5 Fast Facts about singer and actor Luna Violet

Luna Violet is an upcoming actor, writer, model, and musician based in Los Angeles, CA. Born in Phoenix, AZ, she began her career in the entertainment industry at the age of 7.

In 2018 she was involved in both seasons of NYFW, walking the runway for designers such as Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Benito Santos, and Kentaro Kameyama. Luna has appeared with lead acting roles in several commercials and music videos. She has numerous upcoming projects being released within the next few months.

Luna is releasing her debut single “Blue” at the end of this month on all streaming platforms.

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Her upcoming song ‘blue’ is deeply personal.

I wrote “Blue” during quarantine at a very low point in my life. In 2019 I was severely struggling with my mental health and I ended up trusting a close friend who took advantage of me and posted all my personal trauma on social media. During this time a lot of rumours spread and I was cyberbullied for over a year by people that I once loved and trusted. This song is about betrayal and trusting the wrong people at the wrong time. The message in these lyrics is my way of publicly coming to terms with my own story and finally moving on. I’m taking back the power from the people who made me feel powerless. It’s okay to not be okay and I think more people in our generation need to know that.

She loves THIS item in her closet a little bit much:

I tend to wear my leather jacket WAY too much. I have two actually, one I got in New York and the other is a vintage piece I found thrifting. I believe leather is a great fashion staple to any outfit. 

Her best friends would say this about her:

My best friends would probably say that my best quality is being adventurous. I’m the kind of friend who will randomly decide to explore a new part of the city on my days off or go hiking in the woods at 3am after watching a scary movie. I always love doing new things and making memories.

She’s got an eye for photos.

Something that most people would be surprised to know about me is my love for photography. I love shooting landscape shots and capturing cool locations in my photographs. Someday I’d really love to become a photojournalist for a travel publication, such as National Geographic.

No Nachos for her, thank you very much.

I will never eat anything cheddar flavoured. Back in the third grade I came down with horrible food poisoning after eating cheddar flavoured chips. To this day even the smell alone of something cheddar flavoured makes me absolutely sick. 

Can we get a selfie?

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TikTok: @itslunaviolet

Instagram: @itslunaviolet

YouTube: Luna Violet

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