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5 Fast Facts about actress Valeria Jauregui

At 17 years old, Valeria Jauregui is taking the entertainment industry by storm. She got her start performing in local productions in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas. When she was in 7th grade, Valeria traveled to Orlando to compete in the singing competition show La Voz Kids USA, where she earned a spot in the finals. She has also made her mark in the world of film in Kindred Spirits alongside Thora Birch and Caitlin Stasey, as well as the lead role of Valerie in Teenage Girl: Valerie’s Holiday.

Valeria’s big break on the small screen came when she landed the role of Maggie Hollister on the FOX cop drama Deputy. Maggie is the daughter of Bill Hollister (played by Stephen Dorff). When the elected sheriff dies, Bill, a lawman who is only interested in justice, gets thrown into the job as acting sheriff. The show is streaming now on

Valeria is also the face of the new Holy Mother of Makeup line, which was created to embrace the uniqueness of Latinas. In her spare time, she enjoys watching old movies, playing instruments, singing, writing songs, and reading.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Valeria!

Photo Credit: X Level Inc. and Jorge Campos

Her favorite showbiz moment is_______

This is hard to choose because it’s all very memorable when you love what you’re doing. I’ve had the wildest ride when it comes to showbiz because it’s all I’ve ever known. From bad auditions to a very awkward first kiss for a movie I did, to learning how to ride horseback, it’s all stuck in my brain now.

My first day on the set of Deputy is one of my favorites: seeing the set, meeting the cast and crew, wardrobe fittings, getting my cozy little trailer, and then, of course, my favorite part, shooting my first ever scene with Yara Martinez and Stephen Dorff.

She’s messed up a couple of times, but recovered nicely!

I once forgot to bring my headshot to an audition, and I was so disappointed in myself because that never happens. I was so prepared for the actual role that I got all mad and ended up stuttering my way through my lines and making a fool of myself! Although it is part of the experience to have bad auditions, it helps you grow.

Oh, and my first day on Deputy after I shook David Ayer’s hand after meeting him, he said to me, “Okay, this should be pretty simple. Just don’t mess up your lines,” and guess what I did after he said that? Yup, you guessed right, I messed up the line! Luckily it was practice, so I got my nerves out of the way and we all had a laugh.

She’s got great advice for dealing with self-doubt and the pressures of social media.

Social media. I see so many girls putting themselves down and comparing themselves to others who appear to have it all together when, in reality, a post can be very contrived and manipulated. I myself even sometimes fall down this hole of self-denigration after scrolling for too long.

It’s hard not to as a teen trying to battle against beauty stipulations that were not decided by her. Our world loves to tell teen girls that their value will be found in how tan their skin is, or how small their waist is and I see so much dysmorphia in young girls because of these trends that are all about getting your “beach body.” I’ll see a video of a girl who has the ideal Sports Illustrated figure and scroll to the comments and all I see is young girls commenting “well, guess I’m not eating today” or “why do I even exist” and it breaks my heart. We stereotype and judge more than we love and accept ourselves and others.

I think it’s a matter of disbanding the stipulations which have led us down this path. The way I deal with fighting social media negativity is by staying low on my screen time and rebranding what I view. I also make an effort to be kind to myself, and at the end of the day, I think doing things I love is the biggest distraction from anyone or anything which tries to bring me down. If you feel happy in your skin, then none of it will matter. Find what you love and defend it.

There is a YouTube channel called StyleLikeU, they talk to fascinating and unique people about defeating negative stereotypes. I would recommend their videos to anyone struggling with finding self-love. Don’t live to please others, live to please yourself. As a community, we need to empower each other more because, as sad as it is, greed, fear, and hate are far more mobilizing than any other emotion. While love, compassion, and forgiveness are also very powerful, they are also quite passive. So, love twice as hard, forgive twice as much, and sympathize more.

She’ll “tumble for ya” (Culture Club reference, look it up!)

I was a competitive gymnast for about six years growing up and then I quit to be a dancer, but I can still tumble!

One of her favorite foods is THIS interesting combination:

Nutella on Ritz crackers!

Selfie time!

5 Fast Facts about content creator Walker Bryant

Digital Content Creator Walker Bryant, originally from Columbus, Ohio, recently released his 30th video on YouTube with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Bryant creates fun and exciting situational and challenge videos that premier every week with a group of fun content creators.

