5 Fast Facts about rhythmic gymnast Ella Chan

Ella Chan is a rhythmic gymnast, actor, modeling and singer from Vancouver, Canada. 🇨🇦 She has won numerous awards for her rhythmic gymnastics performances, including provincial awards, and has competed hip hop in “The One Dance” where she won first place, and “Synergy Dance Competition” where she placed in th top 10! as a top ten dancer.

In addition, Ella has been featured on the cover of Teen Cruze Magazine and Alleyes Magazine, and is an ambassador for Pineapple Clothing — a brand she loves and wears frequently.

Ella is also a talented actor and has participated in micro-film shooting. In addition, she is a singer and has won awards for her performances.

Let’s find out more about her with 5 fast facts!

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Her most memorable moment as an entertainer was winning first place.

My most memorable moment as an entertainer was when I won first place in a dance competition. The feeling of accomplishment was incredible.

And she worked hard to achieve it!

The most challenging part of preparing for a rhythmic gymnastics or dance competition is not only memorizing the routine but also perfecting the execution of the moves and maintaining stamina throughout the performance.

She plans a long career in the Arts – and to inspire others along the way.

My long-term career goal is to continue pursuing my passion for performing arts, whether it be through dancing, modeling, singing, or acting, and inspire others to follow their dreams as well.

Ella can play a tune!

Something people might be surprised to know about me is that in addition to dancing and gymnastics, I also love to play piano, violin, guitar, ukulele, drum. 

Her favorite show is:

My favourite TV show is The Addams Family. I love Wednesday Addams and her dancing.


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