5 Fast Facts about actress Lola Raie

Lola Raie is an American Actress from Los Angeles,Ca. She caught the acting bug at the age of four when she performed in community theater plays. Lola signed with her  first manager and agent through a friend in the theater. At the age of five she landed her first commercial, for Office Depot. She has done numerous commercials and print work over the years. Lola has landed roles in Amazon Prime’s “Creative Galaxy” and FX’s “Legion” and booked roles in short films. Recently, she worked on Netflix’s family movie “Yes Day” starring Jennifer Garner and Jenna Ortega and Disney+’s remake of “Cheaper By the Dozen” as the character Talia.

In 2022, Lola will be found in her first animated feature for the new movie “Ainbo”, where she voices the adventurous and brave lead character Ainbo.

Hre’s 5 fast facts about Lola!

She wants to be a superhero.

My dream role would definitely be one of the young Avengers! Marvel if you read this… call me!

She loves this thing in her room:

My favorite object is my Lego Daily Bugle I built!

She has a unique talent.

That I can burp on command.

It’s pretty useful.

It’s a hidden talent that I actually had to use for an audition.

Screen acting and burping are not her only strengths.

I have a couple voice over projects in the works. One that hopefully will be coming out soon and another I’m working on now.


lola raie2


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