Common Hair Problems and How To Fix Them

Hair can be high maintenance. Between damage from the elements, the strain of daily cleaning and styling, and the frustration we feel as we play the waiting game, something as basic as growing hair on our heads can be needlessly stressful. But don’t let the daily frustrations of maintaining great hair get you down. We’re all in the same boat, and with a few quick tips, it’s smooth sailing. Here are some common hair problems and how to fix them.

hair problms

Oily Hair

Excessively oily hair is a paradoxical case in which the solution is often the cause. Shampooing is necessary, of course, but too much shampooing can be harmful to your hair. As a detergent, shampoo breaks down the oils in your hair as it cleans, but overuse will dry out your hair. The human body is a wonderfully perceptive thing, and it will compensate for your dry hair by producing more oils. This, in turn, gives you more reason to shampoo. Break the cycle by only shampooing two or three times a week, and certainly not every day, especially in winter.

The Dreaded In-Between Hairstyle

Sometimes you can give yourself a whole new look by cutting your long locks. Moving in the other direction, however, can be a lot less immediate without wigs or extensions—and unfortunately, when it comes growing your hair out, the destination doesn’t always feel worth the journey. This awkward phase is a common issue to face, but you can work around it with some creativity. For instance, if you’re growing out your bangs—one of the tougher hairstyles to take on—you can manage your hair with hydration and regular trimming to prevent split ends or frizz.


No one likes to talk about it, but dandruff is a common problem to deal with. Fortunately, treating a flaky scalp doesn’t always require some stinky medicated shampoo. Gentle exfoliating brushes can prevent flakes from accumulating in your hair. If treating your scalp with salicylic acid has the top of your head stinging, simple apple cider vinegar can be an effective remedy for dandruff. Learn how to do the scalp massage on Hair Guard.

Heat Damage

Curling, straightening, and otherwise manipulating your hair with heat can take its toll over time. Heat damage is one of the most common hair problems people want to fix. Moisturizing protein treatments, such as keratin treatments, can undo that damage and give your hair time to recover.

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