Interesting Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

Many people get their food at the local grocery store, but that’s not all there is to eat: there are dozens of different foods that you can eat outside of what you find at your local stores. Not only that but there also are foods we eat that most people don’t realize are edible. Here are some of the most interesting foods you didn’t know you could eat.

Interesting Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Eat


You might not have guessed from their outer appearance, but cacti are a delicious food once you get past its thorns. Plenty of people drink cactus juice, and others eat the inner part of the plant. Some cacti make fruit that you can pluck and eat as well. That’s if you avoid the thorns.

Lemon Peels

Many people have eaten lemon before, but they throw out the peel. However, the peel is edible and carries a lot of nutrients. Many people think that the peel is a bit bitter, but others zest lemons to add flavor to a dish.

Sea Moss

Although sea moss is edible, that doesn’t mean you should eat it straight from the ocean. However, some sea moss makes for great meals. The food often goes in a type of salad, but it’s great in many different dishes. If you’re looking for premium sea moss, it’s best to order it online.

Avocado Pits

Avocado is a well-loved fruit that many people eat throughout the world. However, the giant pit in the middle makes it harder to consume. Many people don’t realize that the pit is also edible if you cook it properly. It takes a lot of baking, peeling, and grinding to turn it into a bitter powder that goes great in sweet foods and drinks.

As you can see, there’re plenty of foods that most people haven’t tried and didn’t even know they could eat. These are just a few of the most interesting foods you didn’t know you could eat, and there are plenty more that we walk by every day that we never thought to try. Things like banana peels or some types of flowers can make for interesting meals. So, don’t fear eating some food that seems weird if you know it’s safe.

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