How To Add Color to Your Bedroom Without Painting

If your bedroom is looking blah but isn’t ready for a new paint job, you can still add a pop of color here and there that’ll brighten up the place. Sometimes, you just need a few vibrant elements to dress up the walls, ceiling, and floor along with various colors in bedroom. If you’re not ready to break out the paint roller or can’t stand the smell of fresh paint, here’s how to add color to your bedroom without painting.

How To Add Color to Your Bedroom Without Painting

Posters and Paintings

Of course, the simplest way to add color and visual excitement to your room is to panel it with prints and posters. While there’s nothing wrong with images of your favorite films and bands, consider breaking out a little and exploring prints of famous paintings. Several art movements produced stunning works that burst with colors. Finding reproductions of renowned artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Monet is easy enough, but look deeper into art movements such as impressionism, expressionism, Fauvism, abstract art, pop art, and many more. Art museum gift shops are an excellent source of colorful prints and posters. For an added touch of vividness, pick colorful frames for your art.

Pots and Plants

There’s no better way to liven up your room than with house plants. Pick flowering plants that produce beautiful blooms and are easy to care for. Low-maintenance but incredibly vibrant plants include pink and red hoya carnosas, pink to blue hydrangeas, festively red Christmas cacti, orchids, African violets, and so many more. Visit a garden center for tips on raising indoor plants and suggestions for other bedroom foliage.

Exciting Accents

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the difference, whether that involves knickknacks, a piece of furniture, or a new arrangement of what’s already in the room. Appoint any other flat surface in your room with eye-catching statuary, colored bottles, scented candles, clocks, globes, tins, and other tchotchkes. If there’s extra paint in the garage, repaint furniture in a primary color—or several colors. If you have a lot of books, arrange them on the shelves by the color of their spines, following the spectrum anagram ROY G. BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet). Add a few radiantly colored throw pillows and blankets to your bed. The possibilities are endless.

Radiant Rugs

When deciding how to add color to your bedroom without painting, don’t forget the floor! A rug can, as a certain movie put it, really tie a room together. It can also add warmth, comfort, safety, and especially color. Choose a rug that almost but doesn’t quite reach the corners and sides of the room. Go for bright patterns or abstract splashes of color. As a side note, pick an easily cleaned and spill-proof rug so that you can keep it looking bright and beautiful.

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