5 Fast Facts about dancer BaiYu Fisher

BaiYu Fisher is a dancer and self-taught contortionist born in China with albinism and given up by her birth parents. She was adopted by her mom Lisa at age 2 and now lives in Iowa with two brothers, a sister, and her grandmother.

Albinism means a lack of pigment in skin, hair and eyes, and this has left BaiYu legally blind. Despite this, she began gymnastics at age four and dance at age 10, taking classes from recognized names such as
tWitch, Travis Wall, and Mark Meiser. She was also featured in a Telly Award winning documentary about her albinism (scroll down to watch).

She graduated high school at age 16 and will attend Iowa State University on scholarship to study advertising with a minor in dance. Not only that, but she has joined the ranks of Instagram influencers with a small but loyal following.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about BaiYu!

baiyu fisher2

She’s coming to California this summer.

I’m working on something with Jordan Matter when I go to California this summer. And I would love to work with Famous Birthdays on something.

She’s pretty chill — except for when her mom does ONE annoying thing.

My biggest pet peeve is actually something that happens a lot at home. My mom will call us down saying supper is ready, we go down there and there is no food, like what?! Other than that I don’t get too annoyed by much.

Her fav food is true to her lineage.

The one food I couldn’t live without would be noodles. 

baiyu fisher

She’s a little salty about one particular issue.

If I met my birth parents I would probably not say anything. They didn’t want me to begin with, why would they want me now?

She uses her albinism as a driving force towards success.

I think albinism has made me the fighter that I am. I am persistent with pretty much everything I do, I won’t quit until it’s accomplished. My goals for the future are to empower young children and show them that even when the world thinks you aren’t good enough, once you find the fire in your soul you can light the world with happiness.

Selfie time!

baiyu fisher

Instagram: https://instagram.com/baiyujfisher

Twitter: https://twitter.com/baiyujfisher

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUgXSGDLTh9jrLyGUu58KCA

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