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Emily Ann Roberts Interview – “Someday Dream” Meaning Explained!

All-American sweetheart, country traditionalist and talented singer/songwriter Emily Ann Roberts just released her debut EP Someday Dream on July 12. This continues a wave of success which began with her tenure on The Voice’s 9th season (where she came in 2nd) and recent accolades from her performance at this year’s CMT Fest 2019 — including being named one of the best 20 performers in Rolling Stone.

We got the chance to send some questions over to find out about her new EP and also learn what makes Emily tick (including secret fears and pet peeves) — and she was gracious enough to record her answers and send them to us as a podcast, which you can listen to right now below. Its a great listen as it really shows what a great, shining personality she has — and the and true love and passion for what she does.

You can’t help but smile along with her as she responds to our sometimes silly Qs haha!

Here is the interview:

Someday Dream features three previously released songs as well as three new songs. 

Track Listing

Wild (Emily Ann Roberts, Nathan Chapman, Stephanie Chapman)

Someday Dream (Emily Ann Roberts, Jason Saenz, Seth Mosely)

Stuck On Me + You (Emily Ann Roberts, Oran Thorton, Jason Saenz)

Easy On Me (Emily Ann Roberts, Jason Saenz, Oran Thorton, Jen Schott)

I’ve Got Forever (Emily Ann Roberts, Jason Saenz, Heather Morgan) 

God Must Have Told You To (Dee Briggs, Julie Forester, Brittany Taylor)

5 Fast Facts about actress & singer Kacey Fifield

Kacey Fifield is a 14 year old singer/songwriter/actress from Los Angeles, California who started acting when she was 8 years old.  She appeared in multiple films, commercials and TV shows (including Nickelodeon).  Kacey started her singing lessons when she was 10 years old and soon after she has released her first original single “When I grow up”.  Since then she has released ten other original singles, including “Hear Me Out” about youth empowerment and kindness. 

Kacey’s most recent singles are “Listen To The Silence,” “We Are The Stars” and “Bring Me Down.” Kacey was nominated by The Young Entertainer Awards for her performance in the music video for “Listen to the Silence”.  She has also received nominations by Young Artist Awards for best vocalist in “Won’t Give Up” and best performance in the music video for “Listen to the Silence”. Each of her songs contains important messages and inspirational lyrics.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Kacey!

Photo credit Sagaj

Her new song is called Bring Me Down.

My new song “Bring Me Down” is about not letting the haters get to you.  You should follow your dreams no matter what and not let anyone’s negativity stop you. It’s a super important message for everyone to remember so they can fulfill their potential!  It has a great beat so it’s a perfect song to dance to at all the summer parties.

She has some cool Plan B ideas.

I’d love to be an entrepreneur with my own brand! I also like helping the animals so I would love to have some sort of animal sanctuary. Who knows, I could still do that!

Her biggest pet peeve is_________________

People who jump to conclusions and won’t even bother listening to both sides of the story.

You should probably wash your hands before you meet her.

I am a bit of a germophobic, lol.  I wash my hands all the time and carry hand sanitizer everywhere!

She’s got a video coming up!

I’m currently working on a concept for the music video for my new song “Bring Me Down” but shh.  Also, always working on new music. 🙂


5 Fast Facts about actress Scarlet Grace

Scarlet Grace is a teen actress who recently appeared in SONY Pictures’ Holmes and Watson in the role of “Pickle.” She attends the prestigious Arts Educational School in London where many actors have trained and successfully gone onto great careers, such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Jane Seymour, and Claire Folani.

This year, she made her directorial debut with the short film Guilt, which screened at That Film Life as part of the Cannes Film Festival this June 2019. She wrote, directed and filmed it herself!

Here’s 5 fast facts about Scarlet Grace!

 She got the chance to work on another big movie.

This month I had the opportunity to work on set of the Fast and Furious 9 at Warner Brothers in London to be released 2020!! 

She’s got a transatlantic life.

I have a home in Florida and live between the States and the U.K

She doesn’t like calamari.

One food I refuse to eat is SQUID!

She most relates to your favorite teenage webslinger.

The Marvel superhero who is most like my personality is Spider Man.

She might like things a little too perfect.

One bad habit I would like to change is being too OCD.



5 Fast Facts about beauty YouTuber Sasha Anne

Sasha Anne is known for her makeup transformations and tutorials on her Youtube channel where she recreates a ton of stunning cosplay makeup styles including her most popular, Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

She has also recently created and launched her own line of tiny lip glosses called Teeny Wee and received a Shorty Awards Audience Honor for empowering young women with her Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman inspired makeup video. 

