From Manual to Automated: The Evolution of Messaging in Business

Sending text messages to both prospective and current customers is a strategy that many businesses have been using for some time now. However, in the earlier days of business text messaging, communications had to be manually sent. Understanding the uses and benefits of automatic text messaging can help you see why your business has come to make the change. Upgrading to automated text messages can also help your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Scheduled Messages

One major benefit of an automated service is the ability to schedule messages. You might come up with a brilliant marketing idea or remember that you need to convey specific information to your clients, but now might not be the right time to do so. In fact, certain times of the day offer more optimal moments to send texts.

For example, sending text messages to customers early on a Monday morning is likely to get your notifications ignored. People are generally busy getting started with their weeks at this time. The ability to schedule texts means that you can send notifications at the most optimal times for your target audience members.

Automated Responses

Instead of responding to each text your business receives individually, you can set up automated responses. When clients enroll in text automation services, they can receive a message confirming their participation in the program.

You might also send automated texts to remind customers of reservations or to let shoppers know that their orders have been received. Some businesses use text messages to remind patients or clients of appointments. Recipients can then respond to confirm that they will be attending or to request that the appointment be rescheduled. Using automated responses is sure to save your business time.

Promotional Material

Customizing advertisements to meet the needs of your audience is pivotal. Doing so can increase the chances that your target audience members actually review the marketing material and then make a purchase. Plenty of people constantly have their phones by their sides. In fact, many of today’s consumers like to conduct research for new products and services on their phones. Therefore, sending advertisements through text is a smart way to connect with potential customers.

Customer Feedback

Text messaging is a stellar way to get feedback from customers. In today’s world, numerous consumers don’t want to take the time to access a link sent to their email inboxes or to fill out paper surveys and have to deal with mailing the documents back. Instead of hassling customers with cumbersome surveys, ask for feedback through text message.

You could send a simple yes-or-no question through text message. Another option is to send a message with a survey link. Recipients may be more inclined to respond when they can simply access the link on their phones.

Clarity and Concision

Working with experts in automated text messaging is a smart way to polish your customer communications. Many people prefer to read short text messages that get to the point without a lot of clutter and extra words. If grammar and concision aren’t your strong suits, the professionals can help you to create tailored text messages that speak to your target audiences members in a digestible and approachable manner.

Other Notifications

You might not yet realize the wide array of ways you can communicate with your customers through text messaging. For example, you can send birthday texts to let customers know your company cares. These messages might even include a birthday reward. Another type of message is known as an abandoned cart notification.

Sometimes, customers will start adding items to their cart but get distracted by other happenings. A text message notification can remind these shoppers of the delightful items in their cart and encourage continued shopping.

Whether you want to let customers know about rewards waiting for them or encourage potential buyers to return to their shopping carts, automated text messaging provides a way for your business to do so in a streamlined fashion. In fact, you may quickly see the benefits once you decide to convert from a manual to an automatic text-messaging campaign.

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