Bryant moved Los Angeles in 2016 to pursue his dreams of becoming part of the entertainment industry. Since he’s been in L.A. he has booked an episode of Station 19 on ABC, Matty Pazz is a Newb on Awesomeness TV, Insult Comedy Dog on Funny or Die, many feature films, and several short films. He has also booked several commercials and print jobs. He even got to fly to Denmark for a LEGO commercial!

When Bryant is not working he enjoys BMX, skateboarding, riding the scariest roller coasters, and playing video games. He also loves playing with his dog Huxley, going out to eat, going to the beach, and traveling.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Walker!

His favorite show biz moment is no surprise.

Being live on stage performing in front of tons of fans!

But he’s also had some mess-ups!

One time, when I was working on a demo commercial in which I had lots of lines, I had trouble remembering all my lines and wish that I would have spent more time preparing. Luckily everyone was super nice and supportive but ever since then, I spend extra time making sure I know all my lines.

He’s got a positive way to deal with teen pressure.

I think the biggest negative pressure as a teen is being judged for your personality and what you look like. I try to ignore what people say and make choices that make me happy.

He’s neater than your average teen!

I like everything in my room to stay super organized. No messy room here!

Don’t serve him any of THIS; he won’t eat it:


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5 Fast Facts about entertainer Alexandra Leona Bryant

Alexandra Leona Bryant is an accomplished entertainer at the young age of eleven who has appeared in several short films and commercials including Enchantinals, Suzuki, and Legoland. She has also guest starred in many episodes for Walker Bryant, Indi Star, and Jentzen Ramirez for their YouTube channels and has recently started her own channel in which she runs the entire production herself.

Bryant is also a successful model who has booked many print jobs including UDT Fashion, Enchantinals, and Malibu Sugar as well as walking the runway in New York Fashion Week for Linda Gail Fashion and Los Angeles Fashion Week for MichelleAnn Kids and several other designers. She manages all of this while going to school and playing on an All Star soccer team.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Alexandra!

Her fashion work has already provided some great memories.

Walking New York Fashion Week is my most memorable moment so far. Not only was it such an honor to be a part of the show but it was a fun girls trip with my mom, my cousin, and my friends.

But showbiz has not always been smooth sailing for her.

One of my most challenging moments as a performer was when I ended up really sick just days before a singing performance which left me with mild laryngitis as I entered the first night of show. I couldn’t hit many of my notes which made me really sad after months of rehearsals.

She recognizes that teen pressures are tough to deal with.

I think the biggest pressure is being accepted when you just want to be you. There is a lot of emphasis on what you look like and how you act which makes it difficult to just be you sometimes.

When bored she does THIS as a hobby:

Something interesting about me is that when I am bored at home, I love to create unique makeup looks.

She refuses to eat one food, which a lot of other people LOVE.


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5 Fast Facts about singer Azalea Carey

Azalea Priscilla Carey was born on May 13, 2005 in Boston Massachusetts but moved to Los Angeles with her family in 2014 to pursue her dreams of succeeding in the entertainment industry. Azalea released her first and second singles titled “Extra” and “Trust the Space” in 2015 and 2017. (Scroll down to see our coverage of her “Extra” release party!)

While she has been on a short break to pursue other interests, she still has a love for singing and piano and is planning to begin working on new music again soon. Azalea has a definite passion for film has been focusing a lot of her time recently on videography and video editing YouTube channels. She films and edits both her own channel and her sister Indi Star’s channel. She also enjoys vlogging and Tiktok.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Azalea!

She took a break but is ready to come back.

Although I am on kind of a singing break at the moment, I have put out 2 original songs. I really love to sing and I just took a break to see who I was and how I wanted to portray that in my music. My most memorable moment was definitely performing live on stage with an audience singing to my songs. 

She was quite surprised when she tried on a pair of THESE:

I really wish that I realized that I needed glasses sooner than I did. I remember when I finally got them, I was shocked by how clear everything was! I am as blind as a bat! 

She’s got a warning about online life.

Right now one of the biggest negative pressures for teens is online hate and cyber bullying. It seems cliche to say but bullying really is a big problem and bullying is easier than ever because it can be done right from your own home on your phone or computer! I realize that people are just hiding behind their phones and screens and are probably hurting and scared themselves and then they just take that out on other people. It’s really actually quite sad.

She learns differently than most.

People may be surprised to know that I am dyslexic and that just means that I learn differently than other people.  

There is one food she REFUSES to eat.

I refuse to eat seafood because when i see that i dont eat it!! Lol!

