Tips for Getting Your Closet Ready for Winter

It’s on everyone’s mind from the moment they wake up and get out of bed to get ready for the day, but no one wants to tackle their disorganized closet. Throughout the year, you may add to your closet but seldom do you take the time to cut down or reorganize it. To help with that, here are some tips for getting your closet ready for winter in the upcoming season.

Tips for Getting Your Closet Ready for Winter

Prepare To Purge Your Closet

The first thing you should have in mind when you begin to reorganize your closet is purging everything that you don’t need. These clothes are either items that you can’t wear anymore or don’t wear often. You will need to set them aside so you can continue to organize your closet.

Separate by Category

Once you have made a little space for yourself, you can begin separating your items by category. This is where things truly start to come together, and you can see the fruit of your labor. Don’t fall for the myths that you’ve heard about closets, such as the belief that you don’t have enough time or that this is a once-a-year project. That is just not true. Make sure to keep the shirts, slacks, coats, and jackets in their own neat piles or sections of the closet.

Make a Dedicated Space for Your Shoes

Of all the things that end up in a closet, shoes are the one item that can bulk up the fastest and really cause a mess. You might want to try putting your shoes in separate drawers or somewhere off to the side so that your closet can have some long-needed space.

Think About Adding Custom Storage

If this isn’t enough to free up the space you need in your closet, you might want to have custom storage built. This will give you a little extra space to play with while you’re reorganizing and figuring out where you want everything to go.

Organizing your closet calls for a plan of action. You will need to stick to that plan and do one thing at a time, as it will take time to execute this project. These tips for getting your closet ready for the winter will help you prepare ahead of time.

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