How to Get Back on Track if You Dropped Out of High School

There was a point that you had to drop out, whether because you wanted to, or because of necessity. It can feel as if your future has been derailed. You know that having your GED and other certification and education can help your future immensely. You’re old enough and mature enough to realize that you want to be able to have a better career. How do you get your future back on track?

Get Your GED

You can gain additional employment and education opportunities by passing the GED. The GED is a long test, and is accepted by 95% of colleges and universities. Basically, it proves that you have a high school education, and are ready for further education. Your GED certification is the equivalent of a high school diploma, so you won’t have to worry about any changes to graduation requirements. You should make sure to put in a significant amount of time studying so you don’t have to take it more than once.

Work With a Career Counselor

Working with a career counselor, you can figure out what things might be best for you to pursue. Your community Vocational Rehab might have career counselors available as well. Career counselors help guide you into a career which you will enjoy, and which can be profitable. They are specialists that can help you love your future!

Local Technical College

Your specific talents are valuable in the workplace and figuring out which skills work best for which careers can help you decide how to keep going in your education. Your local technical or community college has many options for both certification and Associate’s degrees. Having a degree or certification from a local community school will not hamper your career but will definitely save you money and time in the long run. They often have evening classes and flexible scheduling as well, for students who have other responsibilities. Alongside traditional Associate’s degrees, technical schools might offer certification in machining, welding, nursing, being a dental hygienist, engineering, and many other things. Local job fairs often come for “quick start” career options as well.

Your lack of diploma, now, does not need to damper your future forever! There are so many options available to be able to help you get back on track. Do not be stressed or frustrated about your past choices- there are options for your future, and many other students who understand. Sometimes the path from high school to college is not a straight line through a university, and that’s fine! Knowing when you’re ready to get further education or certification is the most important thing.

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