IG @azaleacarey 

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5 Fast Facts about singer Camryn Quinlan

Rising star Camryn Quinlan’s talent shines through in everything she does whether it’s creating her own original music or performing as a member of Acapop! KIDS. Last year Camryn was selected to be part of the Warner Records’ youth acapella group, created by the founding members of PentatonixShe can currently be seen as the leading vocalist for recent Acapop! KIDS releases such as: “The Other Side” by Justin Timberlake and SZA“Breathin” by Ariana Grande, and “Without Me” by Halsey.

Camryn’s latest original single “Ain’t No Second Chance” shows off her vocal versatility, while proving overall that she is a dynamic force to be reckoned with. In addition to singing, Camryn plays the ukulele, guitar, piano, drums, and writes her own music. She can also be found performing for local charity organizations and using her ever-expanding platform to advocate for Mental Health education and awareness for all ages. She currently resides in New York.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Camryn!

Her most memorable showbiz moment so far is:

Performing with my friends in Acapop! KIDS in LA. It was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again. 

She once messed up singing THIS difficult song:

I once sang the National Anthem at a local basketball game and went blank for a few seconds at the end of the song. I started laughing because I was so nervous, but then recovered! I was so embarrassed, but have since sang the song a few times at events and it went smoothly.

She’s got a tip for handling peer pressure.

The biggest pressures for teens are to fit in with everyone else and follow the crowd. I deal with this by hanging out with people who make me feel comfortable, and like me for who I am. 

She might want to befriend Elon Musk.

I would love to visit space one day to look at the stars and Earth. 

One amazing food she must eat at least once per week is ________

Piña Colada Ice-pops



Camryn Quinlan Original Music:

“Ain’t No Second Chance” – Camryn Quinlan (2020)

“Monsters” – Camryn Quinlan (Official Music Video)

Acapop! KIDS:

THE OTHER SIDE by Justin Timberlake and SZA (Acapop! Minis)

BREATHIN by Ariana Grande (Official Music Video)

WITHOUT ME by Halsey (Official Music Video)

Add’l Covers on Camryn’s Instagram:

BONES by Marren Morris  

NEEDY by Ariana Grande  

IF THE WORLD WAS ENDING by JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels

5 Fast Facts about actor, model and author River Mason Eromosele

River Mason Eromosele is an accomplished entertainer at the mere age of nine who has appeared in several short films, the show Evil Lives Here, as well as several music videos including John Legend’s Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

River, son of celebrity stylist and TV personality Pilar Scratch and nephew of hip hop icon Rah Digga, is also an author, having released a children’s book called “The Sky Is The Limit.” River is a third generation talent in the entertainment industry and is following in the footsteps of his family as a successful model and actor.

Here’s 5 fast facts about River!

He’s got a great red carpet moment.

The most memorable showbiz moment was escorting EGOT* winner Rita Moreno down the red carpet at the Bronx Children’s Museum Gala. Mrs. Moreno is amazing . It was an honor to be able to walk alongside her legend. It will truly be a memory I share for the rest of my life. 

*Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony awards

Want to write your own book? He offers some advice.

The best advice I can give for children who want to publish a book is to map out your goals. I find it easier to write my goals down. This way once I accomplish my goals I know what expectation to have next.

He’s got something to say about peer pressure.

I think peer pressure is not cool. I think it’s a form of bullying. I do not stand with that. I believe every teen should live by their own rules (& their parents’). No one should do something out of negative influence. I avoid peer pressure by being myself and remaining head strong. If I don’t want to do something I say “No” and remain unswayed.

He can do tricks with his ears.

One surprising fact about me is that I can move my ears without touching them. It’s really cool & creepy at the same time. 

He gets to eat this special meal often:

One amazing food I love to eat at least once a week is hands down my Nana’s Jollof rice. To be specific Nigerian Jollof rice is the best.



5 Fast Facts about actress Aria Brooks from All That!

Aria Brooks is a 13-year-old entertainer born in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s been seen on the big screen in the award-winning film Harriet in the role of Anger, the niece of Harriet Tubman. Other credits include Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, Saved in the City and Nocturnal just to name a few.

Aria’s breakout role has come as the newest series regular cast member on Nickelodeon’s All That, a reboot of the classic 90’s comedy series. New episodes are airing now.

She has written and produced two singles “Truly Me” and “Time Off.” The videos are available on her YouTube channel. She recently added host to her resume when she created Ask Aria, an Instagram Live interview platform where she interviews fellow actors and people she admires. Recent guests include Kel Mitchell, Faithe Herman, and Kenan Thompson to name just a few.

