5 Fast Facts about actress Alaska Leigh

Alaska Leigh is a young actress currently based in Vancouver. She is best known for her roles in Victoria Gotti: My Fathers Daughter (Bunny) on Lifetime TV, The Silent Passenger (Tracy) and her national tours of Chicago the Musical and Rock of Ages. She got an early start to performing through dance and modelling work and since then, has been working professionally on both stage and screen.

When she’s not working on film sets, Alaska is sharing her life with thousands of fans online and can be spotted dancing and singing her way through life.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Alaska!

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Her first industry party was quite memorable.

A very memorable moment for sure would actually be a launch party at ‘’Spellman House’’ I attended for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. It was my first big industry party in Vancouver. I was so nervous!! It was amazing to be surrounded by so many filmmakers and actors that I respect so much in a more casual and chatty setting. It was such a fun event; getting to chat with the cast and just being able to support such a wonderful show and industry. I made some of my best friends in the world that night, so it is a night I hold very close to my heart!

We are not sure how she survived THIS embarrassing moment but she did!

I have been lucky enough to delve into both stage and screen in my career thus far. One of the biggest differences i have found is in stage you don’t get ‘do-overs’, which has definitely led to some hilarious moments. In 2018 I was in a stage production of Carrie the Musical. We were in the second week of shows and the opening number started behind the scrim.

Well… on this particular night the scrim didn’t rise and the whole cast was stuck behind it. It was a full musical number with elaborate harmonies and dancing, which we could not perform from behind the scrim and frankly, it was a safety hazard, so my cast-mates froze into poses knowing the director would restart the show (which made sense).

I definitely did not catch on to this and started basically performing a ‘one woman show’ trying to sing and dance everybody’s parts because I was confused as to why everyone stopped. In my head, I didn’t want the audience to catch that there was a technical mishap, even though it was very obvious…well…The whole audience laughed and of course this was the performance my family was at!!! We ended up restarting and the show ran wonderfully….but I was definitely embarrassed after that, haha.

Coronavirus quarantine hasn’t got her down.

Quarantine has definitely had its ups and downs although I always work hard to stay positive and make the best of every situation. I have been spending my extra time playing my guitar and doing extra classes (online, of course) that I don’t have time to do when I am working, which has been amazing… and every night I have been watching a film i have never seen whilst i cuddle my bunny, Philippe. I have loved having some extra time to be creative…I’m a workaholic!!

Keep some holy water handy when around her.

I can vibrate my eyes… it looks like I’m possessed!

Brazilian fruit are her jam.

I wouldn’t last without açai bowls!

** Screenshot of me self-taping from home – this is basically what my job looks like everyday at the moment


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