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5 Tips for Planting a Low-Maintenance Garden

Planting a garden doesn’t have to be difficult. There are lots of low-maintenance plants that don’t require much time and energy.

There are many benefits of planting a garden. For one, it’s a very relaxing hobby. It’s also an environmentally-friendly practice.

Once you get really good at gardening, you can become self-sufficient by planting your own fruits and vegetables. But it’s best to start with easy things. Here are some tips for creating the perfect garden.

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Maximize Sunshine

Sunshine is the most important ingredient to any garden.

Without sunlight, it’s nearly impossible for plants to grow. That’s because sunshine is basically food for plants. Plants undergo a process referred to as photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is a process by which plants transform light into nutrients. Plants then exert oxygen out into the air. So, by planting plants, you’re increasing the earth’s oxygen levels, which is great for the environment.

Do some research on the types of plants that you’re planting.

Some plants require more sunlight than others. This usually depends on the plant’s native environment. Tropical plants require a lot more sunshine than Nordic plants.

It’s best to have a garden that faces west. This maximizes the sunshine.

Plant Cannabis

This idea may come as a bit of a shock to some people.

You should, of course, check into the legality of growing cannabis in your garden. Some states allow it whereas others do not.

However, growing cannabis is not that complicated. To get you started, here is a guide from Veriheal on how it’s done.

There’s a reason that cannabis is nature’s oldest medicine. It’s super easy to grow, and it’s very effective at treating pain and other issues such as anxiety. It’s also an entirely organic product.

Cannabis is more natural than prescription medications and undergoes less alteration than alcohol. As long as you aren’t adding any pesticides to your soil, there’s nothing toxic about the plant.

There are other uses for cannabis. Hemp products are a great addition to your diet. Hemp protein, flour, and even oil can be used in a variety of recipes.

Even if you aren’t going to use the marijuana, it would be a fun experiment. And it would help diversify your garden. It’s important to have a variety of plants.

The more variety you have, the more nutrients your garden will absorb.

Use Water Wisely

There is such a thing as overwatering plants.

If you buy your plants from a nursery, ask the staff. Most plants come with handy labels about how often you should be watering them.

If you order your plants or are expanding your garden from nature, use the internet. There are lots of websites that will give you the information you need about water.

Desert plants like cacti and succulents generally require less water.

Tropical plants will need lots of watering. You might even need to spray these plants with water. Plants don’t absorb water just from the soil.

It’s possible for plants to absorb water from their leaves, too.

Plant Herbs

Herbs are an essential part of any garden.

For any home chef, they are a necessity. Here is a list of easy herbs to start growing from The Spruce. It’s best to start with the basics.

Mint is a classic that you won’t regret planting. Mint can go a bit crazy, though. It will turn into a weed and can take over your garden.

The good thing is that you can put mint in just about anything from a cocktail or tea to a lamb roast. There’s really no reason not to be planting mint.

Other great herbs to plant are basil, thyme, and rosemary.

Love Your Plants

There’s truth to the idea that plants need love.

It might seem a bit silly, but the more you love your plants, the better they will do.

Plants are full of energy even if you can’t see it. You don’t need to become a crazy tree hugger, but don’t be afraid to invest some love into your plants.

Just spending more time in your garden will make you more aware of its beauty.


Gardening is a great hobby, and it doesn’t have to be hard. All it requires is a bit of planning and love.

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