5 Tips for Grocery Shopping Like an Adult

It’s time to level up your shopping game, especially now that you’re becoming an adult! Whether you’re vying for the title of “grocery store pro” or just trying to survive the weekly shopping trip, we’ve got you covered. Use these fantastic tips for grocery shopping like an adult.

5 Tips for Grocery Shopping Like an Adult

1. Inspect Your Produce

Never underestimate the power of fresh ingredients for your home-cooked meals. When shopping for fruits and vegetables, make sure you inspect them carefully. Look for any signs of decay or damage or if they’re overly ripe.

If you buy produce in bags, sort through and inspect for damage without breaking the bag. These bags are typically mesh and provide ventilation to keep the fruit fresh. If you’ve ever wondered why oranges come in red mesh bags, that’s why.

Fresh produce should have a vibrant color and firm texture. Buying in-season fruits and vegetables ensures freshness and saves you money. Remember, good cooking starts with good ingredients.

2. Conquer the Store Layout and Time Your Visit

Going shopping when it feels like the entire town is chilling at the store is 99 percent less fun. So here’s a pro tip: shop midweek and either early in the morning or late at night to avoid the stressful sea of shoppers.

Plus, stores often restock shelves during these times, which means fresher produce and more choices. Stick to the perimeter where the fresh produce, meat, and dairy sections usually are. Don’t fall prey to the black hole of junk food on the inner aisles.

3. Coupon: The Magic Word That Saves a Buck or Two

There’s an exciting world of discounts, deals, and coupons that makes grocery shopping feel strategic and efficient. Watch for flyers in the mail, download your local store’s app, and sign up for reward programs. Your parents may be a part of the store’s reward program, and you could ask them if you could use it—they’ll benefit from your shopping, too.

4. Bring Your Reusable Bags and Think Green

Let’s step up and reduce plastic waste by bringing our reusable shopping bags. Some stores offer a discount when you use your bag for a win-win. For an eco-friendly approach, avoid grabbing plastic produce bags by bundling your produce or using reusable bags.

5. Shop With Friends for a Productive Hangout

Turn an errand into a fun hangout with friends. Shopping doesn’t have to be a solo mission—bring your friends along for a productive time out. The shopping experience is more enjoyable, and you have hands available to grab items to make the trip to the store faster.

Grocery shopping is an important task that prepares you for the adult world. Armed with these tips for grocery shopping like an adult, you’ll have the skills you need to fend for yourself and show the world that you’re a responsible person who knows how to run an errand.

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