Top random movies to watch

If you watch a lot of movies, then sometimes it gets to the point where you feel like you’ve seen absolutely everything that interests you. Sometimes we feel like we have run out of things to watch and spend endless amounts of time scrolling through endless movies, while nothing jumps out at us. If you feel like you are in a situation similar to this one then stay tuned, we have made a short list of some of the top random movies to watch. Trust us, they are without a doubt worth watching too. The best way to enjoy a movie is undoubtedly on a large TV screen, the feeling you get is incomparable. For TV wall mounting services click here.

random movies to watch

Trainspotting (1996)

If you’re from Scotland, then you’ll have seen this one. If you are from Scotland and you haven’t, then we highly recommend you do! In fact, we recommend that you give trainspotting a watch no matter where you are from! The film follows the story of a drug addict named Mark Renton, he tries desperately to put his unhealthy lifestyle behind him and move on. It soon becomes apparent that leaving this lifestyle behind will be a whole lot more difficult than he thought due to withdrawal and encouragement from his friends. Upon becoming sober, he struggles to find purpose in his life and struggles to adjust to his new lifestyle. Trainspotting shows a very sad and realistic look into drug culture in the UK. Over the years, the movie has become somewhat iconic in Scotland, it’s definitely worth giving a go. Due to how interesting this movie is, we think it undoubtedly belongs on our list of top random movies to watch.

Clown (2015)

If you love horror movies, then this is without a doubt one of the top random movies to watch now. Despite how stereotypical the way this movie is titled is, we really recommend giving it a watch. The movie is about a normal guy named Kent who one day decides to try on a clown costume for his son’s birthday party. Soon, it becomes very apparent that this costume isn’t any regular old clown costume. After being kidnapped by a crazy old man, he is told something spine chilling. To Kent’s horror, the costume is in fact the skin and hair of a demon. Over the course of a few days, the terrifying demon slowly begins to take over his body and soon he becomes unrecognisable. Kent’s wife starts to fear for the safety of their son. It’s worth mentioning that this movie is for mature audiences. Although, if you are a fan of the horror genre this one is an underrated gem.

Kick-Ass (2010)

If you are a fan of superhero movies then here is something a little different for you, kick-ass is a movie about a boy called Dave with no superpowers whatsoever! But he doesn’t let this get in the way of his ambitions to a hero. This movie is pretty violent at times, it’s realistic in the sense that if you try to be a superhero, things won’t go as well as they do in the movies. After ordering a suit online, Dave sets out to fight some crime and takes on the persona “Kick-Ass”. Things initially don’t go too well for him as he finds himself in hospital after being stabbed. Dave bravely brushes this off and continues to do his best to be a “Real Life Superhero” and quickly becomes an online sensation. Eventually, he finds himself in way over his head with some hardened criminals. Kick-ass is a very exciting watch, it’s full of action and even has a sequel which is just as good. We think it deserves a place in our list of the top random movies to watch.

Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

If you are a fan of the iconic superhero spiderman, and you haven’t seen into the spider-verse, then you are missing out. This movie was highly praised for how different it is, its animation style is a joy to watch and there’s nothing quite like it. This movie doesn’t follow the storyline of peter parker, which a lot of people have grown bored of over the years. Instead, it follows the story of an exciting new protagonist named Miles Morales. Much like Peter Parker, he gains his superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. What makes this story stand out is that it explores the multiverse, which means that there are multiple totally different versions of spiderman each living in their own world. When the multiverse is threatened by a cunning villain, Miles teams up with alternate versions of himself to save it.

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