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Sasha Anne! 

She of course has got a favorite secret beauty hack...

My favorite beauty hack is spraying my beauty blender or brush before blending my foundation. It is an easier and smoother application and I love the effect.

…but sometimes fails at:

Not washing my brushes or beauty blenders enough. I always forget and I also don’t ever have the time or patience so I need to get better at that.

She has dyslexia.

It’s sometimes difficult for me to express myself with words. I know what I want to say in my head but I don’t know how to say it out loud. So it takes me that extra minute to think before I respond. It makes me feel self conscious, since everyone else seems to be speaking and answering so quickly. As a result, people think I’m shy. Writing things out is easier for me. I have more time to think. The good news is that I have learned how to turn my weakness into my strength by finding creative ways to express myself, through makeup, song, and dance.

She’s kinda weird about her coffee.  

I’m very particular about my coffee in the morning. It has to be Dunkin’ Donuts. It has to be iced with skim milk and a French vanilla swirl. And I have postmates deliver it in the morning. This is probably also a “guilty pleasure.”

You can probably relate to her other guilty pleasure.

Being lazy and online shopping… Lol!

*Can we please get a selfie of whatever you are doing at the moment to keep it real for the fans?

July 3rd, I’m celebrating my birthday!  



5 Fast Facts about singer Kolten Kirschke

kolten kirschke

Kolten Kirschke was born in Sherman, Texas and just released a new track called “Still Dreaming.” In addition to singing, Kolten also acts, having appeared in Future Man, starring Josh Hutcherson, directed by Seth Rogen and Magic Max.

When not working, Kolten dances for a non-profit organization called Tru Crew and supports anti-bullying causes.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Kolten! 

He’s accustomed to the grind needed to “make it.”

I’ve trained as a triple threat most of my life so it’s just become a part of who I am and something I work on everyday. The hard part is just getting it out beyond the local circle. 

He digs the Caped Crusader.

Batman. He has no superpowers but he’s uncommonly strong and very very smart. He wasn’t born a super hero like some of the others but made the choice to do good and protect others. So to me he’s a super hero!

He has no idea where his last name comes from.

The origin of my last name is _________? Hmmm. Not really sure I’m going to check into that now! 

He showed off a bit too much (literally) while on stage once.

Most embarrassing moment in real life? While performing a hip hop routine, my harem pants came down during a large showcase. Luckily it was towards the end so I just ran off stage!

One food he refuses to eat is: 

Caviar – fish eggs is a no

Selfie time!

5 Fast Facts about singer Lulise


Lulise is a singer-songwriter from L.A. who just launched her solo endeavors after years performing as a pop Duo called Honey and Jude.

She just released her song “Read My Hips”, which you can listen to below (scroll down).

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Lulise!

She can cut a rug.

I love to dance! If you’re out with me anywhere and there’s music playing, expected to be pulled to the dance floor whether there is one or not!

She likes it hot.

I love spicy food! The hotter the better! 

There is one fluid she cannot live without (well, nobody can).

I am a camel lol. I drink a lot of water. A LOT of water! 

Her doggo has an interesting name.

I have a teacup chihuahua named Chaka, named after one of my favorite singers, Chaka Khan.

She stans THIS iconic film character.

One of my favorite movie characters is Elle Woods. Beautiful, smart & determined!

5 Fast Facts about actress Briana Roy

briana roy

Briana Roy is a Florida native born on August 14th, 2005. She is an actress and model and is also an Ambassador for L.A. Zoo.

Her feature film called The Forgiven, in which she played the role of Bendu William, is currently on Amazon Prime, and a web series called Soci Circle is coming soon. She also just got signed with Photogenics, one of the top modeling agencies in Los Angeles.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Briana Roy!

briana roy

Her sister, fellow actress and model Jenasha Roy, has a shoe problem.

I would say the only habit of my sister that drives me crazy is when she leaves shoes all over the place 

She claims to never have been starstruck, except maybe this story shows she might have been just a little lol:

Oh no, but I saw Keanu Reeves at the premiere of Always Be My Maybe. He was literally on the blue carpet not too far from me while I was being interviewed. I was like OMG! He is literally a few feet away from me and then he was passing behind me and I wanted to say hello but was kind of shy and he said “I love your hair” and “You look beautiful,” and I was like WHAT? KEANU REEVES just said that to me OMG! this is awesome.

There is one thing which is always part of her makeup repertoire.

One makeup hack that I use constantly is always having Q-tips .

She is 13 going on 30? 40?

One thing that people would be surprised about me is they don’t know I can really cook and also I have a gray hair at this early age lol.

She has an unusual guilty pleasure.

Uh guilty pleasure: I love eating hot chips covered in chocolate 

Le selfie du Briana:

5 Fast Facts about actress Jenasha Roy

jenasha roy

Jenasha Roy is a SAG Actress and model based in Los Angeles, California. She was born in Hollywood Florida.

Her film Always & 4Ever, where she plays the role of Young Sommer alongside Loretta Devine, Lauren London, Wood Harris & Cynthia Addai Robinson, is set to air on BET Network. 

Here are 5 Fast Facts about Jenasha!

jenasha roy

There is one thing about her sister, fellow actress and model Briana Roy, which drives her crazy.

What drives me crazy about my sister as far as habit is her obsession of listening to “ Frank Sinatra “ songs all the time 

She has never been starstruck.

Not yet, but wait until I see Rihanna because I am a makeup lover. I ‘m  obsessed with Fenty beauty and also her sense of fashion.

One makeup hack you use all the time?

I always apply a lot of moisturizer before foundation. 

She really wants to be in THIS kind of film.

One thing that people would be surprised about me is that I love horror movies and would die to be in one.

Her guilty pleasure is __________

Uh my guilty pleasure is chocolate ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream 

Time for a selfie!

jenasha roy

5 Fast Facts about actor Ryan Alessi (All That)

ryan alessi

Have you watched the new All That on Nickelodeon yet? One of the stars, Ryan Alessi, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He started studying with The Second City improvisational comedy troupe in Chicago at the age of eight, and immediately fell in love with comedy and improv. After moving to California, Ryan continued to further his career by studying with The Groundlings in Los Angeles. Ryan is currently on the brand new reboot of All That on Nick, where he is able to perform some of his own characters, impressions, and accents.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Ryan!

ryan alessi all that
Photo: Davy Kesey

He loves his new gig.

The best part of being on All That is that I get to go to work every day and laugh.

He doesn’t like when people do a certain thing with a cupcake.

My biggest pet peeve is when people eat all the icing off of a cupcake before they eat it. 

Speaking of cake, he does have one he prefers.

My favorite dessert is a peanut butter and chocolate cake, that is served at a coffee shop near our house.

His Plan B is pretty cool.

I think people would be surprised to know that other than acting, my dream is to be a fashion designer. 

He’s kind of a deep thinker.

My secret fear is not being able to experience everything life has to offer.


Watch a Ryan do an amazing Adam Sandler impression (and the kid who does Ariana Grande slays too btw):

5 Fast Facts about dancer BaiYu Fisher

baiyu fisher

BaiYu Fisher is a dancer and self-taught contortionist born in China with albinism and given up by her birth parents. She was adopted by her mom Lisa at age 2 and now lives in Iowa with two brothers, a sister, and her grandmother.

Albinism means a lack of pigment in skin, hair and eyes, and this has left BaiYu legally blind. Despite this, she began gymnastics at age four and dance at age 10, taking classes from recognized names such as
tWitch, Travis Wall, and Mark Meiser. She was also featured in a Telly Award winning documentary about her albinism (scroll down to watch).

She graduated high school at age 16 and will attend Iowa State University on scholarship to study advertising with a minor in dance. Not only that, but she has joined the ranks of Instagram influencers with a small but loyal following.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about BaiYu!

She’s coming to California this summer.

I’m working on something with Jordan Matter when I go to California this summer. And I would love to work with Famous Birthdays on something.

She’s pretty chill — except for when her mom does ONE annoying thing.

My biggest pet peeve is actually something that happens a lot at home. My mom will call us down saying supper is ready, we go down there and there is no food, like what?! Other than that I don’t get too annoyed by much.

Her fav food is true to her lineage.

The one food I couldn’t live without would be noodles. 

She’s a little salty about one particular issue.

If I met my birth parents I would probably not say anything. They didn’t want me to begin with, why would they want me now?

She uses her albinism as a driving force towards success.

I think albinism has made me the fighter that I am. I am persistent with pretty much everything I do, I won’t quit until it’s accomplished. My goals for the future are to empower young children and show them that even when the world thinks you aren’t good enough, once you find the fire in your soul you can light the world with happiness.

Selfie time!

baiyu fisher