5 Fast Facts about singer & actress Seanna Pereira

Seanna Pereira is a 15-year-old Florida native who landed her first movie role at age five and hasn’t stopped working on her craft since, with her most notable role being on 24:Legacy. In addition to acting, she also sings — including recording ten songs in the family-themed Enchanted Ruby — which she also starred in. Her latest work is the upcoming suspense thriller Dead Man Run directed by Josi W Konski.

Seanna has also focused her time volunteering for events hosted by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, particularly in children’s hospitals, where she connects with young people facing daunting medical challenges. While awaiting the release of Dean Man Run, Seanna is also in the process of recording new musical material (including several songs she co-wrote), and planning a “mini-tour” of ten hospitals in support of the Seacrest Foundation’s mission.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Seanna!


She’s got great memories from 24:Legacy.

My favorite on set experience so far has been on the TV show 24: Legacy since it was my first TV role and it was so different from doing movies. I got close with all the other actors and actresses and it felt like a big family since you spend so much time together. We shot episodes over a period of time and it became like my second family.

But she recognizes some downfalls to the biz.

There is a lot of competition and jealousy – sometimes there is up to 5000 girls going out for the same role. There are a lot of talented actors/actresses but only one can book the job.

She is lucky to be one of the only teens who can say the following:

I really haven’t had anything embarrassing happen to me yet!

She is helpful (and sporty).

I love to help people and I am involved in charities that help make a difference in the world and can help people achieve their goals.  One of my favorites is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

I love to play sports! I play soccer, volleyball, tennis, track and gymnastics. 

5. Name one food you REFUSE to eat!

I don’t like raw fish, shellfish or pork.  



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