Do You Still Need a College Education?

More and more people are waking up to the realization that giant amounts of college debt might not eventually pay off with better careers, benefits and retirement. The pandemic has really changed the nation’s understanding of the gig-economy. A lot of things have changed, including how quickly you can finish a degree. All of these things make facing giant debt from a top twelve school less enjoyable a prospect. Consider the following pros, cons, and alternatives to attending college.

Steps Anyone Can Take to Feel Prepared for College Courses

When College Pays Off

College can be an excellent thing if you know how to do it correctly. Giant volumes of debt are not necessary. Local community colleges are an excellent resource to get your associate’s degree. Whether or not you continue onward to a bachelor’s degree, or choose certification instead, your overall cost will be significantly less! Community colleges often have rolling admission policies, which can be helpful especially if you have health or family requirements which might make you miss a term as you head towards your goals. Smaller schools, likewise, are helpful to students who want personalized degrees and class sizes which are smaller. They can be great, personal options.

College Alternatives

You do not, of course, have to go to a college or university. Trade schools are increasingly popular, for good reason! Certification from a trade school takes less time and can be just as profitable as a four year degree. There are many organizations looking for plumbers, construction workers, electricians, welders, machinists, and all of the other trades which might suit your physical and educational needs. Just as importantly, these careers are interesting, don’t involve ongoing desk work, and are as profitable or more profitable than many white collar jobs. Other groups offer certification in many trades, such as real estate. As with all things, you have to research your options. Some online real estate schools, for example, are slow to adopt videos in their educational structure. You want options that offer quality online options.

Gap Year

During pandemic, it’s become a trend for students to take a gap year. This means a space of time between graduation and beginning your ongoing education. This was once seen as a waste of time for students who wanted to get finished with their degrees and out into the workforce. But in an ever increasing global society, it is not a mistake to look around a bit before you settle down. This might mean backpacking through Europe, taking an apprenticeship across the country, or taking a temporary position in another state. Some go on mission trips while others just stay home to figure out what might sound interesting to them. Exploring all of your options in life is not a waste of time or effort.

You have so many beautiful possibilities around you, even in the middle of a pandemic year. Your work has made your high school graduation possible, and that work was not a one size fits all situation. Adulthood is readily customizable to many different talents and needs, and you have options before you. Being able to do that without breaking either the bank or your financial future is a great choice!

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