5 Fantastic Makeup And Beauty Hacks That Really Work

The internet is abundant with various beauty and makeup tips. Some of them work, while others are less efficient. Differentiating right from wrong, in this case, can be tricky, which is why it’s essential to double-check everything and do your research. So if you’re looking for a few helpful, yet easy beauty tricks that work, here are some of them that will definitely change your beauty routine for the better!

beauty hacks for teens

1. Embrace the loose hairstyle

If you’re someone who dislikes spending hours perfecting a hairdo, then embrace the loose hairstyles! Loose braid, loose bun, loose curls…simply loose everything! These styles are easy to master, and they can be suitable for a wide variety of events. For example, you can wear a loose braid at the business meeting and for a date. Don’t be afraid to try them out, because one of them will surely become your go-to hairstyle!

2. Draw a triangle to apply a concealer

A concealer is one of those god-send makeup products. It can cover pesky dark circles under the eyes, so be sure to choose something that will surely work. However, it should never be applied with two horizontal brushstrokes under the eyes, although that’s a popular method. Actually, the best way to apply it is to draw a triangle by lining three sections. The inner V, also the middle section of the eyelid and the right under the brow bone. Just lightly blend everything, and you’ll be ready to conquer the day looking fresh and rested!

3. Use facials for more radiant skin 

Facials are of the best things you can do for your skin. There are different types, that have different purposes, so choose the one that suits you. If you love to travel, then feel free to visit South East Asia. This part of the world has done so much for the skincare industry: so if you decide to visit, then check out the best facial treatment in Singapore, and get ready to be amazed! Also, South Korea is the country with the richest skincare industry, so if you ever visit, make sure to get yourself all the wonderful sheet masks! Applying a sheet mask once a week is a perfect at-home facial that will leave your skin soft and glowy!

4. Red lipstick saves the day, always

Sometimes, applying eyeshadow or perfecting those contours can be time-consuming. Luckily, there’s one makeup product that will always save the day: red lipstick. This iconic makeup product can instantly transform your look, as long as you have the attitude to match. Even if a bold attitude isn’t your priority, it’s safe to say that red lipstick is one thing that you definitely need in your makeup bag! However, wearing red lipstick isn’t a regular thing, which is why these tips will help you master this product and look like you were born with it! Red lipstick is timeless, classy and extremely versatile, so make sure to get the tone that fits you!

5. Apply fragrance on pulse points 

The fragrance you wear can tell a lot about what you value. If you’re seductive and see yourself as sexy, then choose bolder scents such as jasmine or gardenia that will make you even more attractive! However, if you’re a free-spirited, outdoorsy type, then citrusy sweet notes such as lemon or grapefruit will work great! Regardless of what you prefer, one thing’s for sure: applying fragrance on body pulse points will make it last and smell longer! Pulse points are body parts where your pulse can be felt, such as wrists, earlobes, knees and inner elbows. 

Final thoughts

These simple beauty tips will make you look your best and most confident self. If you travel, check out local beauty treatments and products, and also keep in mind that as long as you practice self-care, you’ll look great!

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