How To Grow Your Hair Faster, Longer, And Better

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The condition of your hair speaks volumes of who you are. Therefore, you need to be extra careful with the choices you make when grooming it. But if you’ve already winded up with severe hair problems that require a regrowth that’s taking forever, you are in the right place. In this article, you’ll discover some of the most effective hacks to grow your hair faster, longer, and better. Let’s jump right in.

1. Use Blowdryer The Right Way

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If you’re in the habit of speeding up your hair-drying process by using an intensely hot blow dryer, stop it. The root of your hair gets weakened and your scalp gets inflamed when exposed to excessive heat. Too much heat can also strip the hair of its natural oil, dry the scalp, and cause hair breakage. So, going forward, always use your hair dryer at a low or medium heat level. Also, change the excessively hot hair dryers with quality ones like the BaByliss hairdryers.

2. Stock Up On Hair Conditioners

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If it feels like your hair has remained the same length for months, you’ve probably not been using leave-in conditioners enough or at all. But here’s what you should know: the added moisture of hair conditioners helps to prevent hair breakage, stimulate an increase in hair length, improves the strength and elasticity of the hair, and plumps the hair shaft.

3. Be Careful With Hair Shampoos

Whenever you’re shopping for hair shampoos and you sight one of those brands with a “dimethicone” label on, run. Those shampoos contain harsh agents such as paraben, silicone, and SLES that can sabotage your hair growth plan by clogging your hair follicles and stripping your scalp. This not only drastically slows down your hair growth but also causes serious hair damage.

You may also check Allurium Beauty.

4. No More Towel-Twisting

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Those pictures of you with your hair tied in a towel may be cutesy funny but this activity is never a good idea. Believe it or not, each time you stress out your hair by applying tension to it, twisting and wrapping it in those heavy towels, the hair root gets weakened until it lets go of the hair. A better way to towel-dry your hair is to pat-dry it gently with a gentle microfiber hair towel. Otherwise, letting the hair get air-dried is the best way to go.

5. Adopt A Protein-Rich Diet

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Be careful of what you eat. As you probably know, our bodies are bags of food or call them the accumulation of the food we’ve eaten over the years. Now, each food – though made up of different kinds of nutrients – has a predominant nutrient. And each nutrient has a unique power. On the part of proteins, they make up and shape our muscles, hair, and nails. And since the hair follicles are made up of proteins, adopting a protein-rich diet will ensure an adequate supply of protein to the hair follicles for faster and better hair growth. Some of the best food to include in your meals are eggs, fatty fish, yogurt, and brazil nuts.

In Conclusion

The length, texture, and shape of your hair are the three most important factors to consider before grooming. To that end, if you’re planning to rock a long haircut but your hair is currently short, this post has just revealed to you some of the simple but effective tips to grow your hair faster, longer, and better. You can also see this similar post explaining the common hairstyling mistakes most guys make and how to avoid them.

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