Dating Red Flags Teens Need to Watch Out For

There’s nothing like a good romance. Everyone wants to feel loved and seen as special, so dating can be a very attractive idea. When you first start dating, however, it can be hard to know when a relationship is worth working for, and when you should run far, far away. If you notice one of these three things in the person you’re dating, however, it’s best to end it as soon as possible.

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Anger Issues

One of the things to watch for is how your significant other handles hard situations and negative emotions. No one is free of feeling angry at some point or another—but when that anger becomes aggression towards you or someone else, it is a much bigger problem. According to Teen Dating Violence, if your significant other’s anger issues lead them to harm you or someone else, emotionally or physically, you should definitely terminate the relationship. Physical harm is pretty straightforward and should result in you immediately ending things—but emotional harm is harder to identify. Watch for signs like name-calling, making threats, bullying, or belittling. They’re less obvious but often signs of worse things to come.

Violating Boundaries

What constitutes boundary violations? When you are ignored regarding things that belong to you—your body, words, emotions, attitudes, time, preferences, and values, for starters. Some signs of this are when a significant other does not listen to the word “No” in any context, often puts you on the spot, and even violates normal societal quotas of respect, like going to your house at night or at random times without being invited. When these things happen, end the relationship as quickly as possible, and if they continue anyway, involve the authorities. According to Bradley Corbett, Defense Attorney, you will likely have to provide some evidence for needing the restraining order, but it will be worth being able to sleep at night!


Honesty is essential in forming a healthy relationship, so the lack of it should be regarded as a big red flag. This one may be hard to notice initially in a relationship, which is why it’s a good idea to date someone for a while before really getting serious. Pay attention to the things they say and if they ever completely contradict themselves later, or someone close to them does. According to Natasha Adamo, the more this happens, the more likely your significant other is either a compulsive liar or has even more serious issues.

There’s a lot to look forward to while dating and getting in relationships, and a lot of lessons to learn. Though some of the learning curve can’t be avoided, you certainly want to avoid the kinds of people that will only end up hurting you. Be wary of these red flags, and stay safe!

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