4 Tips for Preparing Your Dog for Boarding

You may consider your dog your best friend or even a beloved member of your family, but there will be times when your favorite pet can’t go with you. Whether it’s a summer vacation or a trip to Grandma’s, your family will find it more convenient to leave your four-legged friend safe at a kennel. Fortunately, they have you to help get them ready. Here are four tips for preparing your dog for boarding.

4 Tips for Preparing Your Dog for Boarding

Bring Your Dog’s Favorite Things

After spending so much time with your family’s dog, you should know some of their favorite things. You can make the stay with a boarding service provider a lot easier for them by bringing their favorite blanket for them to sleep on or their favorite toy that they like to play with. Those reminders of home will make your dog feel more comfortable when you and your family are away from them.

Get Your Dog Some Exercise Before the Drop Off

Another tip for preparing your dog for boarding is to exercise with your four-legged friend before you and your family drop them off. This way, you’ll have a tired dog who is ready to nap when you drop them off, making the handoff much easier.

Give Them a Gift or Treat

You can also prepare them for their stay by giving them a gift or treat before you drop them off. That way, they will better understand that you are not leaving them at the kennel as a form of punishment. Instead, this is just a new experience that they will have to adjust to.

Stay Positive and Calm

Although you may be nervous about leaving your dog behind at the kennel, stay positive and calm. Otherwise, your pet may detect these feelings and internalize them.

Remember that these caregivers will take good care of your favorite animal. It would help if you also made your goodbye brief, so you do not leave your dog with any fear or stress when you go.

By following these tips, your dog will have a better stay at the kennel, where they will get plenty of exercise and chances to play with other dogs. That will allow them to have fun and get a vacation of their own before they see you again.

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