5 Fast Facts about actress Jenasha Roy

5 Fast Facts about actress Jenasha Roy

Jenasha Roy is a SAG Actress and model based in Los Angeles, California. She was born in Hollywood Florida.

Her film Always & 4Ever, where she plays the role of Young Sommer alongside Loretta Devine, Lauren London, Wood Harris & Cynthia Addai Robinson, is set to air on BET Network.

Here are 5 Fast Facts about Jenasha!

jenasha roy

There is one thing about her sister, fellow actress and model Briana Roy, which drives her crazy.

What drives me crazy about my sister as far as habit is her obsession of listening to “ Frank Sinatra “ songs all the time

She has never been starstruck.

Not yet, but wait until I see Rihanna because I am a makeup lover. I ‘m obsessed with Fenty beauty and also her sense of fashion.

One makeup hack you use all the time?

I always apply a lot of moisturizer before foundation.

She really wants to be in THIS kind of film.

One thing that people would be surprised about me is that I love horror movies and would die to be in one.

Her guilty pleasure is __________

Uh my guilty pleasure is chocolate ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream

Time for a selfie!

jenasha roy


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