Outside of acting, she enjoys baking, doing crafts, filmmaking, making TikTok videos, and recording content for her YouTube audience. She and her family are also passionate supporters of the Kilgore Music Foundation, founded by famed saxophonist Ryan Kilgore, that aims to mentor, teach and inspire children to be lifelong musicians.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Aria!

Byron Brown Photography

She quickly overcame her fears on All That

The most memorable moment was my first live audience show on All That. I was slightly nervous before it started, but when I started performing, all of that went out the window. It was almost like my excitement took over in the best way.

…but not everything has gone smoothly.

My most embarrassing moment was when we were rehearsing a sketch and I had to run out of a classroom. I slipped and fell in front of all of the producers, writers, and executives. Everybody laughed because they thought I did it on purpose. So embarrassing…

She has a positive way to deal with social media pressure.

The pressure to have this “perfect image” on social media is the biggest pressure we are exposed to right now. I try to make sure I am not on social media too much and I also unplug every once in a while to help stay focused.

She’s a budding coiffurist.

I love doing hair and I’d love to do hair in my own films one day. 

She won’t eat THIS.

I refuse to eat eggs. No matter how you cook them, they are so disgusting to me.


No eggs here…



TikTok: @itsariabrooks

YouTube: It’s Aria Brooks

5 Fast Facts about singer Brandon Andre

Brandon Andre is an 27-year-old American Pop/R&B artist from Los Angeles, California. He’s performed internationally on a couple of the largest television programs in Latin America, collaborated alongside social media stars such as Cameron Dallas, accumulated over 18 million views on his YouTube channel, and released a his debut  EP, “1992” all while builidng a large social media following.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Brandon!

Central America got a special performance. 

I performed live on national television in Guatemala earlier this year! That was fun!

If he could fix one of his mess-ups it would be: 

There’s none that I would want to fix because they all made me better. 

He knows many teens feel a lot of pressure from:

COMPARISON. Again, I can write an essay on this. All I can say is follow me and I will teach you how to deal with it. 

Ariana, watch out!

I can hit a whistle note.

His favorite food is a fruit.


We asked for a selfie, here it is!

5 Fast Facts about Country Pop Trio Auburn Road

The fun, talented, energetic and fast-rising Sacramento-based country pop trio Auburn Road is made up of the powerful vocals of Kristen Brown, Alicia Paulson and Paxton Martin. In March they released their newest single ‘Warning’ and just debuted their first music video for the single on May 8 (scroll to bottom to watch). Their voices blend beautifully to deliver stunning harmonies on this new song that dives headfirst into the very relatable heartbreak that comes with seeing your ex-love with someone new for the first time. With a girlfriend-tell-all style and fearless female songwriting approach, their contagious personalities and unmatchable harmonies- Auburn Road is poised to take country music by storm.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Auburn Road!

They have gotten on the radar of some pretty big names.

Alicia – Years ago we performed at the ‘Divas Simply Singing’ charity event hosted by Sheryl Lee Ralph. We performed our rendition of “Gospel Medley” by Destiny’s Child. It went over really well, we got a standing ovation, but the best part was that Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child was actually in the audience watching us perform their song! Not many people get an opportunity like that and it’s something we’ll never forget!

Pax – Speaking of charity events, one of my favorite show biz moments was at the Face Forward Gala last year. We had the opportunity to sing at that event with some other amazing acts like Sonna, Major, and CeeLo Green. CeeLo actually invited us on stage to sing  “Forget You” with him. It was a crazy experience because we were not only sharing a stage with an incredible artist but we were singing and dancing to a song that we grew up performing. We would sing the clean version at our local performance class shows at 10/11 years old. It was like life came full circle at that moment, it was very special time.

Kristen almost gave fans a bigger eyeful than she would have liked.

Kristen – The ultimate of all wardrobe malfunctions happened when we opened for Rascal Flatts. Literally in the middle of the first song in our set my halter top BREAKS. It was held together by a chain…that was my first mistake lol. But I ended up catching it in time to cover what needed to be covered and get off the  stage to put on one of our band members leather jackets. All while singing the song, my heart was racing a million miles a minute. But I wouldn’t redo any of it. Even though I didn’t feel it at the time, what a funny story!! It could have been way worse. By the grace of God and fast reflexes, we remained a family show that day haha!

They have certain personal things they would like to improve upon.

Alicia – Recently I’ve been learning about mindfulness and meditation. I’m reading a book that teaches a certain meditation technique called “Vipassana” and I’m excited to continue to work on it. With everything going on right now it’s easy to let your mental health fall on the back burner, so I’m doing my best to use this time to improve on that!

