5 Fast Facts about YouTuber Logan’s World

Hello Everyone! I am Logan from Logan’s World! You may have seen me commonly doing Five Nights at Freddy’s Blender Animations or see me on Gorilla Tag live streams! It has been really fun being in the Five Nights at Freddy’s community because of all of its amazing songs and animations! Gorilla Tag live streams gave me the chance to really get to know my fans and make bonds and friendships with them!

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Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) sparked his animation bug.

Five Nights at Freddys has drawn me to animate and get too many plushies for my own good because it has such a unique story and gameplay which was the first game to inspire games like Bendy and Poppy Playtime. I chose to have it on my channel because I used to watch big animators like BonBun Films and AndrewJohn100 and wanted to know what it’s like to animate and make content of this franchise.

THIS FNAF theory intrigues him…

I’m pretty sure all Fnaf fans are trying to look for answers on how this happened or why, and they all go to Game Theory. Game Theory posted a video on FNAF and said that Gregory from Security Breach is a robot. I thought that was crazy until I thought about him having weird vision when Vanny is around and him having an identical look to the crying child who was dead a long time ago so maybe he was a robot and that is Gregory.

He’s got some tips for starting out with Blender for animations.

I would recommend starting with animations with a kind of robotic movement and then starting to slowly progress to smooth movement. Lighting is a big key part in this as you would want to make sure it looks natural and makes the scene look good.

He loves connecting with fans.

The best part about being a Youtuber so far is being able to connect with my fans. I have been doing around 35 live streams for Gorilla Tag and I have been getting to be able to talk to them and see what type of content they enjoy.

More content coming up!

You can find me doing a lot of new content that I will be doing episodes on for FNAF…

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