The 8 Popular Ways to Style a Women’s Bomber Jacket

Folks are on a constant hunt for the next big thing in the ever-evolving world of fashion. Sure, it could be fun to experiment and experience new styles, but sometimes you just want some reassurance in your lives. To be able to rest assured in knowing that there are timeless pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. The comfort in knowing that you have gorgeous and fitting outfits for just about any scenario you could find yourself in. The question is, does such an item even exist? Luckily yes, it’s none other than the coveted women leather jacket.

If you’ve never even glanced towards the world of leather jackets, you might think that they are just for the colder part of the year and are purely functional. This, however, can’t be any farther from the truth. Leather jackets are an essential part of every modern wardrobe, and you are making the outfit game harder for yourself if you don’t own one.

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Choosing the Right Leather Jacket:

So, which one should you get? There are so many options in the base design alone that you can spend days just looking at them and still wouldn’t be able to decide. Each design has its strong points and areas where it struggles. But, if you want something well rounded that fits almost every situation, there is no better choice than the leather bomber jackets for women.

The Appeal of Bomber Jackets:

The best way to understand how truly versatile a women’s bomber jacket is, we have to look at the outfits that you can craft using its power. Listing every possible combination that looks good is not humanly possible, not within the scope of this article at least. So, here’s the next best thing; eight of the most popular ways to dress up with a bomber jacket. Just having an understanding of these handful of outfit ideas will give your fashion game a healthy boost.

1.  The Everyday Casual:

To start things off is the type of outfit that you would be wearing a lot throughout your fashion journey. For an outfit to be laid back and casual, it needs to look good while also being extremely easy to set up. This means no complicated requirements for a specific type of garment or colour combination. Another thing a casual outfit needs is the ability to be easily varied. After all, wearing the same thing so often will get boring very soon.

The bomber jacket provides this opportunity by working with anything and everything. Yes, you read that correctly! Imagine the clothes that you would wear on an average day—a pair of jeans with a nice t-shirt, maybe some matching sneakers. Now put a women’s bomber jacket on top of it, and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will make you feel like a fashion queen. It’s that simple.

When we talk about everyday fashion, Angel Jackets brand owner says that a leather jacket is a luxury item that also needs to be affordable so everyone can style it on a daily go. The brand owns some affordable options for women that you can see here.

2.  Fashion Time Machine:

Modern, modern, modern, everything in fashion is moving forward at a blistering pace. In these times of constant onward momentum, it is nice to step aside for a bit and enjoy the fashion of the old. You might think that the modernized designs of today’s jackets won’t fit the classic styles very well. Surprisingly enough, they work just as good, if not better, than they did back then.

To pull off this look, all you need is a pair of vintage-looking high waisted jeans and a loose t-shirt tucked into the jeans. A crop top would also work amazingly well. A bonus tip for this style would be to go with a colorful bomber jacket. Both maroon/red and blue are excellent options; otherwise, the standard black or brown works just fine.

3.  Smart Casual yet Stylish:

Casual and stylish clothing is the bane of the existence of many fashion enthusiasts. Finding the right balance of stylish and dress code compliance is a matter of endless research and experimentation. Well, not anymore, as the bomber jacket solves both of these issues at once.

Just throw a simple bomber on top of your regular dress or the shirt/skirt combo, and you’re golden. You can do black and white contrast looks, black with a colorful jacket style, and arguably the best one; the all-black. Another style you can try is the printed bomber jackets. Some of the designs might be too much for an office, but most of them will work just fine and will add a nice playful edge to your outfits.

4.  Black from Head to Toe:

If you were to ask one hundred people about their favorite clothing color, most of them would say black. The fact that it suits almost everyone and fits almost any situation gives it its universal appeal. It works with every part of your clothing as well, from hats to shoes. So why not take this concept of black, and take it to its logical extreme; all black everything.

There are two main ways of pulling off this look. First is by going the minimalist route and wearing all clean black garments that sort of blend together. The whole point of this outfit is to blend in and not attract any unnecessary attention. However, if this is too uninteresting for you, then there is the other route of vibrant black outfits with shiny bombers and fancy ripped black jeans. Gloss is your friend in this style, just make sure not to overdo it, and you’ll look extra chic.

5.  Balancing Out the Detail:

For many, their day to day outfit is safe. Nothing that is too out of the ordinary and nothing that attracts too much unnecessary attention. But for a select number of people, clothing is all about self-expression and artistic intent. They want their outfit to show their personalities and beliefs at a glance. Now, you would assume that the simple designs of most bomber jackets would not be a good fit for this style of clothing, but that’s not the case.

Instead, the jacket fills a very specific role of providing negative space, a resting round for the onlooker’s eyes before they move on to the next detail. Without a simple and tame jacket, the whole outfit runs the risk of becoming over detailed and kind of tacky to some extent. So, if you decide to wear vibrant experimental clothing with a lot of details, a bomber jacket is the perfect balancing item to tie the whole look together.

6.  Layers on Top of Layers:

Layering in fashion is fun. With only a handful of basic clothing items, you can create so many unique variations without much effort. Women’s bomber jackets fit elegantly within this tier of layer-able clothing. It offers enough strong points to become a must-have for anyone that enjoys this type of fashion and wants to expand their list of awesome outfits.

A great example of these kinds of outfits would be a pair of blue jeans with a white cotton shirt under a grey hooded sweatshirt that is under a plain black bomber. If the air is cold and the season is winter, then you can do exciting stuff with woolen sweaters or turtlenecks as the middle ground between the jacket and the shirt underneath. The winter layered outfits work fantastically well with furry suede boots.

7.  Get that Glamour On:

Keeping a glamorous look on a regular basis is not easy. There are outfits and fashion trends that look wonderful, as long as you only try them once in a while. Not the case with bomber jackets. Due to their simple design, you can look stylish while also keeping a fresh look every day.

With a nifty bomber as the largest piece of your outfit equation, accessories like jewelry, watches, hats and bags have an extra impact on your overall look. Even otherwise, minute things like the color of your lipstick pop out next to glossy women’s bomber jackets.

An example of an easy to pull off yet extremely fashionable/glamorous outfit would be a pair of skin-tight black trousers, shiny leather heels, a plain white t-shirt and a black bomber jacket. Add red lipstick, a pair of aviators and a black leather handbag into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a look that is reminiscent of magazine cover models.

8.  Thinking Outside the Box:

One thing to understand about bomber jackets is that they work with a lot more types of garments than you would initially think. Most people tend to ignore this and miss out on a large selection of outfits that would’ve looked gorgeous on them.

For example, did you know that colorful bombers like maroon and red work Take a flowery summer mini-dress to a whole new level? Or that the printed trousers plus the plain loose shirt combo is significantly better with a brown bomber on top, tying the whole outfit together. So, the lesson here is to let your imagination take over and try out new outfit’s ideas. Who knows, you might find the next big trend.

Final thoughts:

The above-mentioned styles are just a fraction of the possibilities afforded to you with the women’s bomber jacket. Not to mention the literal tons of customizability options and at your disposal. You can find a jacket with the exact color, design, and type of leather that you want. Taking all this into consideration makes it very clear; the bomber jacket is a must-have for everyone, no matter what their day to day life looks like.

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