5 Fast Facts about actress Serenity Grace Russell

Serenity Grace Russell is 9 years old and has been seen co-starring on Surface (Apple TV), Not Dead Yet (ABC), as well as guest starring on season 5 of the NBC hit show, Magnum PI, as Mia Carter. Also next year, she will appear in the indie films We’re All Gonna Die and 47 Days with Jesus.

Serenity has filmed over 20 commercials for: Blues Clues/Cox HomeLife, Baby Shark, Hilton, Paw Patrol, EBO, Litti Toys, Matchbox, Toy Story, Barbie, TCM (Turner Classic Movies), Walmart/Sharper Image, Perfect Snacks, Home Depot, Ross, Palmetto Solar, Tadiran, Dish Network, Progressive, Discover Card, and Jack in the Box.  Serenity currently is RECURRING as Lila Walters in the popular podcast, Cascadia.

She also voices a character in the horror podcast Ice-Cream. She is proud to have completed over 200 hours of community service in the last 2 years-many hours having served the LA homeless community. Serenity is a former MISS ELEMENTARY AMERICA and is the reigning LITTLE MISS UNITED STATES.  

Here’s 5 fast facts about Serenity!

Serenity Grace Russell2

Photo by: Rachel Stella Photography

She just wrapped a new film called 47 Days with Jesus.

I got to spend 3 weeks on location filming up near Solvang, CA. It was special because it was my first supporting lead role in a feature film! All the cast and crew were amazing to work with and on our off days we went into Solvang to walk around and we visited Ostrichland USA. We just had our wrap party and I’m looking forward to the premiere next year before it hits limited theaters.

Her favorite showbiz moment so far is:

Ooooo that’s a toss up between working with Morgan Freeman as his granddaughter and booking a guest star role on Magnum PI. Morgan Freeman was AMAZING to work with and so so sweet!! Magnum PI was awesome because I flew 1st class to Hawaii where I spent 12 days on set!

Serenity Grace Russell5

Production still with Morgan Freeman for TADIRAN commercial! 

Her friends might say THIS is her best quality:

That I always put my friends first and that I’m super funny!! I love to make people laugh! 

She’s got skills for the pageant runway as well.

I compete in pageants and love volunteering! I previously was Miss Elementary America (after winning Miss California Elementary) and now I am the current Little Miss United States (after winning Little Miss California United States). My favorite part of competing is meeting the judges for interview and talking about my platform: Serenity’s Service Squad! 

One food she REFUSES to eat is:

I hate brussel sprouts! My family loves them, but I think the smell’s disgusting and taste is yucky! 


Serenity Grace Russell4

Serenity and her bestie, Aleiza.

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