5 Fast Facts about actress Gracie Whitton

Gracie Whitton is a 15-year-old actress who, since age of 4, been an entertainer in both Dallas and Los Angeles. She has worked with A-list actors and directors and is also notable for her advocacy for teens with ileostomies and the reality of vaccine injuries (she has had two surgeries for colon dismotility after vaccines).

She maintains honor status at school and is in the top 12% of her class, an officer on her high school drill team, and an active member of her student council. 

Currently she is in pre-production for “Iridis.” It is a sci-fi feature film being shot in Amarillo, Tx. According to Gracie, “We actually planned on shooting this next weekend (March 20-22) but due to the COVID-19 situation, film production has been postponed. Fun fact about this film, I am the youngest cast member but play one of the oldest characters.”

Here’s 5 fast facts about Gracie!

gracie whitton

 She’s got her own clothing line for a cause.

“Phoenix Rising Apparel” was created to help spread kindness. With having dismotility of the colon it was really hard at school with the bullying and words people would say behind my back. I’m hoping this clothing line will help anyone who struggles in life and just needs some kindness. I have a few clothing designs being worked on now and we are hoping to have the new styles debut this summer! 

The Ellen Show made her dream come true.

It all started with my mom. She is friends with an amazing girl who used to intern for the Ellen Show. She knew how hard we were trying to get tickets and was able to get us hooked up! It was the best present ever! The best part of the show was when Ellen herself came over during the game she was playing and I got to be apart of the show. Meeting ELLEN is a huge dream of mine and I hope one day I will get to sit on the white couch and tell her more about me. It was the best experience and was on my bucket list.

She loves THIS Golden Girl:

One long-term showbiz goal I have is to meet or be in a movie with Betty White. She is a huge idol for me. She is also a great role model for inspiring actors/actresses.

Serious about education? Check.

Something that many people don’t know and would be surprised to hear is that I’m doing dual credits for college and high-school. I’m doing this because I want to be a lawyer and go to Baylor University. 

She won’t mind if you serve her a slice…but not of cake.

One amazing food I must eat at least once a week is pizza. I love pizza and is one of my many favorite foods. Every Friday night I get to eat pizza because I babysit these amazing kids in my town.

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My TikTok, Instagram and Twitter are all GracieWhitton 

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