Pax : I won’t lie, I’m a big stress case 90% of the time. I worry about just about everything even if it’s not possible. I used to leave time in my morning routine to allow myself to stress lol. That’s not healthy. This year I want to go with the flow more and worry less about things out of my control. I want to focus on what I can fix in the moment and truly live life because I don’t want to give myself stress wrinkles.

Kristen- I’m notorious for spreading myself too thin. I overdo it and try to fit more things into a day than humanly possible. This year I’ve been really trying to allow more time to center myself and breathe. So far so good. Fingers crossed for the rest of the year.

Each is into some surprising things.

Alicia – I have a very strong passion for fitness, specifically weight lifting. I’ve competed in a powerlifting competition, and over the years I’ve trained in all sorts of different sports including Olympic lifting and bodybuilding. I just love the feeling of getting stronger and healthier, and I truly believe it carries over to the mental and emotional aspects of my life as well.

Pax – I think people would be surprised to know that I’m a BIG horror movie fan. I’m addicted to watching them but I’m also a big scaredy cat. I jump at every scare and I yell at the screen with my whole soul. I’m the person you want to watch those movies with because you’ll just laugh while I die inside. In case you’re curious my favorite scary movies are Saw & The Thing (the one made in the 80s).

Kristen- I am a huge theatre nerd. Have been for as long as I can remember. I would love to one day be in a musical on Broadway whether that be an originated role or a revival of some sort. It would be a dream to one day write a musical like Sara Bareilles did with “Waitress” as well. I’d love to be able to contribute to a community that has captured my heart since a young age.

Each is passionately NOT into a certain food.

Alicia – Nothing. I love everything. Okay.. fine.. celery, I don’t even like calling it a “food”. Give it’s more power than it deserves. LOL

Pax – Shellfish. I don’t know if it’s the texture or because I’m deathly allergic to it lol. Needless to say, I take my epipen with me everywhere.

Kristen- Coconut. Don’t come near me with it. The taste, the texture, not into it. Sorry to any coconut fans out there but hey, more for you right??

L-R: Kristen Brown, Paxton Martin, Alicia Paulson

Follow Auburn Road at:

Facebook: @AuburnRoadMusic

Twitter: @AuburnRoadMusic

Instagram: @AuburnRoadMusic

5 Fast Facts about singer and beauty queen Aneesa Sheikh

After winning the title of Miss Michigan Teen USA 2020, Aneesa Sheikh released her debut single, “Bad Thing” in January of 2020. After two months her music video has reached over 35 thousand views on YouTube, not bad for a newcomer. Currently, Aneesa is writing songs for her upcoming EP.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Aneesa!

Her first formal performance sticks out to her.

Every one of my experiences has been memorable for different reasons. I’d have to say my very first live radio show at “Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour” when I was fourteen would have to be the most memorable [showbiz moment] because it was the first time I sang original songs live and had a formal audience.

She has a good viewpoint on making mistakes.

Haha, I am goofy and I mess-up a lot, but I am human and a teenage girl. So, I wouldn’t want to change that about me. Any mess up or “goof” I’ve made is apart of my path. I don’t regret anything and I wouldn’t go back and do something over again. Everyone needs to make mistakes to grow, otherwise, we would just keep doing the same thing over again and not learn, which is the definition of insanity.

She has her own way to deal with social media pressure.

I definitely feel social media is the biggest negative pressure for teenagers these days. The amount of time we spend on it consumes us. We find ourselves comparing who we are too unrealistic standards made normal on social media that is not a reflection of society. Sometimes I find myself comparing who I am to others on social media and I have had to learn to “flip the switch.”

What I mean by this, is to block out others and tell myself “I am my own person, I have my own goals and I need to not spend valuable time comparing myself to other people and work on achieving my goals and becoming the best version of myself.” Typically when I vocally say this phrase I go on about my day and focus on myself again. I guess my advice would be to stay present and in tune with your thoughts and realize when you stray away from who you are.

There’s more to her than meets the eye.

There are three things I’d say most people are surprised to find out about me.

One: my father is Pakistani and my mother is English/Irish.

Two: I am the captain of my high school varsity Forensics Team and in the extemporaneous speech category state team, which is shocking to most people because there is a common misconception that beauty and brains don’t go together.

Three: I am a three-time state champion and silver medalist in Figure Skating at the senior level and the captain of my high school’s figure skating team.

She’s recently overcome a serious chip addiction.

I have a sweet tooth, but I’d have to say if it isn’t ice cream, I love chips. I use to eat 10 bags of chips a day, thankfully I recently got out of that habit.