5 Fast Facts about actor Sage Mayer

Sage Mayer has appeared on Netflix, DreamWorks TV, Discovery Family, Universal Kids, Youtube, and Amazon. You’ve probably seen him recently in DSW stores, online and in mailers as the spokesperson for BeStrong, youth empowerment organization and in all “Back to School” advertisements. He has been a huge supporter of BeStrong for more than three years.

His new web series Chi-nanigans premiered August 3rd on YouTube. He plays half of the tween twins Foster and Marie Blake. They are completely opposite from each other so there is a lot of push and pull between them, It’s a comedy about kids and growing up. The series was filmed in Chicago.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Sage Mayer!

sage mayer

He was nominated for a Young Artist Award this year.

The most special moment was being nominated for an award by the Young Artists Academy this year. It was so much fun attending the show and meeting some kids that I have seen on some of my favorite shows and I made so many new friends.

He’s never been star struck — but he will be if he meets one particular person.

I have to say no, but I don’t know what I’d do if I met Tom Holland and I plan to one day because I am still working for that Miles Morales live-action role.

He got caught passing a love note by his teacher.

I got in trouble in school because I was trying to get this girl to notice me in class and there were two other boys trying to do the same thing. Then I decided to pass her a note trying to get a jump on the competition. My teacher snagged the noted and was not happy. So embarrassing.

He’s got an unusual way to unwind.

I love baking shows. They are so relaxing.

There is one very normal food which everybody likes — except him. You do you, Sage.

BANANAS! I do not even like the smell of them and they are all over the house because they’re my dad’s favorite.

Selfie time!

sage mayer selfie
Relaxing at home.


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