Basic Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Diet

It’s undeniable you’ve got a lot going on—balancing schoolwork, social life, free time, family, sports, hobbies—so how on earth are you going to have time to get healthy? Watching what you eat may seem unneeded at this point in your life, but a good habit is never too early to start. Here are some small and simple things you can do to eat healthier.

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Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

As obvious as it might sound, you’d be surprised how many young people regularly miss out on fruits and vegetables in their diets. With today’s common fast-food and sodium-saturated eating habits, far too often the food that our body is actually craving gets overlooked. You might be surprised by just how much better you feel after a well-balanced meal versus after a greasy five-dollar box combo. All you need to do is add some sides, whether that be some carrots, an apple, a salad, a peach, some celery, or really just whatever you like. Throw some peanut butter or ranch on it for flavor, and you’ve got some vital nutrients and roughage to help you gain lasting energy and long-term health.

Drink Less Soda

Soda is abundant, cheap, and tasty. What’s not to love? Unfortunately, the reason soda is so popular is because it is absolutely loaded with an ungodly amount of sugar. Soda being drunk often in childhood can even lead to addiction. But even if you don’t have any problem with soda addiction, it’s still something that you should probably avoid. Constantly drinking soda can lead to obesity and heart problems, and the sugar and acid in soda can rot your teeth over time. Thus, cutting down on soda will go a long way in improving your diet and your physical well-being.

Try Some Whole-Wheat Options

Carbs are everything! It’s our bodies’ primary unit of energy, and it’s what we crave most often. But try substituting whatever your normal carb selections would be with the whole-wheat version every now and then. A loaf of whole-wheat bread can be used with breakfast toast and lunchtime sandwiches, and whole-wheat crackers with cheese can be a great snack. It’s a small change, but worth it—the grains that it contains are far superior to that of the deprived white bread, which is tasty but severely lacking in nutrients.

It’s not always about getting fit or super athletic. With just some basic, low-effort changes in your diet, you can wake up every day feeling far more energized and on your way to a healthy life. You’ll find yourself better able to focus and face the day’s challenges head-on!

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