4 Great Ways To Freshen Up Your Bedroom Vibe

4 Great Ways To Freshen Up Your Bedroom Vibe

A bedroom should always be a personal place where a person can sleep, rest, dream, and more. If it feels like your bedroom is a bit dated, bland, or impersonal, here are four great ways to freshen up your bedroom vibe. With a little work and very little investment, your bedroom can become the place where you get your best work, thinking, and sleeping done!

Picking a Paint

Nothing changes the feeling of a room more than a new coat of paint. While there’s something restful and tranquil about beige or white, they don’t provide as much inspiration as a bigger and brighter paint job. You can keep things calm with a pleasant pastel or liven things up with a more vibrant primary color. Combinations of colors work as well, with an accent wall or two in a different hue to break up the monotony.

Stir Things Up

We all have our favorite furnishings and pieces, but sometimes, we need a new perspective. That’s why it’s a grand idea to mix things up. Move things around, place posters and pieces of art on different walls or tables, and add a few new ones here and there. Swap out the sheets, blankets, pillows, and other items on your bed with new cases and covers. Turn over your mattress while you’re at it—it’ll give you renewed support and make the mattress last longer. Go thrifting and look for interesting baubles and decor-enhancing objects to give your room’s visuals a boost. Plants are a lovely and lively touch as well.

Create a Nook

Your bed shouldn’t be the only place where you can hang out in your room. Create a cozy nook with a comfy chair or pile of cushions. Equip it with a thrifted side table, repurposed with a new paint job, stickers, or some other artsy way that infuses it with new life and purpose. Leave room to read, write, make art, or catch a snooze. Just make sure it’s a pleasant hideaway in your room.

Keep Things Orderly

Keeping a clean room seems impossible sometimes—but you can do it! Declutter and reorganize, storing away whatever you don’t immediately need. Do two things at once by investing in storage boxes you can store below the bed, stack to the side, or place elsewhere, but make sure you pick ones you can decorate and embellish with a personal touch. A clean room is a calmer and more expressive room.

Those are just four great ways to freshen up your bedroom vibe. Think of your room as an ongoing art project, and you’ll never be bored there!

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