5 Fast Facts about content creator Jordynne Hahn

Jordynne Hahn is a 15-year-old content creator and influencer who had quite the breakout year. In the past year, Jordynne has grown her social media following to 123,000 on Instagram and 230,000 on TikTok. Her YouTube videos have amassed over 26 million views. Jordynne is a member of Piper Rockelle’s squad and has been touring with the squad for over 14 months now, at countless sold-out shows. 

Jordynne has toured all over the world at this point and has connected with fans at shows in the United States, Europe, Australia, and more. Each night, Jordynne would take the time to meet fans after the show and create a memorable experience for all the attendees. She is also an avid roller-skater and sponsored by VNLA skates. She most recently hit 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts (and a bonus!) about Jordynne Hahn!

Jordynne Hahn

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She truly loves meeting you.

Without a doubt, the absolute most consistently rewarding moment being a part of the Squad is meeting our fans in person as we travel the world on tour. Our fans bring so much positive energy to our shows and are truly amazing people. I love each and every one of them!

Her secret to BIG social media growth is:

This is a great question and one I take super seriously. Honestly there is no secret. Showing who I truly am and relating to my followers and subscribers is what I strive to do day in and day out. I’m so incredibly grateful for those who choose to follow me and subscribe. I’m constantly looking for new ways to relate to followers and subscribers and super grateful for their constant support.

Roller-skating has led to amazing opportunities for her.

Living in a small town, our local skating rink is a big attraction for all people my age. When I first began going to skate, I was really fortunate to meet really great skaters who just adopted me into their skate family. They immediately began teaching me cool tricks which allowed me to create my own unique skating style. I fell in love with skating nearly immediately and I try to skate as often as possible wherever I am. Also, skating is great exercise and just a ton of fun. I highly recommend skating to everyone!

My partnership with VNLA began when the owner of my local rink began following me on IG and TikTok and thought the national marketing director of VNLA would like to meet me. He began corresponding with my Mom and asked if I would do a campaign with them. My first campaign with VNLA was at the RC Sports Trade Show which is the largest roller skating show in North America. VNLA used a life size image of me in their area around the show wearing some cool VNLA skates and we’ve evolved from there.  The next campaign will feature another Life Size image of me at the Roller Skating Association’s International Conference and Trade Show. Currently I’m on Team VNLA so I have input in their designs and they are also making me a pair of custom skates which I’ve designed. I’m super excited about these skates!! They will have my actual signature on them and should be finished soon. I can’t wait to show these to everyone on all my platforms as soon as they arrive. VNLA is a truly great and caring company and their skates are the best!! 

Photo credits @AshleyRobertsPhotos.

She prefers sweater weather.

So I’m a total Fall and Winter obsessed person and love everything about these seasons. I can’t stand being overheated and sweating a lot (except during my daily workouts) so Summer and I don’t always agree with each other! 

Some acting might be in her near future!

I grew up as a theatre kid so acting is a huge part of me. Please stay tuned for developments here as some really cool things are happening in 2024!


When there is airplane turbulence, which happens a lot unfortunately, all of us in the Squad get really scared and start joking around to make each other laugh as much as possible to overcome our fear. I know this sounds silly but it’s a really big deal for all of us as we find laughter is a great medicine to calm us down and make it through challenging times. 

Jordynne Teens Wanan Know Selfie

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jordynnehahn

TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@jordynnehahn

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/JordynneHahn

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