip on the front of my pants (thigh area) and you could see my boxers. The worst part is I only noticed it at lunch and, instead of my regular table, I had been put at a table with all girls. I didn’t even have a hoodie or something to wrap around my waist to hide it! I had to basically hop all the way to the office to wait for my mom to bring me a new pair of pants. Lol.

There are a couple of surprising things he wants to share.

I have a cool birthdate: 12-11-10. 😉

Also, I’m the only one in my family with red hair!

He doesn’t like these perfectly ordinary foods!

Eggs or any yellow cheese (grilled cheese, mac and cheese.) Yuck! haha


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