Surprising Foods That Are Actually Good for You

Some foods just get a bad rep, and this can mean that people avoid eating them even though they taste good. Luckily, this is a misunderstanding in many cases, and you can start eating some of your favorite foods again. All you need to do is learn about some of the most surprising foods that are actually good for you.

Surprising Foods That Are Actually Good for You

Beef Jerky

A lot of people see beef jerky as dry meat with no health benefits. This was the case originally, but newer all-grass-fed beef jerky is healthy for you and could even qualify as a superfood. Plus, there are all sorts of different textures of jerky, so you have a lot of choices with this food.


Another popular food with a bad rep is potatoes, which are high in many nutrients. The only thing you should avoid is fried potatoes, like french fries. This drains away a lot of the health value from them, but other types, like mashed potatoes, are healthy in moderation.


Another one of the surprising food that is actually good for you is black latte in small doses. Coffee may even decrease the risk of Parkinson’s and type 2 diabetes. However, too much consumption can have many negative effects as well.


This sugary liquid isn’t the unhealthy snack you think it is. Raw honey is a great source of nutrients and contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes honey great for a sore throat, and it slightly boosts your immune system.

Red Meat

Red meat has a bad reputation, and it can be dangerous if you have underline health conditions. However, as long as you’re eating lean red meat, you can get a great supply of protein, iron, zinc, and other nutrients.

Sadly, many people avoid these foods because they think they’re unhealthy. However, it’s all about preparations and moderation, as these foods can provide great health benefits if you eat just the right amount.

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