Meet Kori Michelle: A Multi-Talented Force to be Reckoned With

Kori Michelle, a 12-year-old dynamo, is blazing trails in the entertainment industry like a shooting star. This young sensation wears many hats – actress, model, dancer, tumbler, kidpreneur, and host of her very own show, “The Kickin It with Kori Show” on Iconix Radio Kids. With aspirations of becoming a renowned actress, Kori draws inspiration from Hollywood luminaries like Zendaya, KeKe Palmer, and Angela Bassett. Guided by the visionary director and producer, Denise Mone’t, Kori has seized every opportunity to shine, gracing streaming networks in various films and earning accolades such as Best Kid Actress at the Palms International Film Festival and Houston’s Young TrailBlazer of the Year 2023 by Broadcast Houston Magazine.

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A Glimpse into Kori’s Journey

From gracing the silver screen to commanding the airwaves, Kori’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. As the host of Iconix Radio Kids, she has embraced the world of radio with gusto, showcasing her innate talent for engaging storytelling. However, Kori’s love affair with entertainment began long before her radio debut. Encouraged by her mother’s keen observation of her natural flair for performance, Kori embarked on a path that led her to discover her true calling in acting.

Embracing Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Kori is also a budding entrepreneur with her own line of lip gloss, aptly named “Where Pretty meets Confidence.” Motivated by her personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment, Kori’s business venture serves as a beacon of inspiration for young girls everywhere.

A Beacon of Hope and Inspiration

Despite her young age, Kori’s unwavering determination and infectious positivity serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring performers worldwide. With her sights set on making a positive impact on the world, Kori envisions a future where her talents uplift and empower others, demonstrating that dreams really do come true with dedication and perseverance.

Kori Michelle: A Star on the Rise

With a heart full of dreams and a spirit that knows no bounds, Kori Michelle is poised to become a shining star in the entertainment industry. As she continues to captivate audiences with her talent and charm, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in her remarkable journey. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive insights into the extraordinary life of Kori Michelle.

1. As a multi-talented individual involved in acting, modeling, dancing, tumbling, and entrepreneurship, how do you balance your various interests and commitments? 

My team gives me a weekly calendar to help me stay focused each week. They also handle my monthly calendar.

2. Congratulations on your nominations for two Young Artist Academy Awards! How does it feel to receive recognition for your work at such a young age?

 It feels nice when I see other people enjoying the projects I work on. It’s an awesome feeling.

3. You’re also the Radio Host for Iconix Radio Kids. Can you tell us about your experience in radio hosting and what inspired you to pursue this role?

 I had my first interview on Iconix Radio, and it was super fun! The radio producers liked me so much that they started a radio station for kids called Iconix Radio Kids. They even asked me if I wanted my own show on there to interview other kids like me who are chasing their dreams, and of course, I said yes!

4. What motivated you to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, and when did you realize that acting was your true passion?

My mom noticed how much I love dancing, flipping around the house and modeling. She said I even stood in front of the TV when everyone was trying to watch, saying, & I quote, “Look at me!” I just wanted everyone’s attention so I could perform for them. She soon realized she needed to put me in dance, gymnastics, and modeling. When I went to modeling school, they introduced me to acting and that’s when I knew that is what I wanted to do the most.

5. Being a talk show host requires excellent communication skills. How do you prepare for your interviews and ensure that your guests feel comfortable and engaged? 

Before meeting someone for the first time, I thoroughly research them across all social media platforms to gain insight into who they are. Upon their arrival for the
interview, we engage in a 30-minute conversation to establish a connection and foster mutual comfort before transitioning into the formal interview.

6. Can you share any memorable moments or experiences from your time as a talk show host on Iconix Radio Kids? 

It was a privilege to interview Denise Monet, a movie director whose work I greatly admire. Having been part of seven of her films and starring in two, it was a genuine honor to sit down with her.

7. As an entrepreneur, what inspired you to start your own ventures, and what challenges have you faced along the way? 

Kids at school used to bully me because I was tall, and my mom always reminded me to be confident in who I am. I started reading affirmations every day and manifesting what I wanted, and I felt like God was listening to me. When I finally got my first lip gloss, it made me feel so much more confident. I asked my mom if I could start my own business, and even though she didn’t believe in me at first, I kept asking until she said yes. I wanted to create lip gloss for girls so they could feel pretty as I did when I started wearing it. That’s why my business slogan is “Where Pretty meets Confidence!”

8. How do you stay motivated and focused on your goals, especially during times of setbacks or challenges? 

I just strive to meet my daily goals that I set for myself. Whenever I encounter setbacks or challenges, I approach them in the manner my mom taught me. I view them as opportunities for growth and development. Reflecting on what I’ve learned from each challenge or setback prepares me to handle similar situations more effectively in the future.

9. Let’s talk about your love for dancing and tumbling. What do you enjoy most about these activities, and how do they complement your career in acting and modeling? 

I have a passion for both dancing and tumbling, which adds another dimension to my skills as an entertainer, alongside acting and modeling. Whether I’m performing as a dancer or tumbler in a film, this flexibility greatly enhances my ability to move gracefully on the runway as a model.

10. What advice would you give to other young aspiring performers who are looking to pursue a career in the entertainment industry? 

Believe in yourself! Keep dreaming and never give up. When you discover what brings you joy, go after it. Stay focused on your dreams and goals, and don’t let anything distract you.

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11. With such a busy schedule, how do you prioritize self-care and ensure that you’re taking care of your physical and mental well-being?

 I like doing yoga, so I start my mornings with a mix of meditation, yoga, and exercise. It really sets the tone for my day and gets me going!

12. Can you share any details about upcoming projects or ventures you’re currently working on or planning for the future?

Out of the six projects I worked on last year, only one has been released, called ;B.A.S.H. Another one, ‘The Only Child’ where I have a co-starring role, is set to be released on September 3rd. The remaining four projects are expected to be released this year which I am the lead in two of those pending movies. I’ll keep everyone posted on all my social media platforms.

13. How do you think your experiences as a multi-talented individual have shaped your perspective on life and your approach to your career? 

As long as I keep pursuing my passions, starting with acting and extending to dance, tumbling, modeling, and hosting my own talk show, nothing else fazes me. My commitment and perseverance will keep opening doors for me to evolve into the person I aspire to be, leading me to the fulfilling career I dream of.

14. Who are some of your role models or inspirations in the entertainment industry, and why?

 I absolutely adore Zendaya and KeKe Palmer! They’re both such talented individuals who inspire me with their versatility in acting, dancing, and singing. As I grow older, Angela Bassett is someone I truly look up to. Her positivity and long-standing career in the acting industry are qualities I aspire to have. Watching her gives me hope as a young black girl dreaming of a lifelong career as an actress.

15. Finally, what are your hopes and dreams for the future of your career, and how do you envision yourself making a positive impact on the world? 

I aim to keep honing my skills in all aspects of my craft so I can land the roles meant specifically for me, as intended by God. I envision myself giving back to the homeless community and fostering connections with the foster care system. My genuine concern for others drives me. I truly love and find joy in helping people.

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