Ways To Combat Greasy Hair in the Summer

There are various things the summer heat can do to your hair, from frizz to unruly texture. To mitigate these issues, you can implement a few changes into your day-to-day routines that may help cut down these effects. Many people complain about greasy hair in the summer, so let’s look at a few reliable options to combat this problem.

Ways To Combat Greasy Hair in the Summer

Shampoo Less

A common issue for many is shampooing too often. Many people tend to feel that they need to wash their hair the minute it becomes shiny or oily. But allowing the natural oils to build can benefit the health of your hair. If you feel your hair becomes oily or greasy right after a wash, it might indicate that you shampoo too often.

Invest in the Right Products

You should invest in the correct products for your hair type, style, and texture. Generally, thin to fine hair will need more clarifying properties, while somebody with thick to curly hair will want something that can manage frizzing.

Dilute Your Shampoo

Many store shampoos will damage or strip your hair of its natural oils. If you dilute the shampoo, you can minimize the properties and chemicals and disperse them more evenly. You can use a separate, travel-sized bottle with a drop or two of shampoo and fill the rest with water. Remember to wash only your root area and massage gently.

Consider a Dry Shampoo

For the days when you feel like you’re in dire need of a wash, an excellent way to combat greasy hair is through a dry shampoo. These work best on your roots and come in powders or sprays. Dry shampoo is also an easy summer hair care tip because you can throw it in your everyday bag and use it on the go or when you’re in a pinch.

Don’t Condition Your Roots

A helpful hair care tip is not applying conditioner to your roots. It might feel natural to lather it in all of your hair, but your roots are where your hair’s oils come from, so applying a conditioner can increase the grease you experience and lead to excessive root buildup. Consider using a conditioner only on your ends, massaging it up through the layers, and stopping about two inches away from your roots.

Summer weather can do some work on all hair types, but with a few of these tweaks, you can alleviate some of these impacts and minimize stressing over your hair.

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