Beyond Pizza and Starbucks: Healthy Food Tips For Teens

Beyond Pizza and Starbucks: Healthy Food Tips For Teens

The trend of eating fast food in an expensive restaurant is on the rise. Whilst adults are fully aware of the risk factors involved with eating fast food, teens, on the other hand, are unaware and untroubled of the harmful effects of fast food. Teens today like to spend a good time in a pizza joint or a coffee shop with their friends eating a delicious pizza with soda or multiple cups of coffee. Having a nice cheesy pizza once in a while is OK, but having a pizza every single evening is definitely going to do a significant damage to their bodies.

Carefree, passionate and risky are some of the words that describe teens of today. They are too short-sighted to see the future, but that’s where parents must intervene and tell their children about what’s right and what’s wrong. The fast food is definitely scrumptious and can bring water to the mouth, but those will also clog their arteries, turning them obese and eventually putting their life in mortal danger.

For all teens, it is extremely important that you put all your bad eating behind and start eating something healthy, something that will give you a sufficient amount of nutrition to get going for a long period of time without suffering from severe diseases. Stop going to those pizza joints and cafés because those are not providing you with any health benefit.

As a teen, you need a daily supply of healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrates to get going in a nice way every day.

Here are some ideas for quick and easy meals that are also healthy for you:

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Options for Breakfast
1. Soy shake combined with your favorite flavor with ½ banana, a couple of ice cubes. You can add a scoop of whey protein or soy protein as well.
2. Whole grain toast with peanut butter is also a good choice. Or, you can have scrambled eggs or hard boiled eggs with a whole grain toast. You can have a glass of orange juice as well.
3. You can have oatmeal with raisins and chopped nuts, strawberries or a sliced banana. You can add a spoon of peanut butter to the oatmeal for some extra protein.

Options for Lunch
1. For lunch, you can have egg salad sandwich made from whole wheat bread with tomato and lettuce.
2. Tuna salad sandwich made with whole grain bread.
3. Vegetarian chili with tortilla chips. You need to finely chop vegetables using something like the Chicago cutlery knife.
4. Vegetable salad with assorted vegetables and kidney beans or chickpeas.
5. A veg burger with all your favorite toppings, but don’t add the bad ones.
6. Vegetable soup, lentil soup or black bean soup.

Options for Dinner
1. Caesar salad with grilled chicken or shrimp.
2. Pasta with tomato sauce, pesto sauce or with the vegetables of your choice.
3. Ravioli with meatballs and sauce.
4. Stir fry vegetables with tofu, chicken or shrimp.
5. Baked potato with chili topping or vegetable topping.
6. Chicken fajitas with salsa and guacamole.

As a teen, you need to understand that the choices are unlimited with regard to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is up to you to make the right selection because your decision can make you healthy or sick. Try to eat foods that don’t come pre-packaged or prepared. Buy fresh ingredients from the grocery store and prepare food at your home. Try to limit your visits to the pizza joints and Starbucks up to 2-3 times a month in order to prolong your life.

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