5 Fast Facts about actress Carina Battrick

Eight-year-old Toronto actress Carina Battrick stars in Oscar-nominated actor Viggo Mortensen’s highly anticipated directorial debut Falling set to screen at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival this September. Carina plays Little Sarah who is shown in flashbacks as the younger sister of John Peterson (portrayed by Viggo Mortensen), played in older years by Laura Linney.

Carina also plays the role of Michelle in the new Netflix Original feature Feel the Beat, about a failed Broadway dancer who returns to her hometown and is recruited reluctantly to train a misfit group of young dancers for a big competition. Starring Sofia Carson and Wolfgang Novogratz, the film was recently dubbed as one of Netflix’s top streamed movies of the summer.

Outside of acting, Carina is a competitive dancer and a model working with several major brands including Urban Kids, Spinmaster, WeddingStar and Subaru. She also loves to give back to her community and is a current proud member of Kids T.O. Kids (K2K), a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto with a mission to help raise funds and awareness for as many charities as possible.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Carina!

Feel the Beat has produced some special moments for her.

My favourite moment so far has been seeing myself on a movie poster for Feel the Beat movie. Also, it was really exciting to be able to simply open Netflix and see the movie with my sisters. I really like that it was a family friendly movie that a lot of my friends were able to watch.

Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms might want to pay attention!

My favourite hobby is dancing. I am a competitive dancer and dancing is a big part of my life. I even love creating funny dance routines with my sisters. We call ourselves the Battrick Sisters Dance Squad, as they are also competitive dancers.

She wants more age-appropriate content to be made.

I wish there were more kids-friendly movies being made, not just cartoons, where kids could really shine. A lot of the movies are for adults where kids play small parts and I can’t even watch them since they are adult themed. That is why Feel the Beat was so special as I got to work with some amazing kids and watch the movie from start to finish when it was released.

You can add comedian, and caterpillar savior, to her list of skills.

Most people don’t know that I am a jokester and a class clown. I love to make people laugh. Also people don’t know that I am nature fairy. I am really in tune with all living things. I have even saved caterpillars from a tree before they were about to be sprayed.

Her favorite snack is Magically Delicious!

Lucky Charms Cereal without milk is a must for me. Even when I was on set I would still have it like a treat.

Instagram: @carinabattrick

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