5 Fast Facts about YouTuber & Singer Liam Rizo

Liam Rizo is a 9-year-old Peruvian singer who just released his first  EP and held his Album Release Party at the Historic Houdini Estate. His latest single More than Life, released just a few days ago, has more than 65k views on his wildly popular YouTube channel. A lover of all things science, Liam wants to make a mark on the world — not just through music but with STEM projects that will make a difference in people’s lives! Liam is a young star on the rise!

Here’s 5 fast facts aboout Liam!

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He’s had some amazing moments for a 9-year-old!

I had many memorable moments as a YouTuber. One of those moments was when one of my videos caught the eye of Ellen De Generes’s producers, and they called me to have an interview. I was amazed by that! I was just seven years old. Also, about two months ago, when I went to an Apple store, many employees recognized me and asked me for an autograph. It felt so great.

He stans science!

I am not only a singer, dancer, YouTuber, and influencer. I also love science. My dream is to make this world a better place. I want to make a difference.

I love watching Mark Rober. I even had the opportunity to talk with him, and I got to take a workshop to learn right from the source.

I also follow Elon Musk; it is my dream to meet him one day. Last year, I was in LA and went to meet Santa. He asked me what I wanted, I told him that my wish was to meet Elon Musk, and the funny thing is that Santa answered me this: I’m not sure if I would be able to do that, but I can change my name to Elon Musk if you wish!

But that’s not all. I also love music. My passion started when I was a baby. I always liked to sing every new song in the radio. I saw Justin Bieber’s videos, and I loved them. I am one of his biggest fans!

He’s outgrowing his toys.

I have toys, but I don’t use them anymore. My little sister is using them now. I am focusing on my music and my STEM projects.

He wants to make a difference.

I’m a singer because I love music, but I’m a natural scientist. So every new country I visit, I always look for a science museum. For example, I was just in Paris, and it has one of the best science museums I have ever been to. I also loved the Nemo Museum in Amsterdam and the Museum of Discovery and Science in Florida.

I want to show my fans that I’m not just a kid who knows how to dance and sing. I’m also the kind of person that would like to make a difference in this world. I would love to teach all the kids what I know and tell them that all their dreams can come true if they genuinely believe in them.

Candy? Hard pass!

I’m a singer, so every singer has a healthy diet. We are not allowed eating too much sugar. So instead of dessert, I prefer watermelon and pineapple. 


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