How To Make Fashionable Tie-Dye Clothing

So, you’re going through your closet, and you notice that there’s a lot of worn or old clothing. Upon first thought, you might consider taking some pieces to your local donation center. While you certainly can do so, consider repurposing or revamping old garments with the oh-so-versatile tie-dye! You can learn how to make fashionable tie-dye clothing by following these quick and easy steps.

How To Make Fashionable Tie-Dye Clothing

Pick Your Pieces

Worn clothing that’s been sitting in your closet for some time is best since you can always use it for rags should you encounter trouble during the coloring process.

Mix Dye With Warm Water

Once you have the preferred color choices in hand, add them to a squirt bottle with warm water and shake to mix. If you don’t have squirt bottles available, no need to panic. Adding and mixing the dye in buckets is a great alternative.

Use Rubber Bands To Create Patterns

With a few rubber bands and the spark of inspiration, you can create different patterns. For example, the traditional method is a fantastic choice when using five or six colors.

Pinching the middle of the garment, spin it into a pizza shape and secure it with bands. Terumo is another technique that involves creating circular pleats and tying them with bands to create shaped motifs.

Prep Garment With a Water Soak

You should prep your fabric before dyeing with warm water and a synthrapol bath. This chemical is a laundry agent used before dyeing material.

Add Dye To the Desired Areas

Using the squirt bottles and applicators, pour your dye mixture onto your garment, sit back, and let the magic happen. For darker garments, you can soak the clothing in a bath of dye.

Cover in Plastic Wrap and Let Sit

To keep moisture in the garment, wrap the piece in a plastic covering. Afterward, let it sit for 6 to 24 hours.

Rinse Until Water Runs Clear

Now that the waiting game is over, you can dispose of the plastic wrap. Run the piece underwater to aid in getting rid of excess color.

Wash Alone on a Cold Cycle

In a separate load, place the garment in the washer and use cold water. Cold water can help seal the pigment into the fabric and prevent fading. Remember to keep the clothing bound to avoid color bleeding.

Cut and Crop To Style

Lastly, finish off your new garment with a bit of trimming and styling. Stitch the cut hems of your shirt to prevent the edges from unraveling too much and giving the piece an unfinished look.

Learning how to make fashionable tie-dye clothing is simple and can transform dull garments into trendy pieces that you’ll think twice about getting rid of. Feel free to give it a shot and add some color to your life!

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