5 Fast Facts about Nick Bencivengo

Nick Bencivengo is a tiktoker/dancer/actor who mainly posts dance videos and lip sync videos. He was recently in a music video for Arashi and is currently working on a music video for Jenna Davis.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Nick!

nick b
Credit- @kaaysphotos

He’s a tiktok fan! (obvs)

It is so popular because it is meant to be entertaining for all ages. My little cousin loves it as well as my grandpa!! It has changed my life from the opportunities I get to the people I get to collaborate/hang out with.

But he wants to expand beyond it.

Long term I want to become a professional dancer and actor. Right now, I am focusing on social media because that gives you a boost in the dancing and acting careers. I am also working on my acting/dancing career as well. 

He survived THIS middle school moment.

My most embarrassing moment was when my music stopped and I fell of the stage at my middle school talent show. Everyone kept cheering me on BUT IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING! 

There is one surprising type of show he likes.

People would be surprised to know that I love watching house makeover shows. They keep me entertained all the time!

His top 3 songs on his playlist at the moment are:

Star- Bazzi 

Memories- Maroon 5 

Don’t start now- Duo Lipa

nick b selfie



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