5 Fast Facts about Lex Lumpkin from Nickelodeon’s All That!

Lex Lumpkin is one of the current hilarious cast members on Nickelodeon’s All That. The show, which features an ensemble teen cast which performs various skits and impersonations, was recently extended for another 10 episodes and received nominations for Favorite Kids TV Show for the Kids Choice Awards.

On the show, Lex has performed a variety of impressions including Nick Cannon, Jay-Z, Michael Strahan, President Barack Obama and Denzel Washington. Most notably, his parody of Travis Scott has been viewed more than 1.6 Million times on YouTube (scroll down to watch!)

Lex Lumpkin went from athlete to actor and got to work with his favorite NFL Quarterback, Peyton Manning. Here’s 5 more fast facts about Lex!

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He bombed one of his All That auditions.

I can look back on this and laugh now but at the time I was super frustrated. I had already made it through several callbacks and the producer and casting directors wanted to see something different. They gave me a new script without any direction and wanted to see what I could do with it. I don’t want to give the script away but I can tell you that I re-invented the character as an over the top southern baptist preacher. I worked on it with my dad and we thought it was hilarious. Unfortunately the casting directors didn’t think so.

I got in the audition room the next day and gave it everything I had. When I finished all I got back were blank stares from the casting directors. Fortunately for me I had one person in the room that had a similar sense of humor (Jermain Fowler). The moral is don’t be afraid to take chances. Even though my character didn’t win them over it showed that I was capable of taking big chances and bouncing back when it didn’t go as planned.

He originally wanted to be a dual threat college athlete: football and basketball.

Football was my first passion as a little kid with basketball a close second. I loved the physicality of the game and running touchdowns. I also loved getting my team hyped up before the game started. Not only did I enjoy hyping up my team I also enjoyed hyping up my brother’s team. I used to do a Ric Flair impersonation to get the team excited and to get the crowd into the game.

He would wear his clothes backwards to entertain his classmates

When I was in preschool I used to often wear my clothes backwards in the morning. Finally, one morning walking into school I put my jacket on backwards in front of my dad, so he asked me what I was doing. I told him in, my Baby Lex voice, “It makes them laugh dad.” I guess you can say I’ve always enjoyed entertaining and making people laugh.

He got to star alongside his favorite QB in a national TV commercial and on All That.

I was born in Indianapolis so of course I’m a Colts fan. I have all sorts of Colts football figurines and a life-sized poster of Peyton Manning hanging in my room. So imagine how excited I was when I found out that I was going to star in a commercial with him.

The first time I met him, he introduced himself to me, like I didn’t know who he was (lol). Then fast forward 2 years and this time Peyton is on my show. I was worried that he wouldn’t remember me, but when he walked in he said, “Hey Lex, nice to see you again.” I can’t tell you how awesome that was to get to work with one of my idols twice and have him remember me.

His dream role would be to play Miles Morales.

Spider Man was one of my favorite superheroes and I loved to dress up and pretend I was Spider Man as a kid. Then when I discovered Mile Morales I was so excited to see such an iconic franchise like Spider Man with a leading character that looked like me. At that point I was hooked. So Marvel if you’re listening, if you ever decide to do a live action version of the character I’m ready.





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