5 Fast Facts about actress Isabella Barrett

Isabella Barrett is an American actress many might remember from the hit TV Show Toddlers and Tiaras. In 2012 at age 6 Isabella was named one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the United States after developing several business ventures around her initial TV success. Isabella ultimately left the tv world at the age of 9 and spent her tween years becoming a successful model and actress for many ad campaigns and TV commercials including Toys R US, Bergdorf and Goodman, American Girl Doll.

In 2019 Isabella came back to the public eye as a beauty influencer
and actress currently appearing in a national Walmart commercial, a
series called Billionaire Babies and as a brand ambassador for many
top brands. She has a fast-growing YouTube channel and also launched a successful teen business suit line called “House of Barretti.” Isabella is currently writing a teen guide to business book and is involved in a mini-series on business coming to networkTV in February 2020.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Isabella!

She doesn’t feel there has been one defining moment in her career so far.

I don’t think I have had that one big moment yet — my career is made up of many special moments. 1. Being personally asked back on a job or shoot 2. Winning the Nashville Youth Excellence Award 3. Being a spokesmodel for Joi Dolls and their work with children’s cancer. 

She’s got some advice if you fell you are being bullied.

Bullying is unfortunately a relatable subject for teens.  I know when you’re being bullied it’s hard to imagine a way out but know you’re not alone. Of course I have been talked about being in the public eye and had mean tweets and comments posted that I can’t take down. I’ve learned that people who bully are very unhappy people and no matter how popular or happy they seem, just think what makes them waste all that time to bully you when if they were truly happy they wouldn’t be focused on you. 

She somehow survived this particularly embarrassing thing she did recently:

I have so many!!! Here is one that happened recently…So white ripped jeans are in and I have this outfit all planned out but I woke up late and totally forgot that if you wear white jeans you probably should not wear Christmas underwear that says hohoho Merry Christmas on the butt. So I got to school looking and feeling cute then first bell rang and it was only about 5 mins in the hallway when people started saying “ha Bella Merry Christmas“ ?!? So embarrassing!!! 

She is not only smart, but likes fast machinery.

I’m a honor roll student, and I love to jet ski and spend most of my summers on the lake. I bought a jet ski of my own this past year.  I love tubing and spending time outdoors. I also bought an ATV so we go 4-wheeling with a lot of my friends and my mom. 

She doesn’t go anywhere without her Bun Bun.

So when I travel ever since I was 5 I take my stuffed animal Bun Bun… I know some times my friends get on me about it but honestly I don’t care. I feel like she brings me good luck. If you look at a lot of my photos you can sometimes spot Bun Bun in the background.. LOL

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