5 MORE facts about singer Logan Alexandra

Logan Alexander is back with new music! We first featured her back in May when she released the bittersweet “4 Years,” and now she’s dropping “Daydreaming,” with music video premiering October 1st.

Here’s 5 MORE facts about Logan Alexandra ya probably didnt know!

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Fillming her music video was like a dream.

Filming the music video for Daydreaming was so incredible. It’s a day I will never forget. We got to film at this beautiful garden house in Arizona. They have animals like peacocks and chickens roaming all around the property. One chicken loved to hang out with us in the dining room, which by the way, had walls that were imported from a castle! You could say filming in this house really did feel like a daydream.

She doesnt mind showing off her goofs.

A lot of people know me from my mashups on YouTube and TikTok, but all they get to see is the best take that I post! I am always messing up and I mean ALWAYS. I love posting blooper reels and one of my favorite bloopers I got on film was me accidently smashing my broken toe into my keyboard pedal while doing a mashup. I definitely wish I could do that over again and NOT feel that pain! You can watch that moment happen here: 

Her favorite objects in her in your bedroom/purse/wallet are:

My keyboard is my favorite object in my room because I’m constantly playing it, making mashups, or writing a new song. It’s the most used item in my room; well other than my bed!! My favorite object in my purse is definitely my Burts Bees pomegranate lip balm. I don’t like wearing lipstick, but this gives me color AND keeps my lips moisturized?? This sounds like I’m doing an ad but I’m not! I’m just literally always applying this stuff. As for my wallet my favorite item would have to be my Starbucks card, because it gets a lot of use! 

She enjoys her alone time.

People are always surprised when I tell them I’m introverted since I’ve chosen a career path that doesn’t particularly cater to that. I would choose a night in versus a night out every day of the week! I love to spend time alone to recharge. Those are the times when I’m most creative since I’m really able to sit and reflect. 

She’d love to dine with THIS famous person:

I would love to have dinner with Freddie Mercury. He’s one of the most talented performers and songwriters in our history. I would ask him if he used to get nervous before going on stage and how he handled performing with such ease. 

Can we please get an unpublished selfie of whatever you are doing right now to keep it real for the fans?

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Right now I’m in the middle of editing the behind the scenes of my music video. This will be posted on my YouTube soon! I’m OBSESSED with how it’s turning out. The crew and I had so much fun on set, so these behind the scenes shots are so cute!!  



Website: https://loganalexandramusic.com/

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