5 Fast Facts about actress & model Zoe Grace Rodriguez

Zoe Grace Rodriguez, 16, has been acting since she was four years old in live community theatre productions. Since then she has performed in over 30 productions. Including the leads as Fiona in Shrek the Musical, Annie in Annie the Musical and 
Little Red Riding Hood in Into The Woods.

Zoe has since transitioned from live theatre to modeling, film, and television. With three music videos, two commercials, a short film, walking numerous runways around the world, and several more projects in the works, she is well on her way to making a name for herself in young Hollywood.

Zoe Grace is a rising star you certainly should keep your eye on; she is making some serious power moves in the business, including joining Teens Wanna Know as our newest teen red carpet reporter!

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Zoe Grace Rodriguez!

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Her goals are well-defined!

I want to be a well trained, professional actress. I want to appear in many fan favorite, award winning productions throughout my career. I want to focus on gaining experience and being the best actress I can be. I also want to learn more about the behind the scenes side of the industry. I want to take part in the whole production process from start to finish. All the way way from the idea board to the global premiere.

She appreciates every opportunity.

The most memorable moment is when I booked my first big job. I was very new to the industry, and I still am, so I was very shocked and blessed to even be presented with a callback, much less the role.

She reecommends “talking it out” when teens are involved in drama.

I would say the biggest negative pressure for teens (especially in the industry) are rumors. It’s very easy to get caught up in listening to the latest gossip from people, tabloids, or even tea pages. Being a teenager in the industry can be very stressful at times because if feels like everyone is watching your every move. One way to avoid falling for rumors and drama involving you is to just go to the direct source. If something is being said about you and another person, you should call them up and plan a lunch to talk things through. If something is said that doesn’t concern you, you shouldn’t get in the middle of it. You also shouldn’t believe tea or judge anyone off of it unless they admit to it themselves.

She’s got lots of siblings!

Something that seems to shock everyone I tell, is that I am the middle child of five. Even though I am the only one in the industry, all my siblings have their own niche. I’m very grateful for my family‘s constant support in my in my journey.

Fried, crispy potatoes? She says “YES PLEASE!”

Food I have to have at least once a week is french fries. I love fries and I believe they can go with any meal. Almost everywhere I go, I always get a side of